About Oleg Starko

Oleg Starko is a copywriter and student coach with Mirasee. As Junior Copywriter, he helps to write and perfect the content that Mirasee develops. As a Student Coach, he helps our students craft a persuasive message that drives action.

course launch copywriting

Essential Copy You Should Be Writing for a Successful Course Launch, Part 1: Launching with no Audience

So you want to launch your first online course? I want to say… Congratulations! I mean it. You’d be amazed at how few people get this far. You’ve decided that you care about helping others and sharing your knowledge with the world— more than you’re scared of failure. Unlike most wannabe entrepreneurs who sit on their course ideas for years, you are determined to bring yours to life. There’s one catch, though. If you’ve been …

Mirasee Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior: Finding the Unfindable (Influencer) Email Address

This post is part of a (hopefully) ongoing “Weekend Warrior” series here on the Mirasee blog. With posts like these, we will give you simple, actionable assignments to complete in a weekend, to keep you moving forward with your online business. I hope you find these helpful and enjoyable. Let’s begin! So you want to build your business as fast as possible (duh!). But there are obstacles in your way, and time is probably the …