About Matt Ludwig

Matt Ludwig has over 15 years of experience on topics covering website design, business development, SEO, automation tools, content promotion strategy and many other aspects of Internet marketing. He currently writes for and runs Manifest Income with his two partners Ryan Eisenhower and Ron Burdine. We are helping people make a practical plan for their online business, websites that will run themselves, as well as a map for their Internet Marketing strategy and the tools they will need. This path leads to automation and passive income efficiently. We know that time is precious, what you spend it on to create income, is priceless.

Be a Firestarter: How To Use Forums to Jump-Start Your Engagement

They’re out there… in the world wide woods. searching, seeking, desperate for help and guidance. All they want is a little light in the darkness, answers to an ever-growing list of questions and a little mentoring throughout the vast online-unknown. Who am I describing? The overwhelming majority of beginner forum-members. Who is the light in the darkness? The Firestarters of these forums. Who is a Firestarter? The moderators, advice-givers, wisdom-revealers and light-bearers; The Knights of …