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effective outreach emails

Create Effective Outreach Emails That Won’t Get You In Trouble

It’s tricky, isn’t it? Knowing the best way to reach out to people who can help your business grow? You want to connect with the people you’ve bumped into at business events. You want to tell them what you’re doing, maybe ask them to help out with a share or link to your latest guest post. So what’s the best way to get through to them to start building a relationship that leads to a …

How to Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Writing Speed… Today!

It’s great to see so many people give us advice on how to better promote ourselves and engage with our audience. Like the guest post on guest posting the other day: That’s excellent stuff, and it was heartening to see in the comments how many people were inspired to start writing more. Something that doesn’t get mentioned nearly often enough though, is how to actually write. You know, the process of getting those words on …