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Marisa Murgatroyd (@liveyourmessage) shows entrepreneurs how to translate their big message for the world into a leading brand and lucrative web platform that positions them as a leading authority in their field. If you're ready to captivate and convert your audience by the thousands, then register for the Video Superhero Summit to receive 10 days of free training from the top 10 superheroes of video marketing.

Lead Capture Love: How to Transform Your Website from a Leaky Bucket to a Conversion Machine

Does marketing and lead generation ever feel like a black hole of time and money? Are you disappointed with the results you’re getting from your efforts? Or do you feel like there’s no real way to track your ROI? Well, the issue might not be your marketing… If you’re directing traffic to a website that just isn’t converting, it’s like pouring water into a leaky bucket. So how do you stop the gaps in your …