About Laurel Staples

Laurel Staples runs a popular blog & podcast called Go Fire Yourself that gives you the insider secrets to successfully escape your day job, grow your own business and live life on your terms. Connect with Laurel and download her free ebook: Income Switch: How to Replace Your 9-to-5 Income by Building a Profitable (& Unstoppable) Online Platform.

Write Email Newsletters that Break Through the Noise

If your inbox is anything like mine, there’s a lot of noise in it. Emails on top of newsletters compounded by bill alerts intermingled with a three-times-a-day HARO subscription and Notes from the Universe. It feels like everyone wants your attention. Even if you dedicate half of your work day to reading/digesting/responding to all of it and making a significant dent in the pile, it would start all over again tomorrow. It’s endless. Because of …