About KM Logan

KM Logan is just a quirky, down to earth, author and blogger. She'd love to tell you in more detail about how her book "The ABC's of Freezer" cooking and 8 others that went on to become Amazon best-sellers. And if you're a faith blogger or author be sure to snag the book Called to Write which is currently free on Amazon.

How 6 of My Books Became Amazon Best-Sellers in One Month (Project ABC)

I had been blogging for 2 years and publishing eBooks for one. I was making tens of dollars a month. Then my husband and I were in a bit of a financial bind; Christmas was coming up and there were a few unexpected financial emergencies and a client who hadn’t paid me in 2 months. Because I’m a bit of a “pull yourself up by the bootstraps person” and I’ve grown quite attached to staying …