About Kara Ronin

Kara Ronin (@execimpressions) is the founder of Executive Impressions. Australian born, she has lived in Japan, New York, and is now based in France. Kara's international experience and passion for etiquette in the modern world led her to create Executive Impressions where she empowers professionals to exude confidence and class in international business situations. Access your free 7 Step Networking Roadmap!

Looking Like a Business Expert when You’re a New Entrepreneur

You’ve taken the leap of faith and have decided to start your own business. Your website is online, your marketing materials are ready-to-go, and over the past few months, you’ve invested countless hours and a mass of energy into crafting your perfect offering. Now it’s time to step out of your comfort zone, hand your new business card over and meet potential clients. For some entrepreneurs, meeting a potential client for the first time is …