About Justine Tal Goldberg

Justine Tal Goldberg's writer's block was so devastating and ultimately eye-opening, she made it her life's work to help other writers through blocks, over hurdles, and around obstacles that stand in their way. Today, she owns and operates WriteByNight, a writers' service helping folks like you to write more, write better, and accomplish their goals. With WBN, you'll find do-it-yourself resources like A Writer's Diagnostic: common problems and SOLUTIONS for the struggling writer alongside professional writing assistance of all kinds.

The Truth About Writer’s Block: Common Misconceptions, Causes, and Remedies That Actually Work

When I was 20 years old, I stopped writing, and not by choice. It happened suddenly and without explanation (or so it seemed). I went to sleep one day full of words, ideas and creativity, and woke up the next empty. I was stuck, paralyzed, unable to commit even a single word to the page. I would sit at my desk, ready to tackle that paper or short story, and nothing would come. I’d freeze. …