About Janine Ogg

Janine Ogg specialises in cutting through the cr*p and keeping life deliciously simple for busy Mum's in business. With her partner-in-crime Jo Foster, she co-founded Get it Done Mum, an affordable online coaching club that helps Mum's hit their business targets faster AND free up more time and energy for life.

School of Hard Knocks: What 18 Hours of Painful Labor Taught this Mama About Marketing Focus

Sometimes it’s simply impossible to get everything done, especially when you are one of the growing hordes of Mums and Dads juggling business-building and kids. It’s not that your marketing efforts have completely flopped, it’s just that it never seems to be enough to get you the results you are after. There’s always more that needs doing and there’s never enough time. Before you know it, the day is over and you have to pick …