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In addition to her role as founder and CEO of TopLine Comms, Heather Baker is editor of the award-winning B2B PR Blog, human to London’s office dog about town, and a huge fan of inbound marketing (is there any other kind?).

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Conversion Optimization: How We Increased Our Conversion Rate from 20% To Over 65% In 18 Months

If you’re in business, then customer acquisition is high on your daily to-do list. It jostles for position alongside other equally important tasks, like client meetings, brainstorming, strategizing, motivating your team, and of course, caffeinating yourself. For the relatively new small business, success hinges on your ability to generate new business. Without it, you can strategize ‘til the cows come home. It won’t mean a thing. Getting new customers involves a three-stage process: Generate leads …