Visual Customer Service in the Social Media Age [Infographic]

If you needed to quickly learn how to fix a leaky faucet, would you reach for an in-depth instruction manual, or find a short tutorial video on YouTube? If you’re inclined toward the latter, then you’re in good company. The US Department of Labor found that 65% of information people remember is information learned through a hybrid of oral and visual presentation, and most speculation suggests that our knowledge retention processes are becoming more visually-based. …

Creating Buzz: 4 Tips To Grow Sales

A quick note to everyone while I’m battling a rather severe chase of bronchitis. Between the sweat and chills of fever, the stupor of codeine, and the prospect of being on the mend for several more days, my blogging calendar tells me that it’s my turn to reach out to you. My chosen topic is how to create buzz in sales. If nothing else, this ought to be an entertaining article! 😛