About Kelly Edmonds

Dr. Kelly Edmonds is a professional educator and e-learning specialist who designs e-programs and e-courses for clients globally. She works with a range of clients from national airlines to solopreneurs. Download her e-course starter kit to get your course right the first time. Her course designs and blueprints are popular and offer solid, resourceful and refreshing learning experiences.

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Teaching Adult Learners: 6 Principles for Online Course Creators

Do you worry about the following when creating your course: You fear talking to your students in a condescending way; whereas, you are merely trying to teach them. You don’t know what they already understand and are concerned you might be talking beneath them. You aren’t sure of the age range of your students and how to best communicate with them (i.e. communicating with a 60-year-old is so different than a 25-year-old.) Then, you aren’t …

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The Life-Changing Magic of the Business Coach/Mastermind Group Combo

Business coaches… what and who are they? What support and benefit can a business coach truly provide to increase the success of your business? How could one help you develop as an entrepreneur and person? Why even bother to hire a coach? I answer these questions by sharing my experience of having a business coach combined within a mastermind group. My story unpacks the layered services, events, benefits, and results of a business coach to …