About Arash Asli

Arash Asli is at the forefront of business growth helping SMBs grow their businesses, as CEO of Yocale.com, an online scheduling and marketing platform. His thought leadership have been featured in major publications including Forbes, Huffington Post, and Inc. He is honoured to have been named the Business in Vancouver's Top Forty under 40 business executive. https://business.yocale.com/

marketing by teaching

Hate Marketing? Then Stop Marketing and Start Teaching

Imagine you were teaching Calculus 101. Would you expect your students to know the material when they first walk in the classroom? On the first day of class, would you give them a pop quiz and expect them to do well? Of course not! That’s completely ridiculous. So why do you push products or services on your prospects with no pretext or explanation? Many of us make the common mistake and assume that when we …