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Annie Hyman Pratt Reimagining the Way We Work Together

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What does a ‘Bean Queen’ know about how managers can work together with their employees to create better business environments?¬†Annie Hyman Pratt grew her family’s business The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf from a small store chain to a celebrated national brand.¬†Even with all that success, she learned a lot of hard lessons along the way. Today, Annie uses all she learned and helps other businesses who are undergoing large scale change, rapid growth, and reorganization.

Today, Annie and Danny talk about the #1 thing that will sink a company even if they have a perfect strategy.

Download the transcript here.

  • At 3:50 – Annie shares what it felt like having the company she grew from 7 stores to worldwide sold out from under her.
  • At 5:50 – Annie talks about the one thing that will sink a company even if their strategy is perfect.
  • At 12:30 – All about how Annie learned the hard way that criticism and blame will not help accomplish goals. In fact, they do just the opposite.
  • At 16:30 – Most problems start with owners and managers. Annie reveals her different approach to problems with employees, that begins with confronting your own fears, and sharing them.
  • At 26:20 – Annie shares her vision for the future of business, a better way that takes in to account that people make mistakes, and in embracing this even greater things can be achieved.