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Sagar Kumar

Sagar is from Chhattisgarh, India, and has 8 Years of experience in the field of Marketing & Design. He has worked with over 250+ companies over his freelancing career. In 2021 Sagar started his own company named Kcas Branding & successfully led a team of 12 people in India. Which Sagar later automated, So he could move on with his career.

He also has failed over two startups and four businesses, leading him to succeed in one. Sagar has also worked with brands to run ads for them and has directed & maintained ads of multiple 7 – 8 figures across all the Social Media Channels. With all his knowledge and experience, Sagar joined Mirasee on the 10th of April, 2023, as a Social Media Ads Manager. He hopes to contribute to the fullest of his abilities so that Mirasee can grow more.

When Sagar is not working, he likes to read books on Growth hacking and skim through many Case Studies on different brands and ads.