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Johnny Beirne

A dynamic force in the webinar marketing arena, Johnny Beirne is celebrated for transforming the landscape of online presentations. With a specialized focus on course creators and subject matter experts who leverage webinars as their primary revenue source, Johnny infuses each project with innovative wizardry, turning ordinary webinars into unforgettable experiences that captivate and educate.

Johnny’s expertise lies in crafting clever and creative enhancements for webinars, ensuring messages are not just heard but remembered. Recognized for revolutionizing simple studio setups, he transforms mundane presentations into masterpieces of clarity and engagement, taking your delivery from basic and boring to brilliantly captivating.

Beyond the technical finesse, Johnny is a strategist at heart. He devises presentation strategies that keep audiences glued to their screens, fostering a deep connection that paves the way for increased conversions. This unique ability to engage and convert has positioned Johnny as a sought-after consultant in the digital marketing sphere.

Under his guidance, students learn to leverage their expertise, transforming knowledge into profitable, impactful online businesses.

When not coaching students, Johnny dedicates his spare time to studying mindfulness, holistic healing, and yoga. Johnny lives in the northwest of Ireland and has 2 teenage children.