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Jenna Lincoln

Jenna Lincoln, an experienced event manager, seamlessly combines creativity with logistical expertise to create memorable customer experiences. With a background in event management across various formats, from virtual gatherings to in-person occasions, Jenna possesses a skill set that transforms ideas into reality.

Currently based in Los Angeles with her husband and fur baby Brody, Jenna has previously lived in cultural hubs like London and dynamic metropolises such as Dubai. This diverse background adds a cosmopolitan touch to her approach, ensuring each event is tailored to provide a rich and resonant experience for attendees. Jenna’s ability to draw inspiration from these varied locales highlights her proficiency in creating impactful events that prioritize the customer journey.

Outside of the event realm, Jenna is dedicated to holistic well-being. When not immersed in event planning, she spends time assisting individuals in improving their lives through personalized health and body composition strategies. This dual commitment to event management and well-being showcases Jenna’s versatility and her commitment to positively impacting the lives of others.