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Every Opportunity Can Be a Making-It Moment (Mindy Gibbins-Klein)

  • Episode #19

Welcome to Making It! This weekly show explores the lives and stories of entrepreneurs as they share their unique perspectives on their success and the path to making it. 

There are many opportunities for “making it” and Mindy Gibbins-Klein, the founder of The Book Midwife®, grabs them with both hands. But it isn’t just about the money, it’s about making a difference, playing bigger, doing more, having a bigger impact, spreading her wings, and really flying. “That’s how we encourage and inspire the next generation, which is ever so important to me,” says Mindy.

In this episode of Making It, she shares her journey to becoming a “thoughtful leader”, and how she considers herself to have “made it” at every stage. 

“But what I do hope is that people will consider playing bigger, doing more, having a bigger impact, spreading those wings, and really flying. Because when we fly, and when we can be seen in the air above all the masses, then we have a chance to inspire more people. And that’s how we grow. That’s how we build our society. That’s how we encourage and inspire the next generation, which is ever so important to me.”

Mindy Gibbins

Guest bio: Mindy Gibbins-Klein, founder of REAL Thought Leaders, The Book Midwife® and Panoma Press, is a multi-award winning entrepreneur. She is a highly sought-after speaker for executive audiences and has presented to over 50,000 people in 18 countries. She’s a fierce advocate of and role model for entrepreneurs, female leaders, and under-represented groups.

She has authored or co-authored eight books, including the bestseller 24 Carat BOLD and her latest book, The Thoughtful Leader, which challenges leaders and society in general to go beyond thought leadership and focus on consideration of both ideas and people. Moreover, she has helped over 1,000 other people write their own books and become thought leaders.  

In addition to speaking and writing, Mindy also maintains a small list of private consultancy clients who use her services to develop their writing, publishing, and speaking strategy. 

Her TEDx talk,  “Sometimes You Need to Change Yourself to Be Yourself,” has had nearly half a million views and is taking Mindy into schools, colleges, and corporations to speak on identity, self-esteem, confidence, and transgender issues. 

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:

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  • Guest: Mindy Gibbins
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