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Being Okay With Who You Are (Rahti Gorfien)

  • Episode #111

Towards the later part of her 30 year career in stage acting, playwriting and stand up comedy in New York City, Rahti Gorfien set her sights on helping other creatives. She became a career and ADHD coach and discovered her guiding truth: “Making it is being okay with who you are.”

Welcome to Making It! This weekly show explores the lives and stories of entrepreneurs as they share their unique perspectives on their success and path to making it. 

Rahti Gorfien is an author and certified career and ADHD coach who specializes in clients in the creative professions.

“If you have access to happiness, you’ve made it.”

Rahti Gorfien

For almost thirty years, Rahti Gorfien, PCC, ACCG, has been coaching scattered and overwhelmed creative professionals. She helps her clients focus so they can grab the focus of others, get seen, and make money doing what they love.

As a professionally certified career and ADHD coach, Rahti has been recognized three times by as one of the 15 Best Life Coaches in New York City. She was also recently recognized as one of the Top ADHD Coaches by Her book The Five Emotions that Stop Success in Coaches, Clients and Creatives: Overcoming Personal Obstacles of the Mind is scheduled to be released by Routledge Press in mid-July 2023.

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