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The Art of Persuasion with Dave Lakhani

persuasion dave lakhaniWhat’s the difference between persuasion and manipulation? Is persuasion just a nicer way to manipulate someone?

According to Dave Lakhani, persuasion expert, they are related but with two huge differences. Can you guess what they are?

On today’s Business Reimagined, Dave takes us through his early life of being manipulated by an outlier religious cult and the latter part of his life teaching his clients to use this strategy ethically.

  • How anyone can develop charisma and persuade others
  • The key differences between persuasion and manipulation
  • Social testing and some tactical approaches to persuade your audience
  • The simplest way to get someone to like you

Everyone can use ethical persuasion to get ahead in marketing, sales, or business in general. In your personal life, have you wanted to get someone on your side of the fence? Don’t miss today’s episode with Dave Lakhani on the Art of Persuasion.

        • At 6:00 – Dave explains how persuasion is both harder and more simple than hypnotizing someone and his definition of persuasion. He picks apart exactly how you can use heuristics to make a great first impression.
        • At 11:00 – There is a dark side to this, and it’s called manipulation. Dave explains the intent of manipulators and what happens to them as a result of their disregard for others.
        • At 14:00 – Dave talks about what it’s like getting “caught” testing new methods, since everyone who knows him knows he’s a persuasion expert.
        • At 17:00 – You can get better at persuasion and develop a personality of charisma, and Dave explains how you can do it without being slimy.
        • At 23:00 – Dave wraps up with his thoughts on how you can become a “black belt” at these techniques, get what you want out of life, and do it where you and those you are involved with end up winning.


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