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How to Scale Happiness with UJ Ramdas

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Stop. Take a breath. What are you grateful for, right now? What brings you happiness?

Can’t think of anything more meaningful than “my family,” or “I’m alive?”

You’re not trying hard enough, according to UJ Ramdas, co-creator of the Five-Minute Journal.

You’ve probably already heard of the Five-Minute Journal. But you might not have heard or considered how you can take the happiness and gratitude you cultivate in the journal and apply it to productivity and successful businesses.

In Danny’s interview of UJ, you’ll discover:

  • The exact questions you’ll find within the pages of the Journal and how they’re designed to hack your brain
  • What you should be FEELING when you think about what you’re grateful for
  • Adaptations to the Five-Minute Journal that make it your own
  • How productivity and happiness scale with being aligned with your values

Want to create the kind of happiness that scales? Don’t miss this episode of Business Reimagined.

  • At 4:00 – UJ talks about what he calls the “toothbrush for your mind” and explains how to live a happier and more engaged life.
  • At 9:00 – UJ turns the tables on Danny, asking several piercing questions about Danny’s life and happiness.
  • At 15:00 – Danny and UJ discuss different ways people use the Five-Minute Journal, including discussing it with loved ones and logging emotions, to supercharge the effectiveness.
  • At 21:00 – UJ explains the new product his company has produced, aimed at aligning values and business to heighten productivity, and make it scale with happiness.
  • At 25:00 – UJ reveals how happiness doesn’t scale with money, and he shares his thoughts on how it DOES scale.

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