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3 Easy Feedback Emails to Turn Subscribers into Rabid Fans

I’m a big fan of simple solutions. I’m also a big fan of looking for the 80/20: the 20% effort that will yield you 80% of your results. For me, email is definitely an 80/20 activity. As you’re looking to build your audience and grow your business, emails—specifically feedback emails—are one of the most important paths of communication that you have. I love email because it’s relatively easy to test something new and see significant …

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8 Powerful Book Marketing Lessons

I’ve got a story to share with you today, with 8 powerful insights about book marketing along the way. This post is a bit on the long-ish side, but it’ll be worth your while, I promise. 😉 This story starts in February of 2006, when I was 23 years old, way before Firepole ever existed. That was when I published my very first book—about writing. Now, if you’re thinking that you didn’t even know I’d …

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NKOTB: Inside Mirasee Style

Well we went and did it again. Along with launching a product in September and unveiling our rebrand in October, we added more people to the team. As we’ve done with the last few batches of new kids on the Mirasee block (NKOTB 😉 ), we wanted to give them the floor to share their first impressions of joining the team. Alexis Rodrigo “I thought of it as an adventure, and that’s what it turned …

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Lisa Bloom Reimagines Success through Story

Having an authentic marketing story is a necessity to connect with your audience, but what is at the heart of that story? How does your business story mesh with your personal story? More importantly, how can the stories you tell sabotage your success? Today’s guest is Lisa Bloom, the Story Coach, who helps entrepreneurs just like you with their message. She’s got some amazing insights on how you can find true authenticity by recognizing that your …


How to Double Your Subscribers With a Single Post

You’re at the beginning of your list building journey, and you want to get your first one or two thousand subscribers. You know that one of the quickest ways to build your email list is to write a guest blog post. It builds your credibility and gets your name in front of a large audience in one fell swoop. But guest posting is a glaring weakness for many new(er) online business owners. They drag their …


We Love Mirasee – How About You?

Hello everyone, and welcome again to Mirasee: reimagine business! We’re so excited to unveil our new name and site to the Firepole Marketing community. The decision to rebrand was not taken lightly, but if you read Danny’s emails and listened to the podcast, you know it was the right decision. Growing into Mirasee has been exciting and a little scary for us as a team. From finding out the new name, getting to see the …

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Danny Iny Reimagines Firepole as Mirasee

As you have noticed, the look and feel of our website, along with our name, has changed. This was once Firepole Marketing, made up of a group of people who believed that business can be better, it’s about more than just the money, and that entrepreneurs like yourself can make an impact while making an honest living. The name may have changed, but the people who make up the company haven’t, and neither have our …

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5 Ways to Find and Engage Your Target Audience

A strong grasp on your target audience is super important. It cements your business with a rock-hard foundation that’ll fortify all its future activities. Whether you’re crafting a new product, cooking up copy, or dishing out content to draw in clients and customers, a white-knuckle grasp on your target audience is an absolute must.

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Expert Advice to Increase Your Productivity

You just went out on your own. Congratulations!  So now what? When I launched my company Working Simply, I had only a bicycle, no car, no phone, no computer, no printer. I had to return each of these to my former company when I resigned from my sales position.

10 Rules of

10 Rules of Visionary Business Book

(Plus 10 lessons learned growing to 60,000+ subscribers, $2M+ revenues, and 25+ team members, without losing our values, or selling our soul.)