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Faster Growth by Building a Free Tool (Lazy People Need Not Apply)

Do you find it hard to promote your content? You send out emails to let people know about your latest blog post or guide, but do you really feel that they’re going to get excited about it? The fact is, any well-known blogger gets absolutely bombarded with emails everyday from people wanting their attention. Deep down, you know that your post isn’t that much better, even if it’s good. Here’s the thing: Even if you …

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Multitasking Doesn’t Work (So Here’s How to Do It Better)

If you’re think you’re multitasking successfully, you’re probably wrong. For 98% of us, says Psychology Today, multitasking is an abject failure because our brains just aren’t wired to handle it. That’s right multitasking doesn’t work. Except for the 2% of supertaskers, whose brains work better the more stuff they have to handle, multitasking turns our brains mush and productivity and effectiveness take a hit. For the rest of us, trying to do more than one …


Living an Extraordinary Life with Stever Robbins

Think about the last time you went in for a job interview or a meeting with a potential client. What was your frame of mind? It probably had nothing to do with the sense of creating an extraordinary life. In fact, most people think the same thing. “Oh please, pick me! Pick me!” But what if you went in with the confidence that you had something valuable to offer, and the interview was as much …

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Best Call to Action Words and Template [INFOGRAPHIC]

The words we use in life matter. The words we use in our call to actions (CTAs) also matter and could mean the difference between zero sign ups and sales or hundreds. And just like A/B testing for your landing pages and ad copies, trying different versions of CTAs also makes a significant impact when it comes to boosting the conversion rates of your sales funnels and email marketing efforts. Even just changing a single …


Promotion Guidelines: How to Get Maximum Exposure for Your Guest Posts

So your guest post has been accepted and will be featured on an authority site. Finish your celebration dance. You deserve it. But don’t stop there. Your next step is to plan your promotion strategy. This is an important part of your job as a guest author, and done right, you actually become a partner with your blog editor, spreading the word about your post and building your authority in the process. Many bloggers focus …

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5 Easy & Surefire Ways to Build a Pre-launch Email List

Launching a product is easy. You create something great, throw some money on ads, optimize the incoming traffic and sales start pouring in. Right? Yeah, I wish. That’s how it goes in your head, but in reality all you hear are crickets. Chirp, chirp. Chirp, chirp. Here’s the good news, though. You can avoid that. Product launches aren’t just about the product. The product is only one half of the equation. The other half is …


Strategic Philanthropy with Tom Matzen

When you think of the term strategic philanthropy, one company comes to mind: Tom’s Shoes. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of them. For every pair of shoes someone buys from them, they send another pair to a developing country. That strategy, do good to make money, has made them incredibly successful. Today’s guest is Tom Matzen, and in this episode, he explains exactly what strategic philanthropy is, how your customers …

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How to Overcome the Top 3 Content Marketing Crises

No content marketing strategy is free from crisis. As content marketers, we know. In managing our projects, we face many pitfalls. But we also know how to turn those pitfalls into benefits. While there are too many potential issues that could arise to cover, there are a few common potential crises of every content project. So the question becomes: Do you know, follow, and use all recommendations and instruments that help in overcoming such crises …

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4 Highly Effective Guest Post Pitch Tips For You

Editor’s note: Hello weekend warriors. We’re back with another quick and effective task you can do in a weekend to get big results for your business. You’ve imagined it so many times. Your work, featured proudly on enormous websites with millions of readers: Huffington Post, Lifehacker, LiveStrong, or so many others… attracting thousands of views, thousands of shares, but most importantly—hundreds of new subscribers! Then you snap out of it and remember, you’ve never actually …

10 Rules of

10 Rules of Visionary Business Book

(Plus 10 lessons learned growing to 60,000+ subscribers, $2M+ revenues, and 25+ team members, without losing our values, or selling our soul.)

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