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July’s Best of the Web – Business Blueprints and Templates

When it comes to online marketing, content is still king. And if you’re like most online entrepreneurs, writing is central to your business strategy. From blog posts to email engagement sequences, written content is one of the key ways you connect with your audience.

But what if you’re not a writer? Or what if you’re good at writing, but you just don’t have the time you want to spend on making your content awesome? In that case, you can do what the professional writers do: start with a template.

The truth is, all good writers imitate great ones. And the great writers? They steal from each other. Templates are powerful ways to jumpstart your content, enabling you to write at a higher quality while spending less time.

So for this month’s best of the web, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best templates out there. Whether you need to brush up your headlines or write a sales page, these templates will give you a structure to start from that will take your content from good to epic.

Headline Templates

Whether you’re writing a blog post headline or an email subject line, the headline is the first thing your readers see. It’s the thing that makes them click to read more – or not. Your headline is the gateway that ushers them into the rest of your message – or the door that slams shut in their face and turns them away.

So none of the rest of your content matters unless you get your headlines right.

These headline templates will help you make sure that you do.

  • 52 Headline Hacks (Boost Blog Traffic) – If you don’t use any other template from this list, use this one. Jon Morrow’s list of headline templates will transform your traffic almost instantly.
  • 101 Headline Formulas (Peter Sandeen) – If 52 headline templates isn’t enough, Peter Sandeen almost doubles them with his list of 101.
  • Why Do Some Headlines Fail? (And How to Create Headlines That Work Every Time) (Psychotactics) – You can use templates even more effectively when you understand the method behind them. Sean D’Souza’s report explains the psychology behind great headlines and gives you a framework for creating your own headline templates.
  • 15 Hacks to Write Headlines That Will Send You More Traffic Today – Josue Valles’s list of hacks is more than templates; it’s a list of methods for finding headline templates everywhere you look. Try #1 on his list when you’re guest posting — it’ll really raise your acceptance rate!

Blog Post Templates

Writing a good blog post is an art form, and the format is almost as important as the content. That doesn’t just mean design and layout; your blog post content can follow a template too. These resources will help you plan what to say when so you can write better posts faster.

Blog Post Introductions

If your headline is the most important part of your content, your introduction is only slightly less important. Most readers skim the headline and then click the back button if they’re not immediately captured by your words. Want to capture them and keep them reading to the end (and your opt-in)? Use these templates.

Blog Post Conclusions

Now that you’ve nailed your introduction, it’s time to look at your conclusion. Sure, if your readers get to this point, then they’ve already read to the end of your post, but that doesn’t mean your conclusion isn’t important. Your conclusion is what makes your reader take action — or not — and that will make the difference in whether your blog post was just an interesting thing to read or something that has a real impact on their life.

So your conclusion needs to be powerful. These templates will help.

Landing Page Templates

Blog posts aren’t the only thing you need to write — and maybe not the most important. Especially when first launching your online business, your landing page will be key to your success, because that’s how you’ll get subscribers on your email list. Make your landing pages more effective with these templates.

  • The 5 Essential Elements of a Winning Landing Page (Unbounce) – Unbounce knows landing pages; that’s what they do. In this graphic post, Oli Gradner breaks down the key elements your page needs and what you should include in each.
  • Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page (Kissmetrics) – Landing pages are very visual, so for this type of content more than most, a picture really is worth a thousand words. This infographic shows you what to put where to make your page a success (and it includes some guidelines on colors to use, too!).
  • 10 Key Landing Page Features that Draw in Users (Formstack) – As with headlines, you’ll create better landing pages when you understand why each element is important. This post breaks down the features into categories and explains what the goal is for each.

Social Media Templates

Seven twitter posts a day? Ten Facebook posts a week? Pinterest and Instagram and LinkedIn? Social media content is overwhelming, because there’s just so much of it. Simplify your social outreach with templates, and you’ll be able to do more with less effort.

  • 15 New Social Media Templates to Save You Even More Time With Your Marketing (Entrepreneur) – Kevan Lee knows social media. In this post, he provides a variety of templates with a focus on fast results.
  • Free Templates: Visual Social Media Updates (Hubspot) – Social media posts are far more likely to drive engagement if they include images. But unless you’re a designer, creating or finding images for your posts might be more work than it’s worth. With this giveaway, Hubspot comes to your rescue with a collection of images you can customize and use on social media — no design skills required.
  • 6 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work (Hootsuite) – Just writing posts on social media is pointless unless you have a strategy behind your content. These templates will help you look at the bigger picture of your social media strategy to figure out why you’re posting what when.

Swipe File Collections

Most marketing professionals use swipe files — collections of prewritten marketing materials that have been proven to work. You can use swipe files as a template that you customize for your own products and services. In these databases, you’ll find collections of hundreds or thousands of files to download and make your own.

  • Swiped (Swiped) – Not sure what you need? You’ll find swipe files for every type of marketing writing imaginable in this extensive database of prewritten templates. Search by niche or type of file, customize, and enjoy!
  • Swipe Files for the Lazy Copywriter (Freelance Writing) – This free downloadable ebook includes swipes from headlines and subject lines to sales copy and blog posts.

Do you use templates? What are your favorites? Tell us about them in the comments!

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