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Finding Your Ideal Customer Using the Value Quadrant

Do you ever get an email from a prospect who asks question after question only for them to finally decide they’re not interested? You spent hours answering their questions, got excited about the possibility of a new customer, and suddenly all communication has stopped. You’ve been ghosted.

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Choosing a Target Market? 3 Mistakes to Avoid and 3 Tips to Follow

So you want to be an entrepreneur? You know you have something useful to share with the world, and that you can make a difference. Your steps are filled with purpose. You have chosen that ‘can do’ mindset. You are ready and willing to give whatever it takes to get your success. Done wondering if you are marvelous or mad, you have searched deep inside yourself asking –

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Tracy Matthews Reimagining the Jewelry Design Industry

Tracy Matthews is renowned in jewelry design, but her biggest fans will tell you that’s not why they love her. You see, the jewelry industry is very tight-lipped, and it’s difficult to get help or information. Tracy had to figure it out herself, but she is now bucking that inhibitive trend. Tracy co-founded the Flourish and Thrive Academy, where she and her partners teach new designers the ropes of the industry. And more importantly, she teaches them the …

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Want More Subscribers? Avoid These 8 Email Marketing Mistakes!

“Email marketing is where the money’s AT!” This has probably struck your eardrums for the billionth time right now… And there’s a reason for that. Simply put, it’s true. Research shows that email marketing is 40 times more effective at snagging new customers than Facebook and Twitter. Which is fantastic news for business owners and marketers.

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Facebook vs. Google: Who Should Win Your Ad Spend?

With the explosion of social media in our day-to-day lives it’s no surprise that businesses are allocating increasing amounts of their marketing budget to social media advertising. In fact, a survey in 2014 by Neuster found social media advertising the most effective form of online paid advertising in terms of clicks and conversions.

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Donald Miller Reimagines Story in Marketing

You’ve heard about story in marketing. So if we talked to your audience right now, and asked them to tell us about you in two sentences, would they be able to do it? If the answer is no, that means that you haven’t given them the words to say, and more importantly, to spread to others. Today’s guest, Don Miller, had a moment just like that, and it was what sparked his creation of the Storybrand …

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No Blunders! Avoid These 5 Startup Mistakes

Why do startups fail? Is there a recipe for success for your new and exciting business venture? Unfortunately the answer is no. There is no way to guarantee success in your new business. While there may be recipes (or templates) you can use to help you on the path to success, it’s also useful to know what things you should avoid as a startup.

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Got Obstacles? Lucky You! Success is Around the Corner

There are no obstacles on the path, the obstacles are the path. – Zen quote Recently I was talking with Audra Casino, our podcaster/AV-master extraordinaire here at Mirasee. I remarked how I’ve come to learn that all of the struggles, challenges, and apparent obstacles I’ve encountered on my path to success (still very much in process) have actually been part of the path… not obstructions to it.

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Taylor Pearson on Reimagining the Future of Jobs

When it comes to the future of jobs, if you’re an educated professional with a strong skill set and a head full of best practices, that makes for great job security and a fulfilling career, right? Think again. In Taylor Pearson’s book, The End of Jobs, he talks about how this segment of the job market could possibly be shrinking – significantly. Today, he and Danny discuss what could take its place, and if you’re an entrepreneur …

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10 Rules of Visionary Business Book

(Plus 10 lessons learned growing to 60,000+ subscribers, $2M+ revenues, and 25+ team members, without losing our values, or selling our soul.)