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3 Headline Secrets That Could Be Costing You Massive Conversions

Headlines. You’ve already read a lot about them, no doubt. But they are extremely important, hence why they get and deserve so much attention. Headlines creep into everything you do whether you run an online or offline business. Here is just some of the following where headlines are necessary:

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July’s Best of the Web – Business Blueprints and Templates

When it comes to online marketing, content is still king. And if you’re like most online entrepreneurs, writing is central to your business strategy. From blog posts to email engagement sequences, written content is one of the key ways you connect with your audience. But what if you’re not a writer? Or what if you’re good at writing, but you just don’t have the time you want to spend on making your content awesome? In that …

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12 Tips to Increase Social Shares

Without social shares, your content is potentially worthless. You need to have eyes on the work, or else why even bother? It’s about providing value, right? So again, if nobody sees it, what’s the point of creating it? There is no point. Good, I’m glad we agree. Now, next to providing valuable and personalized information, content marketing guides also preach the importance of expanding reach.

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Gini Dietrich on the Rocky Road of Reimagination of PR

When we talk about reimagination, Gini Dietrich is one of those people whose story fits perfectly.  She started in traditional PR, and became the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, a Chicago-based integrated marketing communication firm and the author of the top PR blog, Spin Sucks. But if you’re wondering what an ‘integrated marketing communication firm’ actually is in relation to PR, you’re not alone. Today Gini talks with Danny about how she’s reimagining the often …

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Bouncing Back After a Business Failure

So you screwed up. What next? There’s something you notice a lot in online marketing – the story of how an entrepreneur tried, failed, recovered and then succeeded. It’s a good story and an important story. But it kind of misses a little something sometimes. Let’s be honest.

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Srikumar S Rao on Reimagining Meaning and Happiness in Business

  Do you feel like you have happiness in your life, or is it tied to your feeling of success? Srikumar S. Rao is a best-selling author, TED speaker, and former professor at many of the world’s top business schools, including Columbia, Kellogg, the London Business School, and Berkeley. But you might be a little surprised at the subject matter: meaning and happiness in business, meditation, and the push and pull of creativity. Today, Danny …

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Design Your Online Training Course: Phase 2

In my previous article on creating an online course (Phase 1), you were asked questions to see whether you were ready to build and deliver an e-course. In Phase 1, I posit that teaching and learning online is not easy. And creating online courses (or any course) is an art form. Additionally, you were cautioned to create a course where students truly learn and get terrific results from it.

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Do More in Less Time Using a Productivity System

It’s July already. Half the year has passed. But where has it gone? Your energy and possibility in the New Year inspired a list of dozens of things you wanted to accomplish this year. And how are those New Year’s goals coming along? Maybe the excitement wore off, and your vision for 2015 has either dimmed, or goals backburnered.

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10 Rules of Visionary Business Book

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