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Urban Monk

Becoming an Urban Monk with Pedram Shojai

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘urban monk?’ Do you picture some guy in a robe meditating on top of a skyscraper? Maybe you’re thinking of meditation 2.0 and some guru’s new, flowery method of finding inner peace. Not even close. Today’s guest, Pedram Shojai, is anything but flowery. While his knowledge is ancient and comes from his time with kung fu masters, ascetic monks, and even the Dali Lama, Pedram …

killing productivity

Why Your Unhealthy Habits are Killing Your Productivity

Being a workaholic is seriously ruining your business and killing productivity. If that sounds weird, think about this. Working long hours does not translate to true productivity. In fact, being chained to your desk leads to unhealthy habits that actually make you LESS productive—and that’s not good for business. Here are five bad habits that not only ruin your health, but also impair your productivity. 1. You Don’t Take Enough Breaks Ever worked in an …

wooden hearts

How to Make Customers Fall in Love With Your Business

I’m here to talk about relationships and falling in love. No, you haven’t somehow arrived at a Cosmopolitan article on “10 ways to make him love you in 10 days.” I’m talking about how to make your customers fall in love with your business. Interestingly enough, these same tactics can be applied to your love life, but let’s keep this strictly to business for now. Consumers have moved away from (and dislike) interruptive and disruptive …


How to Write a Hypnotic Guest Blogging Pitch

I’m going to be honest with you… I am a hoax, a fraud, and a charlatan. I did not study marketing. I’m not even that interested in marketing. AND I don’t even like marketers. Seriously. Yet, I’m still being picked to place my writing and advertisements (they are now one and the same), on some of the biggest marketing blogs this world has EVER seen. I guess the following two questions are now forming in …


Corbett Barr on What it Means to be in Business

  There’s a big misconception going around about business. Either you climb the corporate ladder as fast as you can and retire, or you become an entrepreneur trying to hit a homerun, and you work yourself into oblivion to get there. Corbett Barr of Fizzle used to believe the same thing, but a trip to Mexico completely changed his perspective of what business is, specifically entrepreneurship, and how people really CAN put their lives in …

red cash register

Want More Sales? Look to Your Existing Clients

Here’s some harsh truth about starting and succeeding with a small business: you have to make sales. You can have everything else in your business—graphics, accounting, retail space, etc., set up perfectly, but without sales you will go out of business quickly. In fact, lack of sales is a primary reason as many as half of all businesses fail before their fifth anniversary.   Source Today, let’s talk about some proven steps small business owners …

how to make money from blogging

Blogger Money Maps: How To Make Money From Blogging

Figuring out how to make money from blogging is hard. There are a few reasons for that. The first reason is that, if you have to figure it out, then you’ve never done it before. And there’s a lot of information that you don’t have. The second reason is there isn’t one right answer to that question—but there are a lot of wrong ones! The third reason is the real clincher: if you pay careful …

copywriting tactics

5 Easy Copywriting Tactics to Steal from Fundraising Pros

You’ve gotten them in the mail—envelopes with phrases like “You Can Save a Child’s Life Today,” or pictures of sad dogs with enormous eyes. Yes, I’m talking about the fundraising appeal letter. While you might be tempted to throw these letters away, you can actually learn some useful copywriting lessons from them. When you think about it, fundraising is not an easy task. Fundraisers must convince people to give up their money for virtually nothing …


Leveling the Playing Field and Standing Out with Dorie Clark

Imagine a place where everyone was on the same playing field when it comes to marketing skills and know-how. In this place, ideas would be standing out based on their own merit. It’s a fantastic idea we can get behind, and today’s guest, Dorie Clark, is making it her mission to teach people who have great ideas how to put them out into the world. Dorie can’t stand the thought of ideas that can truly …

10 Rules of

10 Rules of Visionary Business Book

(Plus 10 lessons learned growing to 60,000+ subscribers, $2M+ revenues, and 25+ team members, without losing our values, or selling our soul.)

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