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right thinking david bayer

The Science of Right Thinking with David Bayer

You can learn every single tactic and strategy taught by every single authority in your space, whether it’s online entrepreneurship, parenting, or even underwater basket-weaving. But if you don’t have ‘right thinking’ mastered, you probably won’t be able to execute on a single one of them. In fact, the deck has been stacked against you from birth. Are you doomed to failure? Not at all! Today’s guest, David Bayer, has dedicated his life to the …

Joshua Delos Reyes Authentic Marketing

Authentic Marketing: How to Attract More Customers by Removing the Hype

Are you tempted to use hype and exaggeration, so you can cut through the noise and get your audiences to pay attention? “Double your profits in 7 days or less, guaranteed!” “The best CRM software in the world!” “10x your website traffic with just a few clicks!” If you find yourself veering towards claims like that, restrain yourself. Hype annoys prospects and customers. Up to 76 percent of survey respondents think that advertising is exaggerated and …

Isaac Jones performance

Natural Performance Enhancement with Dr. Isaac Jones

  In terms of performance, did you know that you have a ‘genetic bucket?’ Everyone does, and we don’t get to choose how much they hold. Some are bigger than others, and you can have a huge effect on the size of your children’s genetic bucket, by virtue of the life YOU live. So what’s a genetic bucket? According to Dr. Isaac Jones, your genetic bucket is how much toxicity you can hold in your …

repurpose content

9 Ways to Repurpose and Breathe New Life Into Your Marketing Content

As a content marketer, you’re obsessive. You spend laser-focused time digging up topics to captivate and engage your audience. You optimize, research, outline, write, and pick through for weakness. You ride the highs of discovery, the lows of setbacks, and relish the home stretch when a content piece nears completion. Finally, you clean that beauty up for its debut, feeling every long minute that went into its inception. And then… it’s over. While it’s wonderful …

Making Rockstar Events with Louie La Vella

When the world slams a door in your face, do you give up, or do you build your OWN door? Today’s guest, Louie La Vella, is a carpenter-type entrepreneur. Every time a door closed for him, he built another. He’s spent a lifetime in the entertainment industry, and now focuses on creating amazing events that give a one-of-a-kind experience. What’s holding YOU back from putting on an event, or being a rockstar speaker at someone …

how to write a nonfiction book

How to Write Your Nonfiction Book from Scratch in Just Three Weeks

“I don’t have the time.” “I can’t motivate myself to write every day.” “I’m not inspired to write anything today.” Or how about: “I’m great at starting a book … it’s the finishing that’s the problem.” “How do I know finishing the book’s even worth it?” “I keep getting new writing ideas I’m more excited to work on than the last one.” I’m sure you’ve been there. … procrastinating on writing because emails have to …

REPLAY: BR36: Strategic Philanthropy with Tom Matzen

When you think of the term strategic philanthropy, one company comes to mind: Tom’s Shoes. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of them. For every pair of shoes someone buys from them, they send another pair to a developing country. That strategy, do good to make money, has made them incredibly successful. Today’s guest is Tom Matzen, and in this episode, he explains exactly what strategic philanthropy is, how your customers …

X engage students of online courses

6 Reasons Your Online Courses Are Turning Students Off

The global revenue earned from corporate online courses was expected to reach over $107 billion last year. This doesn’t even touch on distance learning outside the corporate training-sphere. Now, there is a right way and a wrong way to create online courses, and it’s clear that you want to do it the right way if you want a slice of the multi-billion dollar pie. If you’ve found yourself wanting to throw in the towel because …

customer service jay baer

Replay: Customer Service on the Social Stage with Jay Baer

In most of business history, customer service was viewed as a necessary evil that didn’t have a lot of repercussions if it was done poorly, or not at all. Realistically, how many people could a single person tell about their experience with you? Oh, how times have changed. In the world of the internet, customer service has become a spectator sport, according to today’s guest, Jay Baer, author of Hug Your Haters. All your interactions …

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