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How to Get Traffic to Your Blog (How I Became the Freddy Krueger of Blogging)

“Wow, Danny, you’re like the Freddy Krueger of blogging—wherever I turn, you’re there!” I received several comments like that when I started my business. The consensus seemed to be that I was everywhere. No matter which blog or website you visited, I was the cyberstalker who was there waiting for you. I didn’t mind the comment. In fact, I liked it. I liked it because it was meant as a compliment. When I caught your …

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Web Traffic: Why Guru Strategies for Blog Growth DON’T WORK… and What Does!

Blogging is where it’s at, right? Whether you’re a professional blogger, or your blog is there to promote your regular business, you know that at the end of the day, your blog has one major purpose: To engage a GINORMOUS audience. That’s right. Not just big… GINORMOUS. An audience so large you are guaranteed more customers than you know what to do with. And yet, most blogs trudge along with an Alexa ranking north of …


Martin Lindstrom Says to Get Close to Your Customers

When was the last time you sat down and had a face-to-face with one of your customers? Would you consider going to a fan’s home and having a chat with him to get to know him better? To many entrepreneurs, it’s a very foreign idea, but can you imagine the power of sharing a drink with your customer ‘avatar’ instead of looking at a breakdown of who you think he is, typed out on a …

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Content Marketing: Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead?

Is your website traffic going downhill? Are you desperate to halt the sharp drop in your site’s unique visitors? Stop your subscribers from deleting your emails before they click through? Or maybe just get more visitors to actually read your posts, instead of clicking away after a few seconds? You’re not alone. Even the experts are getting fewer comments, views, opt-ins, and shares. Leading so many to conclude that content marketing is fat (over-saturated), sick …

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Building an Audience: 3 Effective Strategies (Not Guest Posting)

Isn’t it infuriating how experts on entrepreneurship always say… “Find one thing that works, and excel at it! There’s nothing worse than being mediocre at 15 different things!” …but then fast-forward one week, and they post things like: “99 Business Blogs Every Entrepreneur Must Follow!” or “365 Plugins No Blogger Should Be Caught Without!” Let me see if I understand correctly: I should pick one strategy and stick with it… but never put all my …

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Blogging Success with These 24 Outstanding Tools

To succeed as a blogger, you need more than writing skills. You need basic business know-how, such as finding your target audience and making money as a blogger. You also need productivity and writing tools to make sure you’re always creating your best work. The trick, of course, is finding the tools that will work for you. So we scoured the internet and turned up 24 resources that can take your blogging to the next …


Ron Friedman on Building a Better Workplace

Monica Seles is a famous tennis player, and she revolutionized the world of tennis by grunting. When she won an amazing upset in the 1990 French Open, the 16-year-old created a new trend that was quickly adopted by other players. What can we learn from this? While Monica’s guttural addition to tennis was unintentional, your own actions can set a standard and revolutionize energy, happiness, and productivity. When you make the ‘game’ your own by …

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How to Reach Your Target Market: A Step-by-Step Guide

The idea behind content marketing is to create great content and share it. But you already knew that. I bet you’ve even tried content promotion tactics that others have had so much success with. Sometimes they work for you, but sometimes they don’t. There are a few possible reasons for this, but most likely, it’s because you’re not reaching the right people with your promotion. Many of those tactics focus on one specific site, platform, …

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How to be the Freelancer Editors and Producers Adore

Dear Freelancers of the World! The gods of the current economy smile on you. The market is in your favor—so many companies, so many assignments. And yet, you’re not working as much as you want. Your cell phone isn’t ringing. The inbox is empty. What’s up with that? You are talented, yet never get past the first interaction. And sometimes I wonder if many of you even know where you trip up. I’d like to …

10 Rules of

10 Rules of Visionary Business Book

(Plus 10 lessons learned growing to 60,000+ subscribers, $2M+ revenues, and 25+ team members, without losing our values, or selling our soul.)

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