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What’s the Best Way to Thank Your Clients?

It’s time again for one of my favorite features – ask the readers, where we take a break  and get *you* to do all the work. 😉

This month’s Ask the Readers question is all about gratitude.

We know that the only reason we’re in business is because other people – our readers, customers, clients, and visitors – give us their time and attention – and sometimes, money. 😉

Don’t get me wrong, we all know that we strive to provide excellent value for money and attention, and to over-deliver on our promises. But sometimes, we want to do a little more. We want to thank our customers for trusting us, buying from us, and developing relationships with us.

How to go about it, though is something else. What is the best way to do it?

The last thing you want is for someone to feel like they’re being buttered up for a bigger sale, however, so it can be a fine line to walk…

Free gifts? Extra information? A card? What have you tried, and has it worked the way it intended you to?

How do you thank your loyal followers, fans and supporters?

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

About Megan Dougherty

Megan Dougherty is an alumnus of Mirasee and is passionate about online education, small business and making a difference in the world. You can find out what she's up to and how side-hustles will take over the world at PayingforLife.com. Follow her on Twitter at @MeganTwoCents.


  1. Matt Ludwig ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Promptly, Empathetically and Thoroughly listening then replying to each and every question/concern from every email/phone call.

    I, or my team, make a bullet list of those top concerns, prioritized by how many times they were said in the thread. Shoot the solution at each then fulfill with an encompassing reply, try to get it back within a day, 2 max.

    The best on-going “thank you” to a client is a “your welcome” delivered quickly every time. Emotion and inspiration are perishable and replaceable by the next in the train, delivering on impulse is the perpetual thank you card that keeps a customer/student/client loyal and genuinely happy I think…

    We like to format this in a free website/online business analysis report, to thank someone for their interest.

    1. Megan says:

      Sounds like you’ve got all of your bases covered in this regard, Matt – this seems like a really good strategy for when you have a team and active engagement. Thanks for sharing your technique!

      1. Matt Ludwig ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        Absolutely, we have a tiny team, hence, effective coordination is key, so no valued prospect slips through the cracks!

  2. I thank my followers by giving them even more value:).

    Also, I heartily recommend the services of others, and where appropriate I connect people who could benefit from each other’s knowledge, services and products.

    Thanking others is easy – as long as you come from the right place and you mean it from the heart:-)

      1. Megan, I also thank my clients and followers by sending them hard copies of my books – and also the e-book versions.

        Receiving a surprise package of one of my books in the mail always goes down well. A couple of years ago, I sent a book to a follower in Ecuador – and a few months later she sent me a red t-shirt, bracelet and arty picture.

        She had even checked out my photos on Facebook to make sure that I would like and look good in the t-shirt colour she had chosen!

        What goes around comes back manyfold:-)

        1. Megan says:

          What an awesome story!

          Getting a hard copy book in the mail is a real treat, and how cool that your customer responded so enthusiastically! I imagine you still have a great relationship with that person.


  3. judy cullins says:

    P.S. You can expland this approach of a real in person experience by sharing it on your FB fan page, Your Twitter group and Linkedin group. I’ll choose LInkedin because more of my audience shows up in my graoup of over 4600 writers/business people.

  4. judy cullins says:

    This is such a great question. I was just about to say thank you to all my subscribers at my site, bookcoaching.com I’ve done this before and it’s a winner.

    I offer only on 2 days a free 10-min coaching session on book writing, publishing and online marketing. Clients need to fill out an agenda sheet that comes to me before we meet with their best time request. I kind of know them a bit before we start, so it’s fully packed strategies and actions for them that serve them well. It’s free, but often brings me a few good clients!

  5. Jeannette Paladino ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The biggest thanks you can give your client is by doing great work for them. Then always thank them for their business. Come up with new ideas and ways of doing things. Be respectful. Give them referrals to potential new business. Introduce them to people who could be helpful to them. This is all just common sense.

  6. Sometimes I give my customers an extra license. A thank you card sounds like a good idea.

    @Marcie: Why do you think that writing profiles and doing interview is a way to say thank you? This is a lot of work for the customer.

  7. Marcie says:

    There are several ways I can thank clients. First, write profiles on them and their sites. I also interview them so my audience can actually hear their stories, which is much more interesting than a simple profile. I prefer audio and video interviews.

    I share 10 ways you can honor others in my forthcoming book, 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block. You can find it at http://www.overcomingbloggersblock.com

  8. Jason says:

    I’m still working on getting my first client. 🙂

    But I have thought about this question. My clients will be buying websites. I have a lot of value packed into what they get out of it. But I’m also going to personally send them a Thank You card.


    1. Megan says:

      Ahh, a traditional approach. There is something lovely about receiving something by mail – that isn’t a bill. Let us know how it goes!

  9. Hello from Thailand Megan,

    Always enjoy your content and always learn something.

    As a small handmade Thai silk manufacturer what we have done for our subscribers, supporters and customers of our little online Thai village community is to ask them if we can promote their business as a way of saying thank you.

    Then we place on social media (Facebook, G+, Twitter, Linkedin and StumbleUpon plus our video newsletter a positive post about their business including their logo or an image from their site.
    We screen capture all these posts plus comments and at the end of a week we compile a video promoting “Our Community Heroes” and upload it to YouTube. We send the link to the video plus the original video to each business we promote.

    We have had fantastic response to this, it really does not take very much time and it has built some wonderful business relationships both with us at Thai Silk Magic and also between members of our online village community.

    1. Megan says:

      Hi Amnuai,

      What a great idea! I bet your customers love to be featured that way – and it works as great social proof for potential clients as well.

      Thanks for sharing that!

  10. Responding, being responsive. You guys are good at it and you’re setting a good example for us. Asking, listening and responding to the curiosity of my audience is the best way I can thank them for their attention.

  11. Alex says:

    Two sides to this question I feel.
    When it comes to my readers and subscribers, thanking them is really about having the ongoing presence that got them interested in the first place.
    I think what has really set Danny apart from other bloggers (aside from traffic generation and personality and all the variables) is the fact that he is consistently available to everyone – This in itself provides a brilliant platform to ‘thank’ your readers whilst boosting your own authority within the realm.

    Now as for how I thank ‘Clients’ and customers – that is where it not just about being there, but about the age old adage of “over delivering”
    Personally, since I have found that its easier to get clients BEFORE they have a website – I am able to ‘thank’ them by providing a basic free SEO service for a month.
    This works for both parties because not only are they getting free traffic – I am able to show them something that is otherwise not all that tangible. (ever tried justifying your costs to someone who has no idea what a backlink is!?!?)

    Great question, thanks for making me think so early in the morning LOL

    1. Megan says:

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for opening up the discussion!

      Really good point about over-delivering. People do love to have expectations exceeded. (I can imagine SEO services to an internet newbie is a tough sell!)

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