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Blog Post Ideas FAQ


You don’t need a Kindle tablet to redeem this offer.

Amazon offer a free Kindle app for your iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, and you can even read it on your Chrome or Firefox browser.

To download the FREE Kindle app on your iPhone/iPad or Android device:

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Amazon requires you to “buy” the book at $0.00. It’s a bit confusing, but you will not be charged for the free book during the promotional period!

The promotional period begins at Weds, June 29th and ends on Sunday, July 3rd (11:59 pm ET)

FREE books are individual purchase priced at $0.00. Click the “Buy now with 1-click” button to get the book at $0.00. It’s only FREE for a limited time, so act fast!

NOTE: You do NOT need Kindle Unlimited to get our FREE book promotions.

Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s monthly subscription service. It’s like the book version of Netflix - you pay a monthly fee to get access to a library of “free” books. You will be charged for this service if you click on the “Read for Free” button.


Visit Amazon’s website for more information about Kindle Unlimited.

This promotion is a limited time offer, which ends on Sunday, July 3rd at 11:59pm Eastern time. We’re not currently planning to offer this promotion again.

We wrote a guide on how to avoid missing any future emails and promotions, which you can find here.

We would love for everyone to get their hands on our free book, but we don’t have control of which countries have access. Amazon is the platform that delivers the promotion, and they set the parameters.

The Terms and Conditions of Kindle Direct Publishing states: Free promotions may not be available for sales to customers in certain countries.

However, we’ve been told by Amazon that:

“Free Book Promotions apply to all marketplaces and as long as the Kindle [book] is available for [a] specific country..., they should be able download the book for free.”

To our knowledge, the following countries are specifically available for promotion: U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia and India.

If you are unable to get the free book, you may contact Amazon customer service at

There may be other countries that can redeem this promotion. If this promotion is not available in your country right now, Amazon does sometimes add these free book promotions to additional countries at later dates that we can’t control. Again, if you are unable to get the promotion, we encourage you to contact Amazon using the link above.

If there is no buy button, then you may be in a country where the promotion is not available. For more info, contact Amazon customer service at

And, there’s still good news. We offer an incredible array of resource guides on our website, to help you move your business forward, and you can download them all for free!

You can access those free resources here!

We’ve made our books available on Amazon for one simple reason- they’re by far the largest distributor of physical and digital books online. In order to promote our books on Amazon’s platform, we are not allowed to distribute our e-books in any other format.

We know it may be frustrating for some people to have to sign up on Amazon to get the promotion, and if you choose not to do so, we completely understand.

And, there’s still good news. We offer an incredible array of resource guides on our website, to help you move your business forward, and you can download them all for free!

You can access those free resources here!

Blog Post Ideas has two versions. Each version stands on it's own, so consider them companion guides to each other. Both the book and the course contains special features unique to their medium. They both still provide the same core ideas - with examples and inspiration to grab attention, drive engagement, and make you an unstoppable blogger.

For the Kindle version:

  • Walk through blog post ideas using two fictitious characters, Tommy Tech Blogger and Fiona Food Blogger
  • Use our rating to see how quickly each idea can be utilized
  • Each tip ends with a "Recipe for Success," summarizing the idea as a formula in 3-5 steps

For the Udemy version:

  • 90+ minutes of entertaining and interactive video
  • Walk throughs of real posts from concept to published work
  • Interviews with star writers who turned their success into book deals

Get Blog Post Ideas

Book Version

Blog Post Ideas for Kindle is geared towards bloggers who want a solution to writer’s block — fast. Readers can easily find the tips they need, since each one is marked for speed: three stars mean the tip is fast and easy. The ideas are explained using two fictitious characters, Tommy Tech Blogger and Fiona Food Blogger. The strategies are straightforward, with real-life examples to use as models and inspiration. Finally, each tip ends with a “Recipe for Success,” which summarizes the tip as a formula in 3-5 steps.

Online Course

Blog Post Ideas for Udemy is an interactive video-based course. You’ll be following Jim Hopkinson, Mirasee’s Director of Courses, whose posts have appeared in WIRED, The Wall Street Journal,, ESPN, Men’s Health, Success Magazine, and many other places. Jim personally walks you through each idea, and shares stories on how those ideas helped him craft over 250+ posts in the past six years. BONUS: Also includes 4 video interviews with bloggers who became authors.

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