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10 Rules of

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Marketing Tactics and Strategies Aren’t as Important as You Thought. Here’s Why.

We’re repeatedly sold on the idea that we have to just use the right marketing tactics to get great results. How many “right” and “guaranteed” tactics have you tried? Whether it’s blogging, a certain type of advertising, or social media, it’s rarely the answer we were looking for. Complete strategies are a step in the right direction. But even those often based on someone

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Why People Don’t Join Your List – The Top 5 Things to Check

Many marketing tactics become more or less worthless if people refuse to join your list. An effective marketing strategy that doesn’t involve building a list is an exception. If you’re not in contact with your potential customers, you struggle to demonstrate your expertise and can’t make anyone even consider buying what you sell. The first step is getting people to an opt-in landing page. And sure, they have to be interested in what you have …

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3 Signs that Your Business (or Blog) Idea Won’t Work

Your spouse, family, and close friends have faith that your business (or blog) can become a success story. Or at least, they’re trying to keep their doubts to themselves. But you have suspicions. You thought you would’ve seen good results by now. And that’s making you question your business idea and maybe even your ability to succeed. So, did you make a huge mistake that took months or years (and possibly thousands of dollars) from …

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Guide to Smart Pricing: What Are You Really Worth?

Getting your pricing just right is tricky. There are big downsides to keeping your prices too low. But it’s easy to raise them too high for people to buy anything anymore. There are some basic ways to look at pricing and pick the “right price.” Everyone repeats those methods whenever pricing is discussed. However, “look at your competitors” doesn’t really help you to find the right prices unless you only aim to be the cheapest. …

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How to Get 100+ Subscribers from EACH and EVERY ONE of Your Guest Posts

Many marketing experts urge you to use guest blogging as a way to grow your email list (Danny and me included). But it can be just a huge waste of time if you don’t get results – especially if writing each post takes you more than a couple of hours. A few months ago, I surveyed my list about how many subscribers they expect to get from each guest post they write. And 46% said, …

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How To Find The Marketing Tactics That Will Create Results For YOU

How much time do you spend each week building your business or blog? Are you seeing the results you want? The kind of results others brag about? You can spend hours every week trying to get your business off the ground. But after months or years, the absence of results can be the most remarkable aspect of your business. It’s not that you couldn’t get results or that something would be wrong with your business …

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Content Writing: Find The Words that Make Your Audience JUMP

Imagine being in a foreign country where no one speaks your language. Then, someone right behind your back starts talking to you in your native language and even with the same accent as if they came from your hometown. If that has ever happened to you, you know the startled feeling. (Happened to me in New Zealand, and being from Finland, it’s very unusual to randomly meet countrymen abroad.) Taken one step further, let’s say …

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How to Get More Subscribers – LOTS More – By Tomorrow!

How much time have you spent building your online business or blog? You watch as the visitors you worked hard to attract come to your site and then leave. They don’t subscribe. They don’t even leave a comment. Your visitors spend a couple of seconds on your site, and never come back. Even if you get them to a landing page – a landing page you spent hours and hours building – they still leave …


Quick Ways to Increase Conversion Rate TODAY!

More than 90% of websites get something on their landing pages seriously wrong. It might even be closer to 95%… And they’re practically kicking people away from opting in. The few sites that get things right include the likes of Apple and Amazon. Big companies with gargantuan amounts of traffic. Not to mention huge teams of highly trained employees working night and day to perfect landing pages. But it’s not really that difficult to get …

10 Rules of

10 Rules of Visionary Business Book

(Plus 10 lessons learned growing to 60,000+ subscribers, $2M+ revenues, and 25+ team members, without losing our values, or selling our soul.)

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