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Hey there,

Danny Iny here, and I’m excited to announce this special contest for the Mirasee community…

…but before I tell you about the prizes and how to enter, let’s talk about *why* this is happening. 🙂

Not long ago, I sent out an email in which I asked people to share with me their perspectives on what made (and makes) Mirasee special.

I didn’t expect to receive a ton of replies, because I know that not everyone has been following Mirasee for long enough to have an opinion about this…

…but the replies that have come in so far are AWESOME – happy memories, thoughts on how Mirasee’s values benefit our real-life impact, and even some stories I’d never heard before.

All of these responses had a couple of key things in common: they were about the better world we’re all aiming for, and the genuine community we all want to be a part of.

With that on my mind, I got to thinking about how to share these stories beyond my inbox, so that everyone can enjoy them and maybe even learn something from them.

So I had a quick meeting with some members of my team, and here’s what we’re going to do:

I’m asking you to share your favorite Mirasee moment right here on this page, and we’re going to present prizes for the best stories.

(If you already sent me a “Mirasee moment” via email, you can still enter the contest – just copy and paste your story into the comments form at the bottom of this page to enter.)

Now, you’re probably wondering when I’ll tell you about the prizes. 😉

  • The top prize, for one winner, is an all-expenses-paid VIP day, live and in person with me at Mirasee HQ in Montreal [usual value: $15,000].
  • A handful of close runners-up will receive a one-to-one live call with me online [usual value: $500].
  • And we’ll be handing out many smaller prizes, too, like coffee mugs and T-shirts, for everyone whose “Mirasee moment” resonates strongly with us.

The contest is open NOW, and entering is simple — it should only take a few minutes.

All you have to do is scroll down to the comments section at the bottom of this page, and tell me one thing:

What’s your favorite Mirasee moment?

What counts as a Mirasee moment? It could be almost anything – an “aha!” moment when you learned something from us, for example… or a moment when you realized you weren’t alone because we had your back… maybe even a moment when you saw your world change as a result of your interactions with us.

Whatever *your* favorite Mirasee moment is, we’re looking forward to reading about it.

So be sure to enter the contest before it closes at 11:59pm Pacific time on Tuesday, September 19, 2017…

…and I’ll be in touch after that date to let you know if you’re a winner. 🙂

Good luck!

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Enter the contest here:

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149 thoughts on “Mirasee Moments Contest

  1. Hello Danny

    I had never heard of you just a few short months ago and received a chance e-mail from you about developing and creating on-line courses – this struck a strong note with me as I was about to push the button on going live with my own first initiative into this area. Your message made me stop and think! Just think about how much unsolicited e-mail traffic I (we all) get? And yet I stopped to read yours and was moved to sign up to the initial free webinar – something I rarely do Danny, believe me – the noise of people who want you to do stuff is deafening in business!

    Your authenticity and integrity shone through on that webinar and you seemed to have a strong support team working alongside you and I knew, deep down that I had to undertake the CBL and signed up. Now I’ve finished the CBL and am about to work with Hanna my new coach – a very impressive person from her great Loom video intro (thanks again hanna for that).

    So why do I mention all this? Simply because you have the ability to STOP people! You made me stop and take note, sit up and reflect hard on why and what I was doing with my belief that an on-line course in Cognitive Interviewing for lawyers is the right way to go – I know it is because of the great process and structure I learned from the CBL. You helped me validate my ideas and see the way ahead – I have only ever come across 2-3 people in my life who have done that – Sara my wife and 2 others.

    Believe and take great strength from the fact that you have and continue to make a real difference to peoples’ lives – so few professionals in your position can truly have that effect in my view, although many will protest and claim that they do. Sadly I have come across so many transparent professionals in the learning and development world over the 20 plus years I have worked in the area. I develop others on the programmes I run because I know that what they can learn can and will make a real difference to their working lives and this is a huge driver for me – the monetary reward is much less important – still important, but less so. And so, it takes a lot of real-world experience to see through to what has real value and you and your CBL team have done that. Thank you from my heart for your ongoing friendship, knowledge and support.

    One day we will meet in person and that will be a great day and I look forward to it.


    Geoff Coughlin, Director
    t: 07773 126479

    Emphasis on Skills Ltd. Registered Office: The Old School House, Carlton Le Moorland, Lincoln LN5 9HR

  2. Goodmorning Danny and Team!
    My favourite Mirasee moment is back when it was still CBL. After signing up I received a surprise package in the post. The real snail mail post. There were treats and a lovely card with a welcome, you can do this message. I kept that card on my cork board for a long time. I found it again recently when I was cleaning up and my heart and body felt the same loving kindness from the first reading. Thank you for that.
    I have another. Speaking with my coach over the phone. The personal connection and care were genuine and much appreciated.
    Although I never completed the course (it’s always nagging the back of my mind), I learned so much from CBL.
    Thanks for letting me share this special memory.
    Sheryl Gervais
    Writer, Teacher, Sunrise Enthusiast)

    • Haha. I totally forget about that small detail but you are right, every time we enroll in a course (CBL, LIFT, or ABM) Mirasee always sends a personal card via snail mail. It is such a small act but makes a huge impression on my day.

      Just added another favorite memory to my collection. 🙂

  3. My single most favourite Mirasee moment was hard to select. There are so many wonderful moments as I work through the course material and think “A-Ha” or as I join an office call and celebrate the wins people share or even share my perspective or knowledge when prompted. The calls to action, the forward movement following a sudden pivot – any of these could easily be my favourite moment

    But if I had to distill ONE SINGLE event it happened last week when I realized I had shifted my schedule to be able to join an office call. That doesn’t seem very profound does it? But for me as I walked across the field to the house it encapsulated something Mirasee gives without even realizing it’s impact. It gives people working alone a water cooler, a lunch room, an office to pop into and share disappointment, frustration and success. It provides a sounding board and inspiration as well as practical experienced suggestions for all kinds of questions, some of which I don’t even know I have.

    I love working from the farm, I love teaching, I am truly fortunate to be able to merge the two but as a well socialized introvert I didn’t expect to miss the camaraderie of a very busy work environment. To be quite honest until Mirasee I hadn’t even realized the gap was there.

    So that single instance, on a crisp, sunny beautiful day in my little piece of paradise when all that thinking came together to make me realize how special Mirasee is was pretty special. Ever grateful.

    • Haha. I can’t say I’ve done that yet – shifting my schedule to make an office hour call. They say you know you care about someone when you just make time for them without thinking about it.

  4. The Heart. The Enthusiasm. The Energy.

    Every single interaction I’ve ever had with Mirasee has been a delight, but they was nothing better than being with you all in person at LIFT. I learned so much there about how to run my business and be who I need to be in order to create big change in the world. And beyond that, I saw an incredible example of going the extra mile to provide an experience for the people you serve. The love and care was heartfelt. The genuine excitement was palpable.

    Danny also showed us an example of true power through authenticity. You only have to be yourself to do what you’re meant to do in this world. His quiet yet commanding presence was an inspiration, and the various authentic personalities of the whole Mirasee team created a kaleidoscope of awesome.

    Thank you for being you and inspiring us to change the world in the unique way we are meant for.

    • I know exactly how you feel Sophia. Every interaction with a member of Danny and his team is nothing but magical and something you look forward to. 🙂

  5. My best Mirasee moment (I’ve only been with you a couple of months) is:

    I swallowed my fear and emailed everyone I could think of. This may not sound like much, but it’s something I’d been afraid of for the longest time, worried that I’d get a lot of negativity back. There have been several times that I’ve let an opportunity slide in the belief that I didn’t want to annoy people, or inconvenience them, or seem to pushy, or too sales-y or whatever.

    Anyway – looking around for people to start my high-touch research, and feeling that same old dread of rejection crawling in my gut, I could tell I was at a major crossroads. This was the moment when I might actually shed all those needless fears. All it would take would be to compile an email and hit ‘send’. What could really be the worst that might happen? Someone might say ‘why are you sending me sales letters?’ For years it had not occurred to me that it’s merely ‘reaching out’ and not ‘sales’ at all, and that if anyone had such a reaction then maybe I didn’t want them on my list anyway.

    It took some tough love from one of the CBL community to get me to face those fears.

    So I did it – I compiled the email and, heart-in-mouth, I pressed ‘send’. Literally a few seconds later I got my first response, and it was ‘Sure, I’d be glad to’. Over the next 48 hours I found I was getting one after another person saying yes and I can’t begin to describe how light my heart became. It was truly the laying of an old, old ghost, a breaking of chains, a release from a thought-prison.

    In the next few days I got more than 20 positive responses and not a single negative.

    This is the breakthrough I’ve been working toward for more than five years. The Count of Monte Christo could hardly have felt more joy when his spoon broke through to the free air at last. That’s what this means to me. Seriously. Not just my best Mirasee moment, but one of my best Ever moments.

    • WOW congratulations Nigel. I know the exact feeling you had and fear sending that email to EVERYONE you know and having them say “you sold out”. I am so glad you no only got 1 but 20 positive responses back.

  6. Think of the power and beauty of Niagara Falls.
    Now think of a fire pole and a first responder who is dressed and ready, sliding down it.
    Compare it to an email in your inbox, sliding down into your awareness.
    Go back to your image of Niagara Falls.
    A bit of mist comes off the falling water and a rainbow of light appears. People shout, “Look, look!”
    Compare that rainbow of light, water and air to Mirasee, the company.
    *My favorite Firepole/Mirasee moment is the one right now where I’m thinking of how this unique company has evolved to be explained by two metaphors meeting in this little comment box!

  7. As I said it previously I am not a native English speaker and English is not my mother tongue nevertheless I am so fond of this language and particularly in the English literature (I have read one novel of Stephen King: Gerald’s game, and many of the 19th British Literature such as Dickens, Charlotte Brontë, D.H Lawrence and more ancient such as Robert Louis Stevenson etc…) that I subscribed in your blog three years ago for the sole purpose to improve my english.
    Now, as far as the best moment of Mirasee is concerned let me tell you the following anecdote:
    I live in a small town, and as you know, in a small town, every one knows every one and thus every one in my environment knows that I am a reader. Let’s open a parenthese here: books are not welcome where I live. Nobody reads but everybody thinks I am scholar. One day I received a call from my daughter. She told me that a lady wanted me to help her daughter, a student at university who was asked to give a talk about economy (elementary of course). I could say NO. I started the work with one of your sentences ( I try to put it heren roughly): If one needs a painter, a plumber, a builder or..or… the better for him to do is to ask professional, to pay him well, to have the work well done. Do not as ask a friend or a relative and I developped inspired by what I read in Mirasee.
    The talk was a succes.

  8. Hi Danny and all at Mirasee,
    I actually have two HUGE favourite moments with Mirasee. They were both enormously impactful and I am super excited about the future again. The first moment was, when at the suggestion of my coach Hanna (I think she is so terrific), I first joined an office hour. Wow, what an impact that had. I could see that people were having very similar issues to what I was experiencing and for the first time in my Mirasee journey I felt surrounded by similar “thinking and doing” people. What an eye-opener that was for me. I loved it. It also prompted me to continue with my journey in CBLab.
    The second favourite moment was when I was selected out of quite a number of people to join BIB! WOW WOW WOW. I NEVER win anything. Being selected was so so so amazing! I felt so very honoured AND I participated on all levels and met a couple of lovely people. From one of these people I am now taking a course she developed with CBLab!!! And I hope to enter into a partnership with the second person. How amazing is that. PLUS I did all the homework, and submitted it prior to the deadlines. As a direct result I REVITALIZED a part of my business that I did not think was going anywhere. With what I learned from BIB I was able to tailor that part to a much more manageable enterprise with great promise for the future. I am now so vitalized to move forward with it. I would like everyone to know about, and join Mirasee.
    I also would like to mention Hanna. She has been and still is such a wonderful person to have on my side. To keep encouraging me to guide me, to empower me. Her suggestions are so practical and sensible. She is awesome. Mirasee – as a company you are terrific. Your caring for your students is so tangible. I recommend you to anyone who wants to listen to me boast about you! Well done!!!!!

    • You are totally right about Hanna and the support she gives every one of the students she coaches. I am sure every coach at Mirasee is like that, but I am glad we both know Hanna.

  9. What makes Mirasee special is that immediacy in providing personalized help and the human response.

    In my experience, what has been crucial for me in following through the development of my pilot course has been Mirasee’s well organized and clear step-by-step course and also your offering daily live support and coaching via office hours and email.

    The fact that just about every week day I can attend a meeting where my questions can be answered from a member of your team or I can receive or give “moral support” to and from other course builders, that sense of community and camaraderie, has been invaluable to me.

    And a magic moment: When I was *TERRIFIED* of calling people to offer them my pilot course, but following all suggestions and support from the Mirasee coaches, I dared make the first call. Suddenly, all the hours of preparation, reflection and work turned into a positive response!

    After that conversation and the second one, the switch turned on and I felt quite confident. It became clear to me that I was inviting people to better themselves, not to drink a poisonous concoction. I was able to enlist enough people for my first pilot… being delivered at the present and having fun!

    Thank you!

    • “And a magic moment: When I was *TERRIFIED* of calling people to offer them my pilot course, but following all suggestions and support from the Mirasee coaches, I dared make the first call. Suddenly, all the hours of preparation, reflection and work turned into a positive response!”

      WOW it feels like I wrote this. I know exactly this breakthrough moment and what it was like so I can see why it was your favorite moment. It is quite magical indeed when you realize you can being scared of doing sales calls to realizing your calls are going to change people’s lives.

  10. I like the humility that you displayed in sharing your story Danny and the openness with which you conveyed your points. I purchased one of your programs and bought your book so clearly I was moved by your message. I guess my absolute favorite would have to be the “special snowflakes” approach to your message. That make me reflect upon my own endeavors and gave me some very useful insights so thank you so much for that. Continue to share, continue to dare, and once again I am most appreciative that you entered into my sphere even for just a short time. I am better because of it!

  11. I can’t say there is a ‘moment’ that is my favourite related to Mirasee. You folks put out great content, most of which is directly related to the avenue I am taking to grow my business and Danny is one of those leaders that I like to mimic in approach and values to help others with their business.

    I haven’t always been a dedicated follower, but you were one of the first mentors I had when I was exploring the different ways I could build a business from home. Your ‘Write like Freddy’ message caught my eye when you were Firepole Marketing and you’ve just kept my interest with the variety of other business building messages you and your team have shared.

    I may think of other reasons later, but for now I’ll have to say that your transparency about yourself and your business methods (the good the bad and the ugly) and the different ways that you educate entrepreneurs (e.g. content marketing, course building, business building) is what makes Mirasee my go-to source of building a beautiful life. Moment to moment the Mirasee team is keeping me intrigued and engaged to build a better business and be part of building a better world.

  12. Hi Danny,

    I know exactly what my favorite Mirasee is – besides the day when you changed your name to something that actually expressed how I always experienced you ;–).
    Well, maybe favorite is not the word. Maybe the word is – transformational? Life-changing?
    It really was but a moment. Just a couple of sentences that you shared with me personally, in a comment thread.
    I believe this was around the launch of your online course, and in the comments below one of the pre-launch videos I expressed how certain marketing approaches – namely the endless and relentless repetition of the same offer – could really turn me off (and that’s a polite understatement). Why could one “No thank you” not be respected for what it was? And then you wrote back…
    I don’t recall the exact wording, I’m afraid, but I will probably never forget the essence of it. Which was that it broke your heart to see teachers, coaches etc. refuse to step into their role as leaders with that give up on the people they actually could have helped. Not explaining to them (in all the different ways they may need it!) how a service or product could help these potential clients and students was giving up on them.
    This genuinely shook me up, Danny, in the best of ways. Something in me immediately understood the depth of what you meant, and took it to heart.
    And, along with some other parallel experiences and feedback from other people, it took me on a profound journey into the one role I never wanted to have, and the one role that I absolutely must accept if I want to contribute in this world (which I want more than anything else, at this point).
    More than one year later (or is it two?) the journey into leadership continues. In a sense I’m still at the beginning of it – it is quite a journey especially when it starts late in life. But I’m not backing out of it again.
    And who knows, maybe even writing this right now was another important reminder?
    Thank you.


    Supporting Lightworkers at
    Building a global network for oneness at (a leadership forum, actually! 🙂 )

  13. About Danny’s recent blog post:
    I must say, I’m really impressed. This is a new form of masculinity I admire in relation to business; the hard incomprehensible shell of what I thought it meant has really been blown apart through Danny and Mirasee’s example. I can see a ray of light through the cracks and might even access how to do that scary thing called online business one day if it can be on these humanistic terms.
    Also I must must do a shout out for Diane Holmes whose personal contact with me has warmed me when I was cold and cooled me when I was way too overheated. Such a gift to know she’s there..not to mention certain members of the community who I consider close friends and collegues even when thousands of miles separate us.
    Big thanks to all the team.

  14. I have only become part of the community yesterday but already I feel myself caught up in the dynamism and energy that infiltrates this organisation. I had an amazing revelation today when the issue of entrepreneurial resilience was discussed. I realised that one aspect which has held me back all my life from being top of my game is the issue of fear and failure. I am a perfectionist so the idea of a pilot is somewhat uncomfortable – and the fear of failure …. even scarier! The lesson I learnt today is one I urgently need to impart and model to my children so that they can grow through their falls and stumbles in life – and see them as stepping stones rather than mill stones.

    Thank you Danny and The Team for being so inspiring and sharing your wisdom!

    Natascha Crundwell-Uberbacher – Co-Founder of Crundwell Metallurgy

  15. Hola!
    My favorite Mirasee moment is a combination of my coach Hanna And Lift. I joined CBL, thinking I bought another good course that was going to help me with my course creation. However, I gained so much more! The human touch Mirsasee puts in its products it has been my inspiration and model to follow for my courses. Hanna is the quiet and direct voice I have in my subconscious asking me “what is next?” As a coach, she asks the right question that make me think about the action I need to take to get the results I want.
    When I went to Lift, I was able to confirm that my investment was worth every penny. I needed Lift to prepare me for what was coming in my life. I recently found out my only sister is fighting cancer, with everything I need to do and take care, NO finishing my online course is not an option. I have received the support I need from the Mirsasee team to keep going. Tomorrow, my sister has a major surgery, a few minutes ago I finished replying Hanna’s email to give her an update on what’s going. Why? Because she cares, she embodies what Mirasee represents; this organization values people more than anything else. I have not talked to you Danny directly, but I feel like I had because I believe your coaches and your people are representing you and your wife very well.

  16. As I mentioned to you in an email this week…What makes Mirasee special? The people. And of course, you being the top guy at Mirasee, your example trickles down to your employees. I can testify to your kindness and generosity. From the Mirasee team members with whom I’ve had contact, kindness, and generosity are clearly in them too.

    My favorite moment is from 2013. The scavenger hunt in 2013 helped keep me sane — literally! I had just moved to Springfield, MO; was staying in a shelter at night and my car during the day; I was getting over pneumonia yet I had just started a telemarketing job. I didn’t know anyone in Springfield. The scavenger hunt gave me something exciting to look forward to every day and I made new friends online. I spent every spare moment at the library working on the hunt. It really helped me hold myself together, mentally and emotionally, during an extremely difficult time. Thank you!

  17. Apart from Danny’s recent post which was definitely a high point, I would say the 2017 launch of CBL was the most stimulating and exciting launch I had ever experienced (and I’ve been a big investor in online courses for the last 5 years)!
    It was generous, personalised, (despite what Danny said in his post, he still communicated with me several times personally by mail) and Diane was really on the ball infusing the community with enthusiasm every day. It was felt viral in a good and motivating way. Definitely my favourite Mirasee Moment.

  18. Hi Danny and the Mirasee team,

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

    My favorite moment with Mirasee is being accepted for the Mirasee Business Ignition Bootcamp.

    The main reason why I applied for this bootcamp: I wanted to see if my idea of writing a series of books on the theme of Happify Your Life and make a positive difference in the lives of 100 people was valid.

    Being selected for the bootcamp meant you and Mirasee validated my idea and that meant a lot to me and gave me the courage to go ahead with my plan. (I’m working on the first book in the series: Gratitude.)

    There are many other wonderful memories associated with Mirasee. When I had questions about Audience Business Masterclass, Danny replied to my email not once but twice.

    Thanks again and all the best,

    P.S. It would be AWESOME if you could open admission to ABM again. I think it’s a great course and I would love to do it again with a fresh group of students.

    • Haha. I like that idea. It would be fun to see the ABM FB group active again when we had our first launch many years ago. It would be similar to what the CBL is like today.

  19. My favorite MIRASEE moment is actually the rebranding of Firepole Marketing into Mirasee.

    It was a courageous and brave thing to do and was handled with so much care, thought and intention.

    Rebranding, and especially such an intimate brand, is a huge challenge that was handled with obvious confidence, preparation and grace, with the necessary stages and with the appropriate involvement of all parties – audience, CEO and team.

    That’s why, even if not all of the old Firepole fans were totally on board with the new name, we sticked around and knew this was the right choice for the company to move forward.

  20. There have been so many amazing, insightful and moving moments with Danny and the Mirasee team over the last year since I’ve been working with you…. the top two are 1. just 3 days after his baby was born, Danny found the time to send me an email to congratulate me on my successful launch (that he had coached me through) , tell me I should be proud of myself as we had more than doubled my initial goal.
    2. Arriving at LIFT, exhausted from traveling continents to find the warmth of Danny, Bhoomi and the team telling me how thrilled they were that I made it!
    You guys rock.

    • Hey Lisa,

      Totally relate to your comment about LIFT. I remember sitting next you at LIFT and seeing how excited you were!

      And thank you for sharing that story about what Danny did for you. Man that is incredible to you both – for your launch and Danny for making time to do it.

  21. All I have to say is ZPD and Vygotsky! That’s what made you stand out of the crowd in my mind and why I chose to pay money I didn’t have for CBL back in 2015. I had just signed up for Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing School because, of all things, I wanted to write a parent series about boys and the daily reading habit using ZPD as the foundation.

    But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have access to you and your course and learn from an ‘expert other’ how to translate my knowledge of ZPD to a new age group and audience. It just really blew my mind that someone teaching adults how to create online courses for other adults knew and understood Vygotsky, yet most of my educator colleagues in elementary and middle school had no clue who he was.

    For over 20 years, ZPD was the foundation for everything I did in my literacy classroom. Kids I taught always grew and flourished in reading and writing, and when people asked me how I did it, I’d say, “Vygotsky and the zone, that’s how!” And then their eyes would glaze over. End of conversation.

    But not you! I haven’t yet done a deep dive into CBL (still writing my parent series), however, every time I watch a video or a webinar where you teach, it’s watching a master who gets the nuances of the teaching/learning dance. In all my observations, you stay true to ZPD and show others how to embrace it and use it to elevate their courses and businesses, even when they are resistant. And it’s clear to me that all the people I’ve interacted with at Mirasee get it, too.

    So, maybe because I’m such a Vygotsky fan I’m a bit myopic, but all I think about every time I have a chance to learn from you is how lucky I am to have read Teach and Grow Rich because someone said I should and then signed up for CBL. You not only get ZPD in the teaching/learning realm, but it’s clear that you embody it in all you do (like in the recent blog article you wrote).

    I consider you my ‘ZPD mentor from afar’ (I never had one while I was a teacher) and feel grateful that my path ended up connected to yours and all the amazing people at Mirasee.

  22. I’m afraid my favorite moment is a little boring and probably not unique. I’ve been teaching on-line for 20 years. The idea of a pilot had never occurred to me. You guys presented it so beautifully – so matter-of-factly – that I decided to give it a try. I offered a pilot to 150 specifically chosen people on my mailing list. I got my first “YES” within 10 minutes. The entire class (20 people) filled within 12 hours. It’s an absolutely brilliant idea. I’m in the middle of teaching the pilot now, and honestly I’ve never had more fun nor have I ever had a more enthusiastic group of students. So – I guess favorite moment #1 would be getting the amazing and creative suggestion to do a pilot, and favorite moment #2 would be getting that first “YES” from my offer (carefully crafted using Mirasee suggestions.)

    Connie Kaplan

  23. My favorite Mirasee moment… I was speaking to a Mirasee team member a few months ago, about creating a course. I was struggling with many on-line business ideas, searching for clarity. She suggested that I focus on one big thing at a time. Great advice! I realized at that moment that I don’t want to create an on-line course. At least not right now.

    I appreciated her help and honesty. I truly felt like Mirasee wanted to help me even though I decided not to purchase the course. So kudos to Danny and the Mirasee team!

    Although I’m still exploring many different ideas, this contest reminded me of that conversation. Helping me regain focus on one specific goal. So Thanks!!!

  24. I don’t have a lot of Mirasee moments as I was just introduced to you by Josh Turner. The total amazing point being, getting back into the seminar/teaching business was probably the farthest thing from my mind. I am passionate about teaching people how to better there lives. When doing it years ago the business was a lot different. It was kind of like comparing the old phone on the wall with a crank on the side (most of you probably aren’t old enough to remember) to the iphone 7+. The business was 90% getting people to come, booking the facilities, keeping the students focused (being in a city away from home has distractions not present sitting at home or in your office) and the cost of putting a seminar was getting outrageous not only for me but also my students. My passion to help people was occupying only 10% of my time. To make a short story long, I went to the online webinar and was re-energized to get back into doing what I really love doing. I went from 0 to 100 in the space of an hour and a half and am excited to learn the new world of sharing course content. Higher price courses will not keep away people that want to be educated. I have always practiced and believe that one should spend 10% of earnings on perfecting whatever field they are in. Technology has reopened this beloved field of sharing information to me.

  25. Ever since I signed up to ABM a couple of years ago, I have the confidence that Mirasee is “at my back”. While the info on the course kickstarted my business and got it rolling, I never feel alone. When I have a success I truly feel that everyone there is rejoicing with me. And when I have a problem there is always an expert who races in to help me out. This is so far removed from other courses I have experienced, where they are keen to take your money then let you sink or swim. Some people *need* hand-holding. Some people don’t have the confidence to say “I get it – now I’ll do it”. Constant reassurance from my Student Advisor, who will always “ask Danny” if she doesn’t have the answer, has enabled me to have a business that is now my principal income and is earning me recognition amongst my target audience. Thanks Danny, and all your team!

    Beverley at

  26. My favourite Mirassee moment has nothing to do with building courses or online promotions or anything like that. It was sitting on the grass in San Diego, as part of ACES, listening to some of the ways you keep your own staff involved in the company even though they all work remotely from different parts of the company (and indeed in different countries). Then, hearing some of those team members chime in (maybe at the time or maybe privately later), explaining how they are encouraged to build their own products, to continue their learning, to communicate with each other, to give honest feedback and so on.
    Everyone seemed so genuinely invested and connected. Everyone genuinely cared about what they were doing. It was the very definition of an engaged organisation.
    As all our team members are remote as well, I found this incredibly inspiring — to see how you can build a team that genuinely believes in their mission, is genuinely connected to each other and where each person is inspired to do their best, for themselves and for their company. A really great example.

  27. On a recent Feed Back call with Bhoomi. Bhoomi told me it was okay for me to not know what I envisioned for year three and beyond for my coaching business. (just completing my website) I could review at a later date.
    This thoughtfull comment released a lot of pressure around not knowing and getting me back to the task at hand. Thank You Bhoomi

  28. Hi Danny,

    Double thanks for the opportunity to have created my special moment in Business Ignition Bootcamp & to share it. I’ve had the idea of starting my own business for a long time but hadn’t the plan of how to get started until you asked me to present business idea. This was my “Aha” moment, as I was preparing my plan it all came together, as if on the fly – the business name, operating principle, foundational technique, & plan to get started. I felt I was levitating describing my ideas, they were so clear & above the norm, I felt uplifted & very proud of myself. It has taken away my fear of failure & given me that “I-can-do-it” spirit.

    Keep up the good work Danny, you are making a positive impact in the world, there are many like me waiting for your direction to release their invention. Thank you for being there!

  29. Reading your blogs for some time, listening to various trainings and reading your emails, I recognize the skilled service and passion you bring to your community. It is the evident striving for excellence to help others transform. So, it’s not a favorite moment as if there was one only. It’s the superb consistency you bring. Thank you!

  30. Hello all!
    My aha moment seems like a small thing, but it has stayed with me ever since, and dare I say, it has changed my inner landscape. I don’t know why I got the first email, but as soon as I read it, I thought: “Wow, this guy can write and he is real!” Danny, you told a story about your child. She (?) struggled to tie her shoe and you made sure she knew after a few attempts, that it was ok to ask for help. In that moment, I saw myself from out of space, and I was very small, like a child. There are so many times I need help and don’t ask. I am a hospice nurse after all. I help others. Ever since reading this personal story from your life, I have asked more often. I realized how rewarded and nourished I feel when I get to help another person. Why would I deprive another of that opportunity?
    And I read every email that comes from your desk.
    Thank you 🙂

  31. My favorite Mirasee moment happened at the LIFT conference and it spoke to the power of creating a community of like-minded people in a way that doesn’t just talk about deep connection, but nurtures and supports it. Amy Torres and I sat down to have lunch together and connect over shared interests. Jasbinder Singh came up and asked if she could join us – initially shy about “butting in” to our conversation, but neither Amy nor I hesitated in saying “Of course, join us! A few minutes later, the woman whose name had been on my name tag as someone I should meet but I had not managed to meet for two and a half days, Allison Wolf, showed up and asked to join us as well. We went on to have inspired conversation that energized us all so much that we have continued to connect monthly in a Zoom room group to support each other (along with Sahaj Durnin) in our businesses and life.

    In particular, the connection with Allison was incredible for me because I work in legal services, an area that you don’t find too many people in the conscious business community working, and it’s been rare for me to find people who have legal connections that might help expand my network. Allison not only got what I was up to, but immediately said that she wanted to create opportunities for me to come up to Vancouver and to connect to her extensive legal network. I’m usually the one who volunteers help to others without being solicited so it was unexpected and lovely – and her offer also flowed totally naturally from the connections that we were experiencing with each other.

    Virginia Woolf wrote about “moments of being” – moments in life that we might call mystical experiences, experiences of oneness with life and being in the moment so fully that life is complete. That was one such moment for me, courtesy of Mirasee.

    As someone who plans events and does coaching as part of my job, I know that such moments happen only because of thoughtful planning and creation of structures and experiences that increase the probability of them happening – just like experience of enlightenment typically happens only after a lot of discipline and practice. When it happens, it all seems so simple and obvious – but it is revealed only because of what’s gone before.

    For example, at the very beginning of the conference, Danny talked from the stage about the importance of people reaching out of their comfort zone and seeking others out to talk with them, and asking everyone to commit to that; and the team took the time in preparations for the event to find every participant two or three “matches” of attendees who shared something important with them and Danny gave the directive to seek them out. Knowing now that Jasbinder is an introvert who can hold back, I suspect the energy of those preparations helped give her the energy to ask to join me and Amy, rather than just say to herself, “Oh, they are enjoying a private conversation, I’ll just find somewhere else to sit.”

    The fact that the LIFT event was the first ever Mirasee live event is remarkable. The quality of the event shows how deep the connections are among the Mirasee staff and how deep is the company’s commitment to its mission.

    A lot of businesses claim the “conscious business” brand but they operate unconsciously, replicating many of the toxic and negative qualities of relationship that have been generated in our capitalist, individualist economy and society. Mirasee operates consciously and so actually generates higher consciousness in its community. As I’m fond of saying to my friends, “It’s not what you’re doing that matters; it’s how your being.” Thanks, Danny, Bhoomi, Ari, and all of the other Mirasee team, for being how you are!

    • I second everything you said about the loving power of Mirasee, Sarah! And the support of our ongoing LIFT Ladies group continues to fuel and encourage us. See ya in my Zoom room tonight!

    • Wow what magical and serendipitous moment you found that has lead to such powerful memories and connection with others. I can only imagine how much you all benefit from your monthly meetings and how it stemmed from one lucky day at lunch in San Diego.

  32. Good evening Danny… I first of all want to say Thank you so much for your online course, that is where I heard you speak for the first time…and I have to say something resonated in me and how I too can help change and make a difference in another’s life.. you see I have been stuggling for over 2 and a half years to begin a new career as a life coach . I have been in the helps profesdion for over 35 years and now that I am semi retired at 50 i decided 2 years ago to start a life coach business. I have faced many obstacles these last two years , health issues, financial struggles, and family loss but I decided since I heard your story to go and face my fears and take the plunge and begin my business… well my business cards are ordered and I’m getting ready to launch publically in the next month…. Thank you Thank you for sharing your story and for giving me a second chance at my dream….blessings my friend.

  33. Congratulations Danny and the Mirasee team!
    I have really enjoyed reading about all the moments of truth that people have been writing about. What an impact. The moment that stands out for me is the one that started this celebration – your email “On the Magic of Connection, Searching Our Souls, and the Humbling Devastation of Losing Your Way”. I really didn’t know where you were going with that email so I was relieved to find out you weren’t quitting it all to become a monk in the Himalayas. I think your email took a lot of courage to be that honest about your own struggles. You provided an important lesson that no matter how successful outwardly we might become we need to remain true to our own aspirations to live up to being of service to people in a meaningful way. No matter where each of us currently is in our life’s work we need to overcome our inner critic (and doubts) and carry on enthusiastically to make a difference as best we can. It really is all about having genuine hope for even better days ahead for us all. We cannot fail if we take action and never give up hope.

    • Ditto on everything you said, Glen. And may I add that Glen was one of the BIB participants who offered and provided me with valuable peer support! Thank you, Mirasee and thank you, Glen Sharp.

  34. Congratulations Danny and the Mirasee team!
    I have really enjoyed reading about all the moments of truth that people have been writing about. What an impact. The moment that stands out for me is the one that started this celebration – your email “On the Magic of Connection, Searching Our Souls, and the Humbling Devastation of Losing Your Way”. I really didn’t know where you were going with that email so I was relieved to find out you weren’t quitting it all to become a monk in the Himalayas. I think your email took a lot of courage to be that honest about your own struggles. You provided an important lesson that no matter how successful outwardly we might become we need to remain true to our own aspirations to live up to being of service to people in a meaningful way. No matter where each of us currently is in our life’s work we need to overcome our inner critic (& doubts) and carry on enthusiastically to make a difference as best we can. It really is all about having genuine hope for even better days ahead for us all. We cannot fail if we take action & never give up hope.

    The first time I got on to Mirasee’s office hours for the Course Builders Laboratory, I was shocked. What I had expected was a webinar with 100’s of people on it. What I got was a small, intimate group with REAL faces, who could give immediate answers to my REAL-LIFE business challenges.

    As a solopreneur, I knew instantly that this is what I had been missing: support and, community. Working all alone can make you feel like you are operating in a vacuum – so even just getting someone’s perspective felt like gold.

    One day this August, after describing the challenges to getting started with my pilot, a fellow student (Don) said to me – “What if you forget all of that and just started this week?”

    I was floored, but it got me thinking, “Well, what if I DID start this week?”

    It was enough to shock me out of my perfectionistic mindset, dissolve the roadblocks, and strip it down to the essential. In my head, I could hear Danny say, “What is the easiest, simplest way you can get it DONE now?” (my paraphrased Mirasee mantra).

    As it turned out, I didn’t get it done that week, but within two, I was teaching my first ever online course – and loving it! That is the magic of support and community.

    Fast forward 6 weeks, my pilot is a huge success and three of my colleagues on office hours (at least 1/3 of us) are all getting ready to pilot this month. All of them struggled and are breaking through to the other side. It is such a sweet feeling and puts a great big smile on my face, because the only joy that is greater than doing your own pilot, is knowing we are all doing it together.

    (Thanks Danny, coaches, community and all the people behind the scenes, you have made this an AMAZING experience!)

  36. My memories date back to pre-Mirasee times when Mirasee was still Firepole Marketing. The staff was so kind and patient with me, who at that time wasn’t the greatest at following through, that I have never forgotten it.

    • My favourite mires moment was getting the amazing support from my coach. This has helped me overcome my problems much quicker and has give me the motivation to keep moving! I am no longer just staring at a screen or coming up with excuses not to do the work!

  37. My very first surprise was getting a brownie all the way from the US, I was so amazed with that gesture. Then It but obvious is the LIFT event. Until I came to the event the whole idea of doing an online course seemed a bit shady to me. Have I plunged into something that isn’t another gimmick, will Mirasee deliver their promise of providing the support I expected or it’s all talks till they got my money, these were some of the thoughts that used to cross my mind. The LIFT event gave me a lot of confidence as well as good memories. Meeting people from different parts of the world & from different backgrounds & most importantly meeting my coach Hanna, Lizzie, Diane, the entire team in real life & of course Danny himself. I never expected Danny to be so down to earth & humble. It finally sank in that these are real people who are here to help & make others successful & that I was not only in safe hands but I was inspired & motivated to make my dream a reality. Can’t wait to launch my full course & make a difference in people lives. Thank you Mirasee.

  38. Hi Danny;
    My favourite Mirasee moment was when I discovered you in the Fire Pole Marketing days. I must have randomly found you while looking for help in my solopreneurship and trying to figure out whether it needed to go up a notch or two (or three!). This super friendly email came in, signed by you saying you would love to hear from me. I thought, “Really? This is really Danny? He really responds to emails?” I doubted it – so I sent you another email with some comment to see if you would respond as a real person and not a form email. You did. And again. And again. By the end of that exchange, we were commiserating about an online plyometric workout course we were both taking (and it was killing us!). I did sign up for the ABM course – and thanks to your support staff (Megan!), I realized two things. One, that I didn’t want to pursue a life of communicating around breast cancer for a business or continue to stay in touch with “that world”, and two, that I didn’t want to grow to the next level. I never finished the course – and that was a huge gift that freed me up to know I was being conscious and intentional about where I was. I know, crazy testimonial about how I chose to not build my business based on a company whose pure intent is to help small business owners grow. The proof about how I still want to stay in touch is this note – I haven’t bought your services since (and know I can access that course still!) but I continue to watch, read and follow your company because you are real – and your team is superb. I hope all of your love tanks are overflowing, knowing how much and how big a difference your company has made to thousands (millions?) of others. Stay real and authentic bringing your hearts to work – because many of us want to be our whole (flawed, sometimes insecure, always amazing) selves when we work, and your example shows us we can.

  39. Twelve months ago my son left home for university and, for my own safety and sanity, I left too – for a new town and to live alone in an empty house.
    I was full of indecision, lonely and feared for the future. On the brink of my sixth decade, my self-confidence and self-belief was rock bottom.
    A year on I’m looking out on a landscape that’s still got its challenges but where there’s a clear path to follow and the sun is starting to shine.
    It’s thanks to not one Mirasee moment but more than a hundred – that have arrived in the form of
    the emails from my ever patient and wise CBL coach Hanna. Her messages have so often lifted me and helped me start another day.
    She’s guided me on the roller coaster that’s been about launching three pilot courses this year, learning new stuff that for me was really difficult and complex and when she couldn’t answer one of my questions she took my problem to “Danny”. I was almost breathless with disbelief that she’d done this and was so thrilled to hear his response too.
    This course building has done so much else, I have seen a world where business can be genuine, engaged, caring and make a difference, I have met new people and also made some friends.
    I have also been totally overwhelmed – the joy of seeing what my students have learned and created is something I never expected.
    After a long time the clouds are finally rolling away – thanks Danny.

  40. My favorite Mirasee moment was when I hit the Purchase button. One of my biggest issues is sitting on the fence waiting to decide. In making that decision I took a stand for myself. I made a commitment to my dream. I got off the sidelines and got into the game. Making the investment in my business got me out of half-committed (maybe, someday, sort-of-doing-it) hobby mode. Investing at that level demonstrated I was taking my business seriously. Watching other people build their success, wondering about the impact I might make, the people I might help, but not taking action – that was soul-crushing. Showing up for myself, getting out of my head, getting out of my own way and taking the first step – that was a good thing on so many levels. I’m still on my journey, still many steps to go. Amazing things I could never have imagined have shown up in surprising ways, all from taking that step. The exhilaration of that initial click of the button is something I can still feel through my entire body. It was a turning point.

    I want to express my gratitude to all at Mirasee. CBL is great. The support and community are great. Helpful information keeps coming. Thank you!

    • I remember this feeling when I was 18 and in college and what it felt $2997 isn’t a small amount especially for a college student. I remember that feeling of anxiety. But like you Carol, I thank my 18 year old self every day for the courage he had to hit that Purchase Button and to begin the life I would have today.

  41. My favorite Mirasee moment was when I realized my Coach actually remembered me and cared about what I was doing. I felt like my course idea mattered and my Coach wanted to see me succeed. It wasn’t just about making money and selling a course to me, it was about helping me to be successful and fulfill my dream. I have not finished or launched yet but I know that if I stepped back in today, they would be welcoming so that encourages me not to give up.

    • Haha. It is amazing that despite how many of us there are and how few coaches there are that they manage to remember and know who each of us is on every call even months apart.

  42. My moment
    Hello Danny
    Answering you for me it’s not because I could win something, no it is because I want to respect the “giving and receiving” principal. This as the result of you giving good content on a profound level for free. Of course there would be much deeper impacts of doing any of your courses but your free service already has a good quality. I had once a phone call, with a very friendly lady on the behalf of choosing a course. Unfortunately I forgot her name but I do not forget her voice and her cool way of approaching me. It was clear that her duty and goal was winning me as a client but when she understood that I’m not able to invest the amount of money (even so it was a very reasonable price) she didn’t dump me or closed the phone giving the feeling of being a failure or any other negative message. No, she closed the sells-phone making feel strong and capable while I was going through a difficult financial time. I was very touched by the selling process and I’m happy that I made with you and your worker a marketing approach which is different to any other selling experience. Thank you for doing so, because I truly believe that we can make money and go for selling without treating potential client as money machines for one self, but really care for the content. Wish you and your team the very best.

  43. My first introduction to Danny Iny was back in January 2016 when I attended his webinar. I found him very genuine and down to earth. Consequently, I purchased and joined the Course Builder’s Laboratory training program. I started that program with great enthusiasm and then I lost my momentum and confidence. Despite all my formal education over the years and being a life-long learner, I have a tendency to measure myself against the “cream of the crop” and then doubt what I have to offer. While I intended to go back to complete the pilot course, I have not and instead moved on to other trainings and new learnings. I do not always follow through when it comes to my own business and there is no one to blame but myself. My strength of self-sufficiency becomes a weakness in that I have difficulty in asking for help even when it is readily available as it is with Mirasee.

    Initially when I received an email from Danny offering Business Ignition Bootcamp, I ignored it and only submitted my application upon the final email offer. I was pleasantly surprised to be accepted. Upon completion of BIB, I am truly grateful to Danny, Lizzie and the team for giving so much of themselves. I still feel that Danny is genuine, humble and truly cares about helping others. BIB reinforced that I know little about business development. It also gave me a better understanding of why a solo practice is a challenge for someone like me who thrives in an environment of people. It is time to become unstuck so thank you for the gift of BIB. I am encouraging others to see the value of Mirasee and its courses.

  44. When I first read about this contest a few days ago, I was stumped. Stumped because, in truth, I hadn’t experienced a particularly memorable Mirasee moment.

    I’ve followed Danny since the Firepole days, not because of any single moment, but because of a series of moments. Of consistently reading emails that conceptualized ideas that so often whirled around my head, but only ever in vague and uncertain terms. Of learning about guest posting and audience building, again ideas that were not entirely unfamiliar, but that were presented in such a practical way that I could easily pick them up and apply them to my own situation.

    I was stumped because it hadn’t all come together. I had yet to figure out exactly what value I had to offer the world.

    And then I was sitting at my desk today, coming up with ideas for a social media campaign for the company I currently work for, when it suddenly hit me. The ideas of audience building, guest posting, creating a course, teaching people something valuable – all the pieces suddenly fit together. I rushed home immediately to start figuring out exactly how to execute my new plan.

    I suppose that’s what I like most about Mirasee. It’s not just content for content’s sake. Nothing is regurgitated. Nothing is oversold. It’s just one core concept, one good idea, one building block after another. And when you manage to put enough of those blocks together, well, you can build a bridge to where you want to go.

    For that I will forever be thankful.

  45. Hi Danny. I came across Mirasee at Christmas 2016 during your big CBL launch….and was captured by one of your funnels…and that was ok. Not sure the original trigger. I was coming to end of a contract and starting to look for another, and also interested in online learning as a possible next direction…so had started researching the online courses around. All were very “shouty” That was the first thing thet got my attention. Mirasee seemed commited and human and offered value. I had no reserve funds or a clear income stream, so buying into CBL was going to be a leap of faith…for me and convincing my wife.
    Then it happened. News Years Eve. My son had a bad mental breakdown having come home from Uni. My life and our families stopped literally overnight.

    Just as I was getting excited to make a big commitment and leap of faith priorities everything changed changed. I had conversations with a couple of Mirasee coaches and discussed my options. The timers countered down…the door felt like it was closing…and I had to say no, sorry cant do this.

    It was then that the Mirasee moment happened…I had a surprise Loom video from Dianne Holmes….and she spoke to me. When I say that, I mean she spoke to ME, with an empathy and deep concern I have never felt from a stranger before. She made me feel we were in it together, and spoke from a place of genuineness and that there will be a way in the future to create my course business and work with Mirasee. She told me not to take up an alternative lower cost way to work with Mirasee, and to wait until the time was right.

    That is what I have come to feel about Mirasee. Whilst Danny personifies the values, their people live them.

    The Internet in the 1990s used to be about the magic of people from all around the world helping other individual people learn and create knowledge…That has been lost over the years, though there are a few places like Mirasee where that magic still survives and prospers.

    The BIB was a chance for me to really experience the Mirasee effect and thanks for selecting me. I’ve got nearer to the right time over the summer and made some great contacts along the way. feels like its the end of the beginning. Thanks Mirasee Team and Danny. P.S and of course Diane Holmes…things with my son are a lot better.

  46. Danny, I wanted to let you know how much I truly appreciate your blog post. I feel like I can relate on a few levels, which makes this post very pertinent and touching to me (and I’m sure many others). Having been in an organization for over 2 decades and moving up in the leadership, and then experiencing the devastating personal effects of lack of integrity in the top level, I want to tell you how important your honesty and transparency are to me. Thank you for being real and for caring enough about us and yourself to take the time to do that soul searching and to report back to your followers what you have discovered and how you want to make changes to correct your course now.

    Secondly, I had stepped back from my business (for the most part) over the past year to deal with some health concerns. Venturing back into it again (with CBL) seems daunting, and I sometimes wonder if I can sustain what it will take to push forward into the future. In a way, I am having to recapture what I had left behind, while looking at what new things will come ahead. Thank you for modeling embracing your “better self from the past” and moving forward with it. This helps me, too.

    I so value this team and feel like I am a part, even though I am still fairly new. Your post reinforces to me the reason why I joined Mirasee in the first place. I am looking forward to seeing what life will be like with your new (old) intentions being resurrected and perfected Wishing you the very best!

    • Well, the above comment was supposed to go onto Danny’s recent blog post about getting back to his “better” self. But that’s ok because it was really a highlight when I read that post. It reinforced to me the utter real-ness of Danny and the Mirasee team. I’ve felt that from Lizzie in BIB, Raj, in the Online Course Creators group, Diane, as she talked about how she pushes through her personal health struggles, and the list goes on. I love belonging to a group of REAL people. That’s what stands out to me about Mirasee. When you look into a mirror, you should see what’s really there. That’s what the name implies to me.

      • Congratulations Linda on getting back up. It is people like you, Diane, and others who encourage us all to get back up and continue on our journeys to impact others.

        I’m excited to see what comes from your work in the Facebook group.

  47. My favorite Mirasee Moment looks out over the gum trees of the Australian bush dreaming of my 80th birthday party!

    Although I’m still a few decades removed from that milestone, my commitment with Mirasee has compelled me to take stock. Not so much about where I came from or where I want to finish, but more significantly, how I want to finish.

    Not the size of my business.
    Not the money.
    Not success in a competitive market.
    But what?

    I started the Course Builders Laboratory program with gusto and then it hit me. Why am I actually doing it? I stopped my course development and took time. The answers slowly percolated to the top and clarity came gradually. And this is it –

    Like Frodo who cannot resist the ring, I still have this unfulfilled part in me that needs expression.

    Thank you, Danny, for the gift of clarity and focus. You’re on my birthday party invite list!

  48. How lucky is the Mirasee community to have a leader as honest and transparent as Danny Iny! Not to mention courageous and inspiring. You are an exceptional teacher Danny. Despite taking a different turn on your journey, the company has been faithful to the organization’s initial values. Those values , combined with your genuine and authentic demeanour, motivated me to become part of the Mirasee community and cancel all other membership sites. And I am a new student! The beauty of Mirasee is that you spend time reflecting on where you are at, where you want to go and what can you do differently. From my perspective, that is true wisdom. Having the courage to ask the tough questions and make the necessary changes is the mark of a true entrepreneur. What a wonderful lesson for us all and a terrific reminder of how essential it is to carve out time to reflect on our past, present and future and determine whether it is time to shift course. Thank you for being such a great example for the rest of us to follow.

  49. The Mirasee Moment is a feeling. The confidence growing within that all my fears are learned and therefore that can change with different learning. I can listen to my heart and soul, and move forward to achieve the life I visualize. That you, the teachers, have appeared when I am ready to listen.

  50. My favourite Mirasee Moment? When you became Mirasee.

    I was half following you from Firepole Marketing days – I liked the material and stuck around on your list. But when you made the transition, that was something else.

    What struck me was “Oh, so it’s okay to do that!”
    It’s okay to not only rebrand, but completely reimagine your business
    It’s okay to be more authentic
    It’s okay to share more
    It’s okay to be vulnerable
    It’s okay…
    maybe I’m okay

    It’s a huge permission giver when you do something like that, and so publicly. And the fact that your pivot was so successful, and so obviously the right thing for you to do, makes me very happy, and excited for the future.

  51. My Mirasee “moment” is actually a combination of moments over the years. I remember first discovering Danny and Firepole Marketing years ago when I was first learning about the whole world of online business. I don’t even remember exactly what I read on the old site, but I remember how excited I was to have found such a great resource of information that explained things in a way that a newbie like me could understand. I joined the mailing list and read everything I could get my hands on from Danny. I still have the Engagement From Scratch ebook which has made it through several data transfers to new computers since I first downloaded it. LOL Over the years, I specifically remember the lightbulb going off during Danny’s teaching about piloting as well as in many episodes of his podcasts. There’s just too many to go into detail on. My most magical Mirasee moment happened recently when I applied to be a part of the Business Ignition Bootcamp. I was sure I would never make the cut, so you can imagine how my jaw hit the floor when I received an email announcing that I was in the bootcamp on July 28th, 2017 at 3:30 PM my time. I know the exact day and time because I still have the email in my inbox. Not sure I’ll ever delete it even though I like a sparse inbox. 🙂 Danny and his team are like a beacon shining out the light of truth and encouragement in the often dark and turbulent landscape of the online marketing world.
    It has been such an honor to be part of their journey.

  52. My favorite Mirasee moments are when Danny sends his email filled with words and encouragement.

    Admittedly, Danny is a gracious guy. He was a guest speaker for my sales class in Florida. He is super smart, but he is even more modest.

    I actively read all of Danny’s blog posts, which are genuinely insightful. but I think my favorite moment is when he spoke to my students about how to study, why they were pursuing their studies in advertising. Unfortunately, or maybe it was a blessing, that only two students attended, but they spoke volumes of admiration about Danny and his insight. They each received a copy of Think and Grow Rich from my department.

    I know I rambled and I do not care if I win the contest. However, I will shamelessly promote Danny, his staff and Mirasee Marketing.

    Thank you Danny for your generosity of your time to speak with my students and look forward to the next time around, with hopefully more students…and continued success to you.

  53. Even before I joined Mirasee I felt like I was understood, and that everyone was onboard to helping me achieve my goals. It’s a safe environment where I feel like I can say ‘help I am stuck’, without feeling I have to power on without asking for help to show I am strong enough to do this.

    My first coach Lesley was amazing and encouraging and always happy to hop on a call and help me get unstuck with encouraging words.

    I think the best moment I had was before I was even a student and I was on my first call. I forget her name, but she asked me ‘Where do you want to be a year from now?’ and asked me to imagine myself a year from now, sitting in the sun at a cafe with her. I knew there and then that my current situation wasn’t sustainable and it really hit me deep in my soul. I wanted to do this, make this work. I still do. Even though unexpected challenges have crossed my path and I’m not able to dedicated as much time and energy into this as I would like and I’m currently very much stuck in which direction to take. I know my new coach Lizzie is there to help and support me, and that right there is golden. And as long as I keep talking to her, I’m never really stuck, because I’m still moving forward through talking, even if it’s teeny tiny baby steps.

    • “Even before I joined Mirasee I felt like I was understood, and that everyone was onboard to helping me achieve my goals.”

      It is amazing that we are able to feel this before we even purchase a course from Mirasee isn’t it Stephanie?

  54. The reason I chose to connect with Mirasee was because it didn’t give grandiose promises or any kind of get rich quick schemes. Danny and the team seemed honest and down to earth; I needed something and someone I could relate to for guidance and motivation. Mirasee didn’t disappoint.

    From the moment I connected with Coach Oleg, I received candid feedback and was given what I needed to hear which didn’t necessarily align with what I wanted to hear. The honesty was refreshingly reassuring.

    Even before my program started I knew I was in the good hands of ‘real’ people. I wasn’t left to fend for myself with a bunch of recordings.
    My best Mirasee moment was when I received my personal copy of ‘Teach and Grow Rich’ from Danny.

    At that very moment I understood the soul that Danny has put into his business and the commitment that he has to every one of his students.

    The members of the Mirasee community are seen and treated as individuals. Danny has built a proper community of like-minded intellectuals dedicated to educating for the betterment of the students.
    Dolly Clarke

    • It is those small actions that Danny does that has such lasting impact. I remember when Danny gave me a copy of Obvious Adams and reading it two-times cover-to-cover the first night I had it.

      Those small actions indeed speak to how committed Danny is to his students.

  55. My favourite moment was very recently, at the end of the current BIB program, when reading what a peer reviewer had written about my perception of my bottlenecks regarding my forthcoming pilot. (I’m a CBL student and am nearing that launch.) She (just guessing it was a she) put her finger exactly on something that I need to address but hadn’t realised was an issue – and a lightbulb went on in my head. Now to implement the ideas she triggered….

    • Hey Sabine!

      Congratulations on getting ready for your first launch (I am a CBL student too who just finished his pilot).

      I am glad you were able to also use BIB to push your pilot further and am excited to see what comes out of it and to hear about your results on the Facebook group.

  56. My favorite Mirasee moment goes back to Firepole Marketing days. I was a new blogger and was learning my way around and you hosted a kind of scavenger hunt. The daily tasks got me doing things that I knew I needed to do and because I was doing it alongside other folks, I felt comfortable about it.

  57. That high five followed by the bear hug I will never forget—that was the moment I knew I had made the right decision, and I no longer was working alone.

    I’ve been following Mirasee since the Firepole days and had purchased CBL. Although I went as far as offering my pilot, it wasn’t successful. Filled with disappointment, I put it aside, noting my learning experiences and planning to return to course building in the future.

    Then came the offer of the free tickets to LIFT because of my CBL purchase. That was a pretty amazing moment in itself. I was impressed with the generosity of Mirasee as a company and their desire to bring entrepreneurs together who had similar dreams—impacting the world through online education and making it a better place.

    I figured a live event would light a fire under my butt and get me back to course building. Plus, having a daughter who resides in CA, it doesn’t take much to twist my arm and head to the West Coast (especially writing off my travel expenses to my business :o)

    The warmth, caring, and knowledge of the Mirasee staff was palatable the moment I arrived at the event. I felt like a sponge absorbing information and ideas throughout the three days. When the offer to join ACES was presented, my fear mounted. I knew I wanted to do this but was scared stiff. For one, it was a lot of money!! I’ve spent thousands on my business throughout the years—some paid off, many did not—but never such a huge amount at once. I was also entering an extremely hectic period with some big commitments that would be stretching me both economically and time-wise.

    My cognitive brain kept saying, “No, this isn’t the time to do this.” My gut, intuition and emotional brain were shouting, “Yes, yes, yes. This is exactly what you need to move your business forward. You can not do this alone anymore, and these are the best people to help you get where you are longing to go.”

    When I put that credit card down for the deposit, I felt a bit nauseous. I was terrified! But then I began to share my decision with some of the Mirasee team members whom I had interacted with during LIFT. From that first high five and enormous bear hug from Andy, and all those that followed, my fear dissipated and was replaced with excitement, optimism, and tremendous relief. I was no longer going to be figuring my business out alone, struggling to find the support staff I need, or wade through uncertainty with each business decision I make.

    And, so far, I’ve not been disappointed. The Mirasee team is holding my hand, has my back, and has brought back the passion and adrenaline I need to scale my business and reach a wider audience than I could ever imagine. Thank you for all those moments, and those to come!

    • Hi Ellen
      You have articulated very much my experience with Mirasee! Thanks for sharing your words. I too chose to engage with Aces very similar in regards to what you have experienced. It has been good to work with Ari.
      May you win a prize for your words and more than that may we continue to impact the world for the better together and all participating with Mirasee.

      • Hey Ellen and Steve,

        Thanks for sharing your experiences and feelings about ACES. I’ve been considering it and would love to know your thoughts as you go through it more and the results and moments you create for yourself as a result.


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  59. When I first thought about what made Mirasee special to me, I really had no idea what to write. However, as I thought about things, I realized that BIB has helped me foster a new perspective on my practice. It may seem strange, but I have never really ever thought of myself as being in business, even though I have been practicing for more than a decade. Beyond teaching business concepts, I would say that it is this shift in thinking that makes Mirasee special…at least for me!

    Mirasee is excellent for breaking down concepts into a form that is simplified and gives real world examples to illustrate what they are teaching. While sometimes difficult for me to apply the concepts taught, I have found my thought processes changing throughout the BIB program.

    The lessons in BIB have made me think about things I have never thought about. When I began my practice, my focus was not on the business side of things—I just wanted to treat patients and make them well again or give them comfort during their illness. I never really thought of myself as ‘being in business’. My patients have always come first, much to my detriment—financially and also physically. Yes, I have compromised my health by constantly putting others first. I burned out, but continued to give everything I had while taking little to nothing for myself.

    The good news is that I am recovering! My recovery, along with a shift in perspective brought on throughout BIB, has led to a new understanding that I will ultimately be able to offer as programs to patients to help them recover from their illnesses and conditions, while at the same time taking care of myself financial and health needs.

    BIB came along at just the right time and my perspectives have changed. I have a new creativity when it comes to my practice (i.e.: business)–something that has been missing for a long time. BIB has given me a new beginning….I will now be working on my business for myself while I am helping others along the way.

    Thank you!

  60. Hi Danny, Lizzie, the whole Mirasee Team & all the wonderful peeps I’ve met because of Mirasee!
    There are so many Mirasee Moments that a listicle is in order:

    1. Lizzie’s first Loom video to me — personal, warm, welcoming, assuring me that my choice to invest in CB Lab was a great idea! Right away, Danny’s promise that we would receive something no other program offers, lots of personal coaching, was demonstrated. As a veteran of many marketing ecourses, Danny’s team truly goes above and beyond when it comes to being available and offering help.

    2. MY FAVE: A huge Mirasee Moment was the ripple effect of a question you guys asked before the LIFT conference. It was something about a dream we wished to fulfill in this lifetime — any dream at all. I realized I wanted to swim with dolphins but my limited swimming ability was holding me back. The LIFT conference was in San Diego and I noticed that SeaWorld was right there. I felt you guys at my back, lovingly pushing me to go ahead and do it! I signed up for a very expensive but well worth it “interactive dolphin experience” and nervously got in the water. Nervousness melted away as I stroked dolphins, played with them, looked in their eyes, and even got a ride hanging onto a fin! The thrill of this LIFT-ed me to the next level of my life in so many ways. Accessing that courage, moving beyond my comfort zone, feeling the Mirasee team encouragement even when you didn’t know you were giving it, not only helped me fulfill a lifelong dream, but fueled me in my business and marketing efforts because I see that I’m a living demonstration for my followers to face fears, stretch and grow, trust that “outside activities” are invaluable in re-energizing us for all areas of our lives.

    3. At LIFT, I volunteered to be my table’s Team Leader and showed myself that I could take charge and demonstrate servant leadership by inviting everyone at the table to share and then culling their contributions into a focused message. It was heartening to see that I didn’t need my contribution to be front and center, yet could still be the one who walked on stage and delivered our message. It confirms my sense of my role in the world: to deliver inspiring, comforting, uplifting and encouraging messages (be they mine or someone else’s).

    4. As Sarah mentioned, out of LIFT a group of us has formed that is unlike any support I’ve had before. We meet monthly, and during the month we often have one-on-one coaching sessions. Invaluable to have like-minded peeps, who “get it” about entrepreneurship volunteering free time to help one another.

    5. I launched my pilot on Intuition with 24 enrollees (which was perfect because it guaranteed that 12-15 would be active participants). Without Lizzie’s coaching, who knows when this would have gotten done? I respond to deadlines, accountability and NURTURE, and someone Lizzie, in group coaching calls and Milestone sessions, gave me just that.

    6. CRUCIAL LEARNING: Danny’s group coaching calls have taught me so much. In particular, coaching skills are different than ecourse skills, and coaching and consulting are different. Not to mention the five business models! Knowing these things helps me gain clarity, gives me focus, and the tools with which to apply this new information.

    So many more, but I’ll stop here with big thanks you and hugs all around!

    • WOW Amy, 24 enrollees. Congratulations on your success (and forming the Ladies of LIFT group with Sarah as I read below).

      I’d love to know, how was your experience managing 24 people in your pilot? Would love to know how you made the time for 1:1s (if you offered them).


  61. 1-19-15 to9-17-17 I read the many positive messages but alas never have taken any monetary plunge with Firepole or Mirasee.Thank you and your staff for the numerous oppotunities but i felt it was out of my depth.Still i wonder!

  62. Since I discovered Danny, I have had a lot of really positive experiences with Danny and Mirasee. I discovered Danny when I attended an online summit that was put on by Teachable. Danny was part of a panel. I just remember taking notes as fast as I could, when he was talking, but I just could not capture everything he said and so I made sure that I got his name. Then I Googled his name and then I found Mirasee and signed up for Course Builder’s Laboratory. Right away, I was impressed with Danny’s sincerity and with his focus on making an impact. Which is really inspiring. Thank you Danny and thanks to all the people at Mirasee who add the personal touch. Danny and the Mirasee team are having that positive impact that they condone.

    • puh really not easy to express what just came in my thoughts! (Smile) As I got the first email from Mirasee – Danny I thought ‘ok another one who offers an irresistible offer’. By reading the text it was a woooow and in the same time (sorry I am German and no idea if I got the right expression in english) I alternated between wonderful there is somebody with my intention to have an impact to this world like mentioned in the book “Litte Lord Fauntleroy” – to make the world a little bit better with my own life and work – and is it only marketing. So now my question ‘what’s wrong about combining my inner intention of helping others with living a fullfilled life by my own?’ Meanwhile I am reading your emails and appreciating your input – THANKS

  63. I remember the first time I got an email from you: I had subscribed because of a referral, and I honestly thought I would unsubscribe without even reading. But I started reading, and it was so compelling and real. It was about the value of education. It resonated with me so much. So I kept reading, and I landed on your website, where you talked about the information-education divide. It was illuminating, and I could perceive your real passion and commitment to education in your words.
    I think this is something that strongly differentiates you, and that’s the main reason why I started following you.
    Your emails and videos are human and personal; they keep business at an H2H level.

    I’ve perceived that in you and your company as well, through the discovery calls with real human beings who help you identify your needs and the right support for you.
    The general impression is that you care, both as an individual and as a company. And this is crucial.
    Add that your writing is so compelling and all this makes me want to learn directly from you and talk to you directly, human to human.

    • Interested on how things could pan out for me and how I can help others as a result!

      Focused on helping them via Coaching and Mentoring and unlocking people’s potential by this form of training!

      Can do this in Polish as well!

  64. Wow reading these comments fills me with warmth and gratitude! What an amazing community, Mirasee has built the kind of company we can all aspire to. I’d love to see my clients gushing about the value we’ve added to their lives!

    I think that’s my favorite Mirasee moment, the community.
    As a social entrepreneur from South Africa it’s easy to feel alone, especially when my peers are pursuing the stable waters of a professional career and I’m bushwhacking my way into business. Our business won a trip to Switzerland to train with the world’s best startup mentors, and I remember talking about our marketing to one of the young assistants. I mentioned something I’d read on the Mirasee blog and the assistants face lit up and he beamed about having done some training online and how great it was. We talked for an hour while he helped me fine tune some of my ideas. I’d never had the money to invest in a full course, but that moment of connection, where he could share his knowledge with me, was absolutely priceless. Now whenever I tune into the emails or blog I get this feeling that I can trust this info, this is being used by people who are the best of the best already. That feeling of community transcends bounds, and it makes me confident that when I have the capital available, I’ll definitely take the courses myself, and hopefully pay for our staff to train as well!

    • Reading your comment Siobhan also built a warmth in. Like you, I remember being in college and being one of the only people I knew who wanted to build a business not just to make money but to impact lives. While I am not in South Africa, I know the feeling you felt when you know you are connected to a community who is going to support you.

      Congratulations on your success so far. The trip to Switzerland sounds amazing and life changing from what you wrote.

  65. Hello Danny,

    My Mirasee moment was when I signed up for a webinar with you and you talked about spending thousands of hours preparing and online course and then having almost no one buying it. I could soooo relate to that: Putting all your heart into creating something you think is great and then no one buying it!
    I knew that you were successful by the time you did the webinar and it was a big encouragement for me. Since 1989 I have had a goal to help millions reconnect with their hearts. I know it’s a big lofty goal, but it juices me to think that I could help so many people with the tools I have and could make a difference in the world: I believe that people who live connected with their hearts are happier, more loving and respectful people and that is one way we can help decrease wars and create more harmony with people and the environment. I have put thousands of hours trying to find ways of making it happen but nothing was really working.
    I then signed up for your CB-Lab program and it was so great! I felt like I had someone holding me by the hand and telling me go left, go right, stay the course and you will make it. And that’s what I needed. I needed the details on how to make it work. Having access to the coach and the group call was great. I launched the pilot project and got good response and now I am in the middle of having a full on launch for my “Soul Worthy Love” online group coaching program.
    So I wanted to thank you for hanging in and getting your message “out there” and guiding me and others on the path. Through your hard work you are helping me reach a lot of people. Your story has inspired me and given me courage to keep at it so that I can do similar things.
    Right now I have been given an amazing opportunity to work with a celebrity who wants to write a book with me. Yeah! Life’s good 🙂
    Thank you!


    Founder of the Centre For Heart Living & Global Heart Living Movement
    Heart-Centered Success Coach

    Author, Conversation with the Heart and You Are Loved

    T: 416 405 9478

    • It’s so great to read all the heartfelt responses!

      I’ve decided to share mine in a creative piece below as well as in a basic video here:

      It begins with inspiration and ends with validation
      It rings with authenticity which allows for reciprocity
      Before Mirasee it was Firepole, taking the red pill, and going down the rabbit hole
      To awaken the senses, expectations, and force one to answer the call of their better angels
      A first time introduction to Danny by being referred to a webinar and going on to learning about building an Audience based business
      But besides the stellar content, what stroke a chord was the personalized customer service and caring embodied by staff and Danny himself, the prompt email responses, cards, and calls to follow-up
      My favorite moment would have to be a one on one call with Danny that was part of a bonus for signing up for his program on the webinar
      To discuss the quintessential question many of us face, business or career, committing to one, or working on both in harmony perhaps?
      Like a true leader, Danny did more listening, asking, and delving into my true motivations, before offering his advice and expertise, and helping me gain some much needed clarity on the way forward
      It ain’t a mirage, it’s a Mirasee moment, inspiring me to make my goals tangible and go for it!
      A company on the forefront of what it means to build community with purpose and passion
      And that allows its members to build with it and chart the course forward through interaction
      So, I see this contest as a massive call to action, for me to leave it all on the table in the hopes I’ll be sent packing…To Montreal, on a VIP trip to see Danny and the Mirasee team, to be able to strategize, exchange ideas, and amplify my ability to dream
      And make these dreams into the realities they were meant to become
      And build on past experiences sum
      So, the answer to the question once again, the best moments by far are yet to, but hopefully soon to come!

  66. I just noticed that I left my comment as a reply to another entry, so I’m posting it again as an original comment now. Thanks!

    It’s so great to read all the heartfelt responses!

    I’ve decided to share mine in a creative piece below as well as in a basic video here:

    It begins with inspiration and ends with validation
    It rings with authenticity which allows for reciprocity
    Before Mirasee it was Firepole, taking the red pill, and going down the rabbit hole
    To awaken the senses, expectations, and force one to answer the call of their better angels
    A first time introduction to Danny by being referred to a webinar and going on to learning about building an Audience based business
    But besides the stellar content, what stroke a chord was the personalized customer service and caring embodied by staff and Danny himself, the prompt email responses, cards, and calls to follow-up
    My favorite moment would have to be a one on one call with Danny that was part of a bonus for signing up for his program on the webinar
    To discuss the quintessential question many of us face, business or career, committing to one, or working on both in harmony perhaps?
    Like a true leader, Danny did more listening, asking, and delving into my true motivations, before offering his advice and expertise, and helping me gain some much needed clarity on the way forward
    It ain’t a mirage, it’s a Mirasee moment, inspiring me to make my goals tangible and go for it!
    A company on the forefront of what it means to build community with purpose and passion
    And that allows its members to build with it and chart the course forward through interaction
    So, I see this contest as a massive call to action, for me to leave it all on the table in the hopes I’ll be sent packing…To Montreal, on a VIP trip to see Danny and the Mirasee team, to be able to strategize, exchange ideas, and amplify my ability to dream
    And make these dreams into the realities they were meant to become
    And build on past experiences sum
    So, the answer to the question once again, the best moments by far are yet to, but hopefully soon to come!

  67. Wow, these posts are fantastic and personal.

    I’ll be honest; I haven’t been involved in Mirasee like many other readers have been. The last decade of my life has been dedicated to raising my kiddos while dabbling with running my own business on the side.

    Um…in case anyone out there didn’t know; dabbling doesn’t cut it.

    Now, with many more hours to dedicate to work and a real commitment on my end, Mirasee is one of the few resources I trust to guide me. There are many people out there competing for my (and all of our) attention but the gang at Mirasee has won a place due to:

    a.) Helpful and real content (a must, right?!)

    b.) The fact that I agree with so many of the tenets of what a good class format should look like. As a former teacher and someone who loves to learn, I agree wholeheartedly with many of the steps that Danny and gang espouse in their Course Building Laboratory…especially the support piece! There are so many classes available but who wants to create (or buy) one that isn’t effective?

    And C.

    C is important. C is the clincher…

    Around the time I was considering taking the Course Builder’s Laboratory, my father passed away. Whenever I emailed Mirasee to let them know that it was simply not a good time for me, I received the kindest, most loving email from a complete stranger at Mirasee. It made me feel a bit less alone during a difficult time. It made me feel acknowledged.

    So, yes, Mirasee wins my respect because they treated me as a person, not a customer. And that is how I want the people I work with (and for) to feel as well.

    So thanks for doing what you all do.

    It makes a positive difference.

    It inspires.

    And it provides a consistent example of walking the talk.

    In other words, I want to be like you guys when I grow up. 😉

  68. Hello all. I have only been following Mirasee for a few months though I’ve been on the list a bit longer than that. But what qualifies as a favorite moment would have to be some of the “offscreen” interaction I’ve had with Mirasee staff partcularly in response to joining one of your amazing programs – one that helps you set up and monetize a teaching platform. Even though I was too strapped to squeeze out the funds to join it even with the scholarship that was offered, I was touched and deeply appreciative of the fact that one of your staff took the time to call and speak to me to try to help me work out my situation and get started. Most companies would not be so responsive to someone in that situation. For the record, I never had the feeling the interactions were just about making a sale. The impression I was left with is you genuinely CARE about helping people help themselves and make a difference. In a few months time I will have a new professional certification and be ready to meet you more than halfway in my personal and professional development. Thanks for your continued encouragement.

  69. What’s your favorite Mirasee moment? …..

    Well, mine would be with Danny’s guidance, I realized that my desire to help make the world a better place can be monetized and the Mirasee system is there to take my curiosity on how to make it happen, to the next level.

    Thank you Danny for your commitment to empowering the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us!

    Robert Preininger
    Owner / Business Survival Partners, llc.

  70. Hello Danny,

    My favourite Mirasee moment was actually when you were still called Firepole Marketing.

    I don’t remember exactly how I came across your blog, but I did. And I don’t remember what it was about, I just remember that it was different. I also remember saying to myself the that “I have to pay attention to this guy” because of what you said. I signed up for your email and then discovered Teach And Grow Rich and downloaded it on Kindle right away.

    It was this book Danny that gave me hope, that gave me the belief that what I dreamed about doing was possible. That creating an online business was not only possible, but you were laying out why we should want to do this and how the ‘educational industry’ was changing.

    I was so inspired and excited after reading that book that I don’t think I missed reading any of youre email messages.

    I enrolled in your ABM course a short while later and was blown away by the quality of the coaching I got. My progress was slow but not because of the coaching. I still had some mental mindset hurdles in the way, but I was moving forward with my dream.

    I completed your Free For Feedback program last summer and that was so great for the clarity I got on who my own avatar was. It helped me focus on who to serve, I just didn’t know how to do that.

    That’s where your Business Boot Camp program I just completed really helped. I learned so much about how business works it gave me the missing piece to my puzzle of what I needed to do next.

    Your insight into education and teaching and commitment to really make a difference has been so refreshing in a space so full of Fast Cash Marketers that is foolish to ignore what you offer.

    For example, I got so much out of a number of conversations with one your team members taking to me about CBL and how it could help me that I have never experienced with any other organization. I never once got the feeling I was being ‘sold’ anything because I wasn’t.

    She was really just trying to help me and make sure I was doing the best thing for me. She was awesome. I am so grateful to have had those conversations with her and thank you and her for truly caring about the people you want to work with and not just sell something to them.

    And that’s that difference with Mirasee, your team and you. It’s easy to see you are really out to serve the world to help people help other people through the education and training you offer.

    So I think you can see that it was really not possible for me to pick just ‘one’ favourite Mirasee moment, because I can’t think of one moment when dealing with you and your team wasn’t a favourite moment of mine!

    Thanks so much for the good work you do.

    Tom Nicolle
    Personal Financial Coach

    • Haha I love this line Tom – “Your insight into education and teaching and commitment to really make a difference has been so refreshing in a space so full of Fast Cash Marketer”

      It is the reason I continue and I am sure many others continue to come back to what Mirasee/Firepole Marketing has to offer.

  71. My favorite Mirasee moment happened at the recent LIFT conference in San Diego. It was actually a string of moments that led me to a profound epiphany – one that allowed me to commit to myself and my dreams and visions in a stronger, deeper way than ever before.

    Early in the conference, Danny talked about how doing a live event really wasn’t something he was ever inclined to do. But though he had resistance, he knew it was something that would really benefit his community, as well as his entire organization. And so despite his hesitation and initial resistance, he made it happen.

    And it wasn’t just any event. It was one of the BEST conferences I’ve ever attended. It was alive with the passion and warmth and love and enthusiasm of his entire team, every single member of which beamed with pride and joy at the prospect of being able to connect with people in the Mirasee community they had been supporting, guiding and encouraging over countless weeks, months and in some cases years. And other participants I met there were extraordinary as well – smart, insightful, heartfelt people who made me feel like I was home.

    About mid-way into the conference Andy Thompson, who has since become my ACES coach, stood up to speak. He was visibly nervous. And he talked openly about how speaking in front of large groups wasn’t something he felt was his strength. He was authentic and real, and as he stepped into his vulnerability with us he became strong. His eyes sparkled and his face glowed and every heart in that entire room opened a little wider. He shared his experiences, his recommendations, his wisdom – and he spoke with passion and fervor that left us all feeling uplifted and inspired and eager to begin. And then, despite his hesitation, he DID IT AGAIN later in the conference.

    And as I experienced all of this I realized that the time to honor my dreams and my visions is now, not someday when I feel a little more confident, a little more prepared, a little more knowledgeable. Not when I have more time, or bandwidth, or fateful opportunities lining up around me.

    And I realized that making those dreams and visions come true isn’t a product of knowing exactly what to do. It’s about having the courage to start. To learn, yes – and also to take action, despite the confusion, despite the hesitation, despite the fear. And to do it in the name of service. Because what Danny and Andy and everyone else on the Mirasee team has taught me is that courage is the product of stepping into something that scares the hell out of you – so that you can enrich the lives of other human beings who will benefit by whatever it is you can bring them.

    And that’s exactly what I did after that conference. It’s not a onetime thing. It’s a daily decision – to work through whatever is in front of me, to remind myself why I’m doing this work, who I’m doing it for, and to look to my mentors and my guides and my heroes at Mirasee and all around me – and lean into them for support and encouragement and guidance.

    My favorite Mirasee moment just keeps repeating itself over and over, because there are countless examples throughout the Mirasee community of people just like me who have committed to play a bigger game, to bravely enter a dark room and generate a light that brightens everyone around them with every step they take, teaching and learning from one another and illuminating the way for all on this beautiful path we walk together.

    I’m just so immensely grateful and honored to be a part of what you have created and ignited here. Hats off to you Danny, and Andy and the entire Mirasee team and community for lighting up our world!

    • Totally agree with you Diane! LIFT was such a great experience not because of the location but because of the people running it and our community.

  72. It is funny but my favorite Mirasee moment doesn’t involve Mirasee or even me, but what being a student at Mirasee has given me.

    Back in 2013, after enrolling and finishing ABM, I found myself as the first employee at Quiet a startup started by Susan Cain. She had hired me to create our first online course – a course on public speaking for introverts. A year earlier and I would have been out of my comfort zone, but with the motivation of ABM and the mantra that we were out to change lives, I marched on. We ran a pilot and I will never forget what it was like when one of our pilot student, I’ll call her Stacy, came up to me to say “Thank you” and how much what we were doing was changing her life – giving her the confidence to ask for a raise to support her family, being able to stand up for herself when others call her an introvert, and to spread her ideas when she takes the stage. It was the moment that no amount of money could have made me feel. We had over 1,500 people interested in the course before we even launched. All people who wanted to change their own lives. Meeting Stacy and seeing the impact that Mirasee (then Firepole)’s teaching did to change a life is my favorite Mirasee moment.

    It has been 4 years since I met Stacy, but I am glad to say I’ve had hundreds of more Stacy moments when someone comes up to say thank you for changing their lives, but in my mind I know I couldn’t have made that possible without all that Danny and the Mirasee team has done to empower all of us to not only deepen our pockets but also to deepen our hearts.

    I’ve been a student with Mirasee since Standout Guest Posting was Write Like Freddy, met Danny before he met Bhoomi, and have launched so many life-changing courses, but nothing has meant more to me to know that I can create Stacy moments in my life every day. That is my favorite Mirasee moment.

  73. Dear Danny, My favorite Mirasee Moment was when you wrote your Sept 7 blog, Personal and Raw. To tell you the truth, I get your emails but never really got to read them, until this particular email.

    A dear friend of mine was going through a challenging time in her career. She has built her life around this particular company. She has seen many of us come and go or stay. I was one of those who left to stake my particular claim on the universe. That was thirteen years ago. Life and work brought me to Indonesia, then Canada. I’ve had fantasies of making a positive difference to many people. I think I have, and I thought, if I continued doing what I love, the universe will respond generously. I still I find myself in financial straits, and most days I am worn out by my panic, and my creativity is stumped.

    I prayed on my knees for help- not just for myself, but also for my friend. Your email, Personal and Raw pierced me. As I read it, I know that Heaven inspired you to write it, to help me, and to help my friend and countless others seeking for answers. I forwarded your blog to my friend. We had a good conversation about her situation, and what you had written.

    My friend and I thank you Danny. I hope I get a chance to speak to you in person. Sincerely yours, Pia

  74. I remember the promise I felt with Mirasee when I first heard Danny speak.
    The promise to play a unique integrated part in making this world better in having impact and income.

    I was very much attracted to the Teach and Grow Rich theme. It made great sense which impacted my heart to engage in Mirasee.Little did I know that it WOULD BE A PROCESS!

    However I am touched by the laid out clear steps in that process.
    Mirasee does hold the promise to make our lives matter combined with the sensibility of earning what it takes to live a life a cut above.

  75. Information gathers in a very specific way to become more than is pieces. Thats why it is ‘IN FORMATION’ (latin core word).
    Exactly that is what happens in me, gathering of information/wisdom/understanding to be ‘in formation’.
    How I feel and know it has happened?
    * I feel centered, I’m in my mid-line, grounded and I find myself saying ‘Wonderful!’/ Beaituful!’ aloud
    * The last piece of information makes me to see the big pic – and I always need the big pic to understand the whole and its tiniest details – magical moment
    * I look for impact invenstment in KISS 10/90 ratio – in time, effort, information…everything so that my worldview or ideas get to be challenged with respect or beautifully rocked and I feel well nourished with the super food I’m receiving
    * It makes me want more, dive deeper, do reserach and – the most important one – to undestand the core.
    Mirasee is gathering in me to be ‘in formation’. I so waiting for the moment that Mirasee would be what I mentioned above for me, too. Experiental.
    So, my Mirasee moment is in the near future – I hope, I trust it to be and I’m so very much looking forward to it.


  76. Hi Danny and all the coaches at Mirasee!

    My “turning point” Mirasee Moment came about one year ago. Up to that point, I had been running an online school I felt very passionate about for nearly 20 years (which is forever in internet time). But no matter how hard I worked at it, I never seemed able to experience much success, and was forced to maintain other employment to support my family.

    Then somehow I stumbled on to Mirasee, began reading the blog and emails, and ultimately felt compelled to join the Course Builder’s Laboratory. I worked hard to follow the suggestions in the training: Idea generation. Market research. Validating assumptions. Course development. And finally loading up a promotional campaign to send to my modest subscriber list. I basically followed Danny’s email sequence to the letter. And then I pressed launch.

    That’s when the Mirasee Moment came. To my amazement, everything worked exactly as Danny said. Sales start pouring in, and my initial investment in the CBL program was quickly recovered (twice over). In my second launch 15 times as many people responded. And in my third launch, I made a typical year’s income in just three weeks! But it was that first “spark” of success that marked the turning point. That’s what kindled anew my hopes of greater life impact.

    Now, one year later, our revenue continues to climb. Last month I paid cash for a small house in a nearby state and gave notice to my current employer that I would be transitioning to running my own company full time. And I couldn’t be more excited! I have to pinch myself to make sure its not a dream…

    Twelve months with Mirasee has changed my life in ways I would never have imagined! Thank you Danny for your mission to help people fulfill their mission, and for your efforts to encourage us all to make the world a better place!


    • Wow Dan. That is incredible. Given how recent CBL was launched and that you already have had at least 3 launches at this point speaks to Mirasee’s ability to develop world changers but also to your work ethic. Congratulations!

  77. My favorite Mirasee moment?
    Lemme see…
    Might have easily been LIFT. But I missed it.
    Then again, my favorite Mirasee moment is an ONGOING one–allow me please. lol. Ever since I subscribed to your email list.
    This one is great…It has been in my heart. Appreciated kind of like a prized treasure.

    In one of your videos, you made me understand that I could create a lecture, work it into a video course ( and vice-versa ) and sell them separately ( or something like that; at least that’s how I understood your message ). MORE GAINS. I couldn’t believe my ear’s. One of my greatest takeaways in my quest to be an online entrepreneur and it came from Mirasee.

    While chasing my dreams, I sometimes get overwhelmed with the enormity of the task–I happen to be the BIG DREAMER TYPE, The vastness of the knowledge pool available in the world today and what gargantuan learning task One must fulfill to break forth. But, Mirasee Blog got my back since ” DAY ONE “. In a way so appreciated by me that I can’t explain. Who has the strength to begin scrounging all over the internet looking for snippets of information to build his ideal business model. Certainly not me. The Mirasee blog is like a pool of the Best of the Best; the ONE STOP SHOP. The Myriad of topics covered there, gives someone, at a glance how yuuuuge the community is. It’s UNBELIEVABLE. I’m WOW’ED. You don’t have to search far for content.

    Those posts are invaluable. It’s just that there’s so little the brain can take on at any given time. Sometimes I wishful-think that I was capable of that’s said on your blog. Hahahaha
    Point number 1: I always get equipped with a new bootstrapping secret whenever I visit the blog.
    2: Lexi Rodrigo is a great guy and he doing a beautiful and priceless thing on the blog. All
    the contributors aren’t left out. They deserve accolades.

    As a Scanner of sorts, I tend to want to take on a ton of tasks at once. This isn’t productive I will admit, cos you just keep going round and round and round without actually getting a foothold. Your blog smashed that habit and remodeled it. Now I pick a problem, tear at it like a pit-bull Terrier to the inevitable end of a final solution till it translates to steady upward progress. I’m demonstrating that at the moment by putting every other “distracting project” on the margins while I focus on authoring my first book. Thanks to Mirasee blog for the inspiration to resolve thus.

    In an email conversation I had with Danny Iny some time ago. I promised to keep him posted on my progress in business. I remember like yesterday. But as is no secret. Good things take time to mature.
    At completion of my book, I hoped to excitedly send him some copies in the mail for him and his ‘team’. Not unaccompanied by a very lengthy email ( containing tales of my adventures, struggles and appreciation of everything he’s done to make my project a success, directly and indirectly ) of course.

    I was thinking maybe I could, WOW him, you know that kind of a suprise. Something least expected.
    Then this opportunity came up to express in writing my favorite Mirasee moment. How is that even possible I asked myself, when I haven’t seen the Founder and CEO of Mirasee, Danny Iny in person.

    • Well after reading all the 100 comments below, I think Danny and his team know that LIFT has altered lives so when (not if) it happens again, I think you will be able to achieve your goal of meeting Danny in person. He is 100x even more authentic and generous in person (if that is even possible from how much is giving already via email).

  78. My single favorite Mirasee moment was the second time I spoke with Danny at LIFT. I got that he is lovely, authentic, and INTROverted. LOL! Of course I was used to seeing him on video, reading his blogs, and, because of LIFT, seeing him on stage. With all this, it’s easy to forget he’s a real person. I knew from the little touches at LIFT that he was attune to the needs of introverts — which I love! I’m an introvert too, even though everyone thinks I’m an outspoken extrovert. When I spoke with Danny this second time, I just got the “realness” of this all — all his work, his stories, his risks, this amazing company that he created, all of the people here now because Danny kept walking his talk, building something he truly believed in. Sensing his realness felt like my invitation / permission to be really real too, to wear my heart out on my sleeve AND to take massive imperfect action as I created results in reality. I’m proud to say Danny is one of my role models, and that real moment at LIFT was a turning point for me.

    • Haha. Nothing wrong with being introverted, but the fact that Danny is willing to put himself out there speaks to how willing he is to help people knowing it is something something that makes him feel uncomfortable.

      In a way he is challenging us to do the same. As he mentioned at LIFT – “are you afraid of just selfish?”

  79. There were lots of moments during the time I’ve spent working through Mirasee’s Course Builder’s Lab and my favourite are those that showed me making money offering online training was truly possible for me: selling out my first pilot, adding and selling out a second pilot, having someone show up at my door with cash in hand and insisting I add her to the sold-out group. I earned my CBL course fee back 4 times over and can absolutely say it was a worthwhile investment, not just for the ROI I had, but for the even more valuable knowledge that sharing my expertise online isn’t just a pipe dream for this low-tech entrepreneur.

    • Congratulations on your success Kristin. 400% ROI is quite the achievement. Speaks to the quality of Mirasee’s teachings and their ability to change lives.

      Congratulations again. Hoping to join you in the 400% ROI club myself this year with CBL. 🙂

  80. My Mirasee moment was when I ordered the it final Write Like Freddy.

    No matter what questions I asked, and there were tons, the Mirasee team answered my questions right away, and were patient with me on all of them.
    The advice they gave was bar to none, and I came away confident of knowing what to do and how to do it
    It is really a good feeling that Danny and his team genuinely care about his clients and will go out on a o mb above and beyond to help us succeed.

  81. Well – there are many but one I would like to pick is a more recent one.
    It was at the LIFT event.
    When the idea of joining the ACES programme came up, for some reason, I went into a meltdown! There were so many unarticulated emotions rocking inside of me but suffice to say, I was sitting there with what felt like “inexplicable tears” in the middle of the large conference room! Normally I am fairly contained person especially in the public domain. We were just breaking up for afternoon tea and I bumped into Danny. And unbelievable but the water works started again! Aaargh! I felt so silly, embarrassed, vulnerable and un-together but Danny just stood there listening to me (between sobs) and said a few things which totally shifted me. And the next day when I walked into the verandah with some trepidation with my new ACES intake badge, I so appreciated that he jumped up from where he was sitting to welcome me and as they say the rest is history! No more tears and I am loving the ACES ( and CBL too) journey. So there that was a game changing, very special moment for me!

    • Thanks for sharing your story Jasbindar. Wow that is an incredible impact Danny has had on you. I’d love to know how your ACES journey goes as I consider it as my next step.

  82. There have been so many profound “Mirasee moments” for me since I joined less than a year ago. But, the most profound by far was during a mastermind meeting when one of the students, who was in the hot seat, was talking through her business aspirations with Danny. It was clear she was facing a serious edge, a limited belief that was holding her back from owning her dream and seizing the moment. It was very emotional and many of us in the room were experiencing her pain with her because her vulnerability allowed us to know her and care about her, and what she was sharing resonated with some of our own struggles. Danny was amazing. He didn’t jump in with simple and easy answers, and instead, he posed thoughtful and caring questions, he invited us all into the conversation, and he allowed space for the discomfort in the room to reveal its magic. Which it did. In no time there was an opening, a breakthrough, not only for the student in the hot seat, but for all of us. Danny was truly masterful. It was at this moment that I knew I was part of a very special community of people…giving, receiving, and lifting each other up to achieve our life long dreams.

    • I remember this same feeling the first time Danny hosted a one-day mastermind group when he was in NYC and I was a student nearby. Danny rises above other “online gurus” because he takes the time to ask thoughtful questions that creates real change instead of just giving simple and canned advice. I am glad so many people have been able to benefit from that from Danny.

  83. I anticipate that my best Mirasee moment is yet to come! My pilot course developed in Course Builder’s Laboratory (CBL) launches next month. Whatever happens with this first one, I am deeply grateful for the times Mirasee was there for me over the past couple of years. There have been a number of memorable moments: when I recommitted after my father died (I was so grateful for Danny’s transparency about his journey with his own father), after backing off on a work plan, deciding to do more research, or check out another program for how to do a marketing webinar. I realize these were fear-based moments, and it seemed no amount of past corporate/speaking success was enough to fuel my confidence about putting video and course material “out there” on the web! But sticking with Mirasee through each challenge, we have lived their commitment to learning, innovation, openness, transparency, support and ownership (which I take to mean personal responsibility) – the values they act on and that I share. So it has been a real partnership, and a journey of compassion and kindness too. A remarkable synchronous moment occurred when the opportunity to sign up for the Business Ignition Bootcamp (BIB) came along. It was crunch time: I needed to get a handle on how this online world was going to not only educate and inspire people, but also make a practical living for me and my team. I have a vision to be a B Corp – a business that is not only one of the best in the world, but also the best FOR the world – and BIB came along just in time for the next steps! Making the commitment to BIB, examining revenue and cost models, learning so much from peers and from Danny & Lizzie – and now forming a MasterMind group with graduates to keep on path – we are really moving forward! I live in a small city, and the Mirasee team and fellow students are my kind of people in the online world – all of us working together to co-create a world everyone can love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, from the top revenue line, and from the triple bottom line: people, planet and profits. 🙂 Hugs and love, Maureen

  84. It was a moment of the idea of gamification to sell nutritional supplements was my Aha! moment. Why not build a game of illustration of good health practices? This would be a great way to encourage good health practices to everyone. another idea is a game like rummy except with suits and numbers on cards to be played similar to rummy to illustrate good health practices. Both ideas are in my developmental stage currently. These ideas could be used in the video game area as well for all individuals.

  85. My favorite Mirasee moment was when I purchased and started digging into the Audience Business Masterclass (ABM). I chose this even above the Business Ignition Bootcamp (BIB) that I just completed because the Audience Business Masterclass validated my dream of being able to launch a training program. This was well before online courses were popular and most of the programs were full of hype and empty promises. This was my first exposure to Danny and his signature teaching style and philosophy focused on making a lasting difference in the world. I’ve been a fan ever since primarily because his authentic style connected with me on a gut level – I instantly developed a trust him and his no-nonsense approach to supporting his students. The BIB program further reinforced my trust and admiration in the Mirasee team including participating on the BIB webinars. I am planning to enroll in the Course Builders Lab soon, I have a call scheduled with his team tomorrow – I can hardly wait! I’ve been recommending Mirasee to others including to someone who has become a video testimonial on their sales page. She loved the program!

    • Hey Daniel,

      As someone who also completed ABM and BIB, you won’t be disappointed by CBL. In many ways, CBL is my favorite because it was the culmination of everything which came before and built on the 5 years of experience the Mirasee team had before to building CBL.

      If you need a testimonial or want to know about my experience as you decide to enroll, feel free to send me a message!


  86. It was the first time I saw you Danny. I think it’s because I could relate so well with who you are and your message. It resonated with me so much because I believe that we are one in the same! A real person with a real message that just want to help the world.

    I’ve been a loyal follower since and look up to you with admiration because I am on the same mission as you are, but just starting out instead of having a empire like Mirasee behind me. I’m glad I’m able to have someone that can show me exactly why it’s so important to have a team that cares though because you are right… we are in a people business, not a money business and it’s the personal touch that you guys have that make all the difference in the world.

    Keep up the great work and never change… only grow! Cheers.

  87. My Mirasee story is not a traditional one, but I hope it sheds some light on what the company has meant to me over the past few years.

    I was referred to Mirasee (then Firepole Marketing) by a mentor of mine during an affiliate launch of Course Builders Laboratory. My mentor said that he was only doing 1 affiliate launch during the entire calendar year and he had chosen to partner with Danny on that launch. That resonated with me and I decided to take a look.

    To appreciate what was going on at the time, I was working as a prosecuting attorney for my local county and wasn’t very satisfied with my job. My then 3-year-old son had been having tremendous health struggles including open heart surgery just before his first birthday, major liver surgery at age 2, and was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at age 3. My wife and I had 3 boys older than him and a newborn baby girl as well. I felt like I was at a crossroads. Do I stay in government work and try to scratch out some side income even though I felt like I was always struggling to keep up with medical costs and not happy with my professional position? Or do I strike out on a bold new path that could jeopardize what little economic safety my family had right then?

    I had a few ideas on my brain about what I could do on the side but nothing had materialized. I was trying to organize some other people to help me get a project off the ground but they were hesitant to spend any money. Asking them to chip in $20 was paralyzing. And yet in the back of my mind I had an idea that I thought might work.

    I listened to Danny’s CBL offer webinar about using a pilot project system to get started and I was hooked. It made such sense, especially to me, someone who had been looking for an avenue to get something started and have proof of concept really fast without trying to raise a ton of capital. I used up some savings I had to buy a membership in CBL. That decision has made a huge difference in my life!

    Did I make millions of dollars on my course? Nope. Did I go from government work to solopreneur with passive income for life? Not at all.

    What going through CBL taught me was that I need to start! I needed to take small steps to make something that is a dream into something that is reality. As I began going through CBL I had a transformative moment where I realized that I could apply the same principles of CBL to my primary employment and do something that I truly loved. What followed was awesome.

    I ended up leaving government work just 4 months after starting CBL and I opened up my own law firm. I used the lessons I had learned to stay afloat and start digging into my local community so I could run the kind of business that I would be proud to own. Along the way I saw the generosity and thoughtfulness that Mirasee has shown me (invitations to join Audience Launchpad and Business Ignition Bootcamp) and looked for ways to have that same kind of feel in my own office.

    Ironically, my super cool business idea that I had before I started CBL is still primed and ready to go but not yet launched (or piloted). But I promised my wife that I would only tackle 1 project at a time. My hope is to get my law firm settled enough in the near future that I can dedicate some time to giving my original idea room to stand and grow.

    I am grateful for the example of dedication to their audience that Mirasee has always shown me and I hope to be able to share that with others as I grow my own business.

    • Hey Tad,

      Thank you for sharing your story and your courage.

      I can tell you have the focus it takes to succeed.

      I wish you the best in your journey with your law firm, your pilot, and most importantly your family.

      Thank you again for sharing your bravery with all the people lucky enough to read your story.


  88. Where to begin! So many life-changing moments with Firepole and then Mirasee. But one stands above the rest for me, as a moment where I showed up and was rewarded handily for doing so.

    Earlier this year, when I watched the video Danny sent us asking everyone to help him combat the negative reviews the second edition of his Teach and Grow Rich book received in Amazon, my heart went out to him. An author myself, I could see the story behind the story. An author’s book is like his baby bird, and launching it is like watching it fly for the first time: an incredibly stressful process! From the video I could sense how late he had stayed up reading reviews, how confused and upset he was was by the trolls’ remarks, and how hard he was working to look professional while he reached out to his trusted audience for help. Honestly, I counted it as an honor to be part of this moment. So I hopped over to Amazon to see what I could see.

    As I suspected, the negative reviews obviously came from stick-in-the-mud trolls, throwing out non-specific comments they could have made without even reading the book, most of whom weren’t even brave enough to attach their own name to the review. One made me laugh right out loud: he criticized Danny’s writing skill and had a blaring typo in his own review comments!

    I jumped on the Facebook group and reported my findings, reassuring Danny that I’m always concerned when a book has no negative reviews – because if you don’t have critics you haven’t said anything worth arguing with, or shone a light bright enough to bother anyone’s jealous eyes. So negative reviews – especially reviews as non-specific, mindlessly negative, and terribly misspelled as the ones for Teach and Grow Rich – improve rather than disprove credibility, while showing everyone who the book is for and who it isn’t for, all principles I learned from Danny’s audience building trainings in the first place.

    Danny responded himself to my comment on Facebook and sincerely thanked me for my encouraging words. I felt less stress in his words, and that I had really made a difference for him, just reminding him of things I knew he already knew, because I learned most of them from my time with Mirasee. Several other people from the Mirasee team who worked with and cared about Danny also piped up and thanked me for my comments.

    This was a defining moment for me for many reasons:
    1) It served as proof that I am seen and heard, and I have the power to make a real difference in people’s lives in my work and in my life.
    2) It showed me that I’m not actually destined for a life of poverty slaving along for people who can’t pay me for my services – if I can help someone as cool and well-off as Danny, I can certainly serve other cool and well-off people too by offering my valuable services astroturfing a fair price.
    3) Danny’s humility in asking for and then graciously receiving help, boosted my faith in humanity, and increased my faith in Mirasee’s models for building success over time as well. If Danny could be a good person and a wealthy person, than I could be a good person while pursuing an ethical path toward becoming a wealthy person too.

    It was a small thing but so huge for me. Thank you everyone for being so incredibly awesome. Long live Mirasee!

    • Thanks for sharing your story Ashley. I am not surprised that Danny replied himself and everyone’s willingness to help Danny clear out the noise and the trolls.

      This is indeed such a great moment that you had. Thank you for sharing it.

      Your summary at the end especially resonated with me as the values of Mirasee and what all the Mirasee course teaches us – we can be world changers, you are in control your destiny, and you don’t have to do everything alone.

  89. My favorite Mirasee moment. Let me start with a few very honorable mentions, because my experience with Mirasee has been more like a journey of discovery that opens gradually and elegantly like a beautiful flower, than like a single favorite moment.

    I have tried several other coaches and their teams previous to Mirasee. What was immediately evident was the caring for each of us as individuals that is there. The personal answers by course coaches to emails at every step of the way. The opportunity to have a one on one Zoom conversation with Lizzie part way through CBL that clarified quickly what I needed to do next when I was somewhat confused. Individual attention like this is the Mirasee difference, and I truly appreciate it.

    Then came LIFT. Frankly, LIFT came at a tough time for me in my personal life. The timing was bad, the finances were bad, but somehow I knew it would make an enormous difference in both my personal and business lives and I had to find a way to come anyway. And feel the experience deeply.
    I had only been there a few minutes and I was warmly greeted multiple times and given a name tag. No biggie, right? Name tags are the bane of conferences everywhere. But this name tag was special. Unbelievable amount of personal effort by the Mirasee team went in to giving each of us three people to meet that would be life changing to us. How did they know this? They worked very hard on the details! And for me, and I know for many others, the matches hit it out of the park. I have had ongoing collaboration with them ever since, both on a business level and a personal level. It has been so gratifying.

    LIFT itself was full of content, wall to wall. No boring moments. No useless breakout sessions. We wound up sending representatives to each session and then getting back together to discuss what we had learned in each one. They were that valuable, and that energizing. And all the opportunities to break down personal walls and solve problems and fears were huge too.

    I hope I have given a glimpse of how valuable and precious working with the Mirasee team has been to me all along the way, and especially at LIFT. If I had to pick just one favorite Mirasee moment, it came at the end of LIFT, at a simple picnic for ACES. We went for a short walk on a pretty trail overlooking a lake. I wound up walking along side Danny for a few minutes. He was so pleasant and down to earth. We had a natural conversation like we had been friends for years, walking along a path. He is exactly what he appears to be, a kind, gentle, caring soul that has built an organization of like minded people that is accomplishing amazing things helping all of us do the same. Can they improve and get even better. Sure, we all can, and Mirasee can too. But what a foundation they have built! What an example to us all.

    Very sincerely, thank you!

  90. My favorite Mirasee moment involves connection. To me, that quality speaks to the core of what Mirasee offers. I was fortunate enough to work with Danny briefly in a 1:1 consult, and that short period of time, Danny was able to help create clarity and vision in my work. That was my second connection with Mirasee that helped to propel me forward in my business, with the first being my work in the Audience Business Masterclass (Firepole days). Even though there was a year between these two connections, I felt like I remained connected to Danny and Mirasee through Danny’s thoughts via email, the ideas he shared in our session, and Mirasee’s blog articles. I’m excited to be expecting a 6-figure salary for the first time in my life next year, and I attribute a major part or that success to my connection with Mirasee.

  91. Had a great experience being part of the business ignition boot-camp, which where a 6 week event. Even though time is a challenge these day’s, I was filled with joy anytime I did my homework or completed a task. Think this is good quality online experiences.

  92. My Mirasee Moments are countless. The genuine heartfelt support and clear messages are invaluable. No pressure at all and how can we serve you better?
    When I was out of business for a couple of months, due to severe family issues, Mirasee stayed in contact at the background by sending some presents, like a jar to celebrate every success of my journey. Very encouraging.
    Thank you Mirasee that you embrace so many people in the Mirasee family, so we all are able to shine and prosper and give our gifts to the world. Wow this isn’t a ripple effect any more this has become a warm cosy wave.

    Geert van Wijk, the Happy Habits Coach

  93. In every interaction, Firepole/Mirasee contact has been of the elevating kind. Phone call after signing up for a class. Snail mail where the stationary and the stamp have been carefully chosen. Emails that are like a breath of fresh air. Words that convey authentic enthusiasm and desire for connection. Thank you, Danny Iny and team, for helping to raise the bar for the planet.

    For you…a HAIKU 🙂

    (Imagine I am playing a Shakuhachi, wearing Japanese robes…with a perfect Ikebana creation to the side…)

    Being Authentic
    Suddenly, A Rainbow Smiles
    Hats Off, Mirasee

  94. I feel so blessed to have re-discovered Danny and all the wonderful work he’s doing to support us in sharing our gifts with the world in ways that make sense for us. I started studying with you in 2011 and took a long and circuitous route back to what I now know is the finest, most comprehensive and better-yet with the best community around.

    This all leads me to my favorite Mirasee moment. Sometime in the spring I was on one of the Coach-a-Thon calls with Danny and confessed that I was feeling challenged with focusing on CBL. When I shared the details of what was going on in my life (several deaths, moving and sorting, packing and purging my family home) Danny immediately offered that I give myself permission to take a pause. To set a date on the calendar with the note “revisit whether I’m ready to return to CBL.” That simple suggestion was so freeing. I immediately found myself able to breathe easily and to release the weight that I’d been laboring under about not working on my course. I’ve used this strategy repeatedly since then and even re-set “revisit” dates.

    As a result, I’m now just about ready to dive fully back into CBL. This was a powerful lesson in practicing self-care and self-compassion. One I continue to use with myself, share with others and one which I know I will use with the learners who work with me when I do begin working through the program again.

    Thanks Danny and all of the wonderful team members at Mirasee for reminding me that taking care of myself matters!

  95. My moment is small and many will probably not see it as big or life changing or possibly even not being worthy of the title “Mirasee Moment” but that doesn’t make it any less profound for me.

    I also seem to be in the minority as I haven’t done pretty much any of the classes or courses mentioned above.

    I do have something to share.

    I’m an ‘authorpreneur’ attempting to get my mindset and schedule back in hand after dealing with both mental health and physical health issues.
    I still struggle.

    But an email just a short bit ago clarified everything to a point. It had been a long while since I’d seen anything in my inbox from Danny. I’ve been around since Firepole.
    And then along comes this Mirasee Moment contest and stories and an email from Danny that was just so human!

    I am very choosy about my inbox and who I subscribe to and don’t have any qualms about unsubscribing. I felt like I only had ones coming to me that would be useful or may be useful in the future.

    That email from Danny hit me like a truck. I need to surround myself with people with heart! It doesn’t matter how good the content might be or that they might share an article down the line that would be beneficial to me. I have to trim this stuff out of my life and focus on those people and businesses and companies who care, who are kind, who are human. Those who actually personalize and think of the human on the other end of the wires, instead of just a number in the cog of traffic and affiliate marketing.

    It’s ironic as well that it was an email about this contest that brought about my Moment.

    So yeah, to some it could’ve been just an email, just another clog in an inbox with 5778 unread emails.

    To me it was a wake up call into making sure I feel the heart of the people I’m letting into my life everyday, even digitally with only a few words typed out.

    They still have influence, make a difference, an effect, and I’m so grateful for Danny’s and the whole team.

    Content is king sure, and we need a good king. But the world is ruled by the heart of its people.

  96. I don’t recall how I came to Mirasee, – all I know was that I was searching for that one homerun that could make things all better. I was frustrated with my slow career transition and my mindset. But it was something I needed to do and that CBL Standard of Presence Pact felt so aligned with my core values. So I started in CBL like a sparkler on a cake – ALL-IN with the first steps, communicating in Facebook and started in with the office hours. I poured over every communication from Mirasee – encouragement, tips, reviews, and offers. But after a while I was starting to fizzle. Instead of participating, I began to lurk in Facebook and listen in Office Hours. But I hung in there. The light didn’t fade – because of all the encouraging outreach that kept coming my way.

    It was a slog. I needed to kick off my new business quickly and had thought that it was about scattering ton of seeds all over the place and seeing what sprouted. I had little focus and just when I started CBL to get focussed, things got worse for my sick Dad. Then I was torn between getting things going and trying to help out my folks more. I had no idea how to do either and felt powerless. Then the offer for the Business Ignition Bootcamp came up. Knowing little about business decision making – this seemed like a god-send to me. I hemmed and haawed about applying and pushed the send button. I was happy with the application process because that alone was an exercise in focussing. The next day – I almost cried when I got the notice – I was in ! And just then – I cried as my Dad went into hospice. My pledged focus on family, some coaching clients and BIB went immediately down to family and BIB only.

    I loved everything about the BIB process, teachings and co-learning. Answers were flowing quickly. But my heart was getting heavier. – I contacted Mirasee to let them know I might have to drop out. Lizzie and Mirasee were so understanding and supportive of any decision I needed to make. You’ll never know how much a personal response made a difference, to me. But it did. Thank you. Then I thought about some of the past conversations I’ve had with Mirasee folk – about considering Lift or watching videos about other offers. In every single one, I noticed a unique message – that I needed to be clear about where I was in both my life and business to make an informed decision about the offer – so it was right for me in that moment. I’ve always loved the personable communication style of the entire Mirasee team, but this stood out even more for me.

    My Dad passed away during Module 3. Things almost ground to a halt again, until I received another encouraging BIB email to the group. I pulled out my CBL Standards of Presence PACT and in that I read so much of the entrepreneurial spirit and grit of my Dad. It was then that I realized that if I’m at the end of my rope – I can give myself permission to tie a knot in the end and hang on. Until I have strength to climb again. In the end, I was re-inspired and finished BIB with a renewed spirit of possibility. I’m ready to move forward now but in a different way. Curiously – I don’t feel the FOMO (fear of missing out) anymore. My focus is now on moving one step at a time and getting on base. Thank you so much to the Mirasee team and community – your compassion is a key differentiator.

  97. “Start with where you are, use what you have, and do what you can”
    Danny, this is what you wrote in one of your posts.

    It is what I read and write before starting to work every day. Really. It gets me in the proper mindset because I just happen to be a perfectionist. My expectations are high, difficult to change, so I need to remind myself daily. You keep teaching that we start at the bottom and step by step, we get better.

    I came to Mirasee (actually Firepole Marketing) when I was overwhelmed and stuck. I knew I needed to write. I need to continue what I had done during my studies, and as an employee: to assist others.

    So, I decided that course creation was something that I would love to do. But, there were obstacles. All along, I felt something wasn’t right until one day I realized that I could only teach what I had experienced. I could teach others what was happening to me as I was trying to discover a topic to teach.

    I was facing my own limiting beliefs—my “little hang ups.” It is because I struggled through courses at Mirasee and because I just didn’t give up—even though I bitched along they way—that I was able to finally get unstuck. It was so simple. I had to go within, remember what obstacles were preventing me from moving forward and come with a blueprint of steps to overcome those obstacles.

    This didn’t come easily. It happened because Mirasee has what I had never experienced before. It actually is a community, a family. Connecting with people, interacting with them, doesn’t come easily to me. I like to stand alone, and I can do it, even though I know that human beings need to interact with each other in order to be complete as individual; and that certainly helps them to move forward.

    Another one of my insights—I had few—had to do with this obsession that online creators and marketers have with doing things “fast.” This trend in the online world used to irritate me. I have high standards, in what I do but I expect it from others as well. Writing a book in one weekend may be possible but I doubt that it would offer much in terms of value—take away.

    Then realized that my problem was that (besides being a perfectionist) with the appearance of the Internet, we are living in a different world. Before the Internet, employees had to have the skills, be trained for the positions they occupied. Marketing, focus groups, and surveys were done at great expense before products were released to be sold.

    Nowadays because of the Internet, it is acceptable to sell products online that are either at a pilot phase or created by beginners, and it looks like there are always buyers for them.

    The Internet allows people to create products fast and sell them as well. They can modify them faster until they have improved versions that address the right audience. So, there is constant change and the possibility for making money as you learn, and discover new ways…

    So yes, Mirasee’s pilots were perhaps “fast,” a very difficult experience for me, but they taught me—in time—that there is a new world and it has its good points. Thank you for that.

  98. Dear Danny and Mirasee Team!
    There are so many good and happy moments with Mirasee in my relatively short time with them. But my sweetest moment with Mirasee was around April this year:
    I had just joined the CBL course and was very excited to get started. At that time the only thing that was in place was my idea of somehow creating an online course. Living in the Tuscan hills, that seemed like a good option for me and with the CBL program it all of a sudden seemed doable!
    But just then my mom, who lived in Germany started to feel unwell and so a time of traveling back and forth between Italy and Germany started for me and my work for the program was very intermittent. And I started to become a little discouraged…
    So, once more in April I returned to Germany and found a package from Danny and the Mirasee team with a delicious brownie and an encouraging and welcoming real card. I was very touched and immediately answered Danny directly.
    We then had a short personal email exchange where I heard he had a cold, but was feeling better already. It was this incidence that made me realize that Danny is a real human being who really cares for his tribe! And it gave me the courage to just continue in my rhythm…
    Now, two weeks ago, my mom passed away. And I am ready to get started on my course again. Due to my experience with Danny in April, I trust that I can just get in touch with my lovely coach, Lizzie, give her an update and get started again.

    Thank you, Danny and the whole Mirasee team!!
    Tina Eitzenberger

  99. I have already shared one moment in an earlier post, but on reflection I have one more thing to share. For me, the entrepreneurial journey is a spiritual journey. It is rich in lessons and experiences that are changing me. It has not been an easy journey for me, it has brought forward some profound struggles. On the spiritual journey the people we travel with are so important. It makes all the difference. In every encounter I have been met with encouragement, support, constructive suggestions, connections that could be helpful, and useful course-corrective feedback. Yet I still got stuck. And as I watched the video on entrepreneurial resilience recently, I had a moment of understanding that I got stuck in the valley of despair and that I stopped when I needed to keep going. I got to the point where it was so hard I wasn’t even sure I still wanted to do it anymore. In that moment watching the video I realized I needed to reach out more to the coaching team and also remember my why. I felt a shift inside in that moment, a renewed energy to set aside doubt and try again. So I want to say I feel so grateful to be traveling this journey with wonderful people who know the struggle it can be, and who are willing to show up and meet me wherever I am on my journey.

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