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Hey there,

Danny Iny here, and I’m excited to bring you this exclusive opportunity to attend Mirasee’s new, transformational LIFT training experience in person – all expenses paid!

We’re running a *very* special prize contest with just one lucky winner. (I’ll explain how to enter the contest in a moment.)

If you win this contest, you’ll get:

  • A ticket to the live LIFT experience in San Diego on June 15-17, 2017
  • A round-trip air fare from wherever you are in the world to San Diego International Airport
  • A deluxe hotel room for the duration of the event
  • Plus catered meals and some social events

You can enter this contest even if you already bought a LIFT ticket!
If you win, you’ll receive one VIP all-inclusive LIFT ticket, with round-trip flights and hotel paid for by Mirasee – and you can give your spare LIFT ticket to a friend.

We’ll announce the winner on Sunday, May 28, and entering into the contest is pretty straightforward – it should only take a few minutes.

All you have to do is answer ONE simple question.

In the comments section at the bottom of this page, tell me…

“Why do YOU want to come to LIFT?”

As well as submitting your own answer, you can tell me what other entries you like the most by clicking the heart above an entry to “upvote” your favorites.

On May 28, I’m going to award a winner based on the number of upvotes each answer receives. So please upvote your favorites – every vote helps the Mirasee community choose its winner!

I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…

Good luck!

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Congratulations Daniel Edonmi!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest 🙂
I hope you had fun entering the contest and reading other contestant’s comments.
I also hope you take a moment to join me in congratulating Daniel!

115 thoughts on “Lift Free Contest

  1. I want to come to LIFT because I could use some kind of immersive training to get my wellness coaching business off the ground. I have big dreams for this business, including hiring full time staff, having more than one physical location, and regularly hosting wellness retreats around the world.

  2. For years I have stumbled in getting my business off the ground. Partly due to not knowing the steps to get my vision in front of others, but due to lack of funds. As I’ve worked my business as a side job, through layoffs, odd jobs, bankruptcies and more I have let too much time slip away. As I close in on my 51st birthday, I realize that it is time to take the leap and make my dream real. An event such as LIFT could help jump-start my dream if I could get there.

  3. I want to attend because I’m the kind of learner that excels in a face to face environment to get jump started. Also, I need the total immersion focus experience because I live with two people with disabilities and work full time, so it is difficult to get the head space and time space at the same time. I’m a very motivated and goal oriented person, and I’ve had success carving out the time I need to complete long term projects outside of my other responsibilities, but I know myself well, and without this kind of intensive opportunity to “get it, ” it is so much harder to get the momentum.

  4. I want to come to LIFT because I want to learn how to systemize and automate the work that I do so that I can help more people get their stories out into the world where they can make a difference, and I’m looking for inspiration and guidance in how to do that. I don’t just want to help people write their stories. I want to help write the world a better place, and that starts with developing more people who have the ability to do what I do.

  5. I want to come to LIFT because my whole company culture is driven by empathy and by giving back. It is what Mirasee stands for and I really connect with their vision. I want to change the world with my company and develop a fully-scaled and impactful team that truly pushes for the greater good.

    I recently purchased the Course Builder’s Lab program from Mirasee and have had great mentorship from the team. I’ve gone through a lot of online training, but their mentorship was what incentivized me to actually make the purchase. I’m definitely struggling with my bills right now, as many start-up entrepreneurs struggle with, and I didn’t have the funds to go to LIFT – this seems like a big opportunity for me.

    For those interested in my company – I am developing a process to protect customers when they purchase a vehicle. We give them the time and comfort to make the right decision for themselves and we avoid the high-pressure sales-tactics and the “now” mentality.

    Every single day, I hustle to make my dream come to reality, and I am pushing forward with a better understanding of the structure of the automotive industry, the sales process and how to go about changing it, and my marketing funnel for developing new customers.

    I take inspiration from large startups like Airbnb and Uber, but I also take inspiration from people like Danny – who have a huge drive to just give absolutely everything back and develop as much value as possible for their team and their customers.

    I thought that I would be able to make it out to the LIFT event a few months ago, but I am still struggling to make my company profitable and I seem to be having problems with managing cashflow and with hiring freelancers for developing the software that will fuel my online presence. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I know that getting training like this, and developing my network, getting outside of my city, and meeting new people – it’s going to be so valuable for me and get me into the right mindset to push this forward.

    I know that I’m on the right path and I’m working towards something really big.

    For anyone who wants to learn more about what I’m doing, you can visit my company site here: http://www.ordermotive.com

    I would absolutely love this opportunity to meet Danny and his team. As soon as I saw this email filter through my inbox, my heart lit up. Maybe there is an opportunity for me to meet you guys!

    Love everything about Mirasee and I truly wish your team the best!

    Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. That’s the way of the game!

  6. I do not believe in chance so will not be surprised if I do not win. However I regard this as being a tremendous opportunity to meet and network with a phenomenal group of like-minded entrepreneurs as myself. My career is gaining steam daily and I believe this would be an opportunity for me to turn up the heat on my business plan to 212 degrees which is the point that boiling water (ideas) turn to steam which can drive my business forward for maximum impact for my customer base. Income would simply be a natural by-product of my success. It is my mission to add value to everyone I do business with including those who help me to get to where I want to be. As a sidebar I have always wanted to see the ocean but to date have never been able to in person. Thank you for the opportunity to enter and all the best to the selected candidate.

  7. I’d want to attend to be around meet and connect with other like-minded folks, to access their energy and to get traction on my ideas for my course. Having real-time advice and creative powers would accelerating my learning and action which would leave me feeling confident and unstoppable! LOL! But also, I’d love the opportunity to share thoughts and insights with other students to help them along (I’ve taken a number of courses online).

  8. I have read your book – Teach and Grow Rich – and found it to be transformative. Your approach to customer-centric learning content, differentiating between commodity information and premium learning, and fast-tracking course development changed the way I approach my business. Thank you.

    I have attended your online seminars and come away with the sense that you run a caring company focused on student success. I would like to be part of that success model.

    As a solopreneur, it can be hard to find other face-to-face meeting with people who are struggling – and who have success – as information/education entrepreneurs. LIFT would let me get in a room and find others who are sharing the journey with me.

    I belong to a mastermind group, and I am always astounded how much great advice comes from people who are on the same journey as you, but bring a different perspective and outlook. Often, what seems to be an insurmountable, intractable problem has been faced by someone else who can not only offer words of encouragement, but also solutions that worked for them.

    Put me in the room. Let me not only learn, but offer my expertise to help others. We are all on this entrepreneurial journey together. Let’s help each other, make some friends, and have some fun doing it!

    • Me Too
      That’s also why I’m coming
      And I like the answer is simple
      Love Is To Give and Take . in Opena.and honest That’s what I see in this company.
      And that is what I want to teach the world To Live love Energy.

  9. I want to add a lot of stuff I don’t know to a lot of stuff I know and form an actionable plan for monetizing content that is lolling about! And I want to meet the amazing Danny Iny in person and the team that seems to get so much done, efficiently and effortlessly and always with quality. And maybe mind-meld some of that so I can bring it home to my team. And I want to have FUN!!! and make new friends!

  10. How do you lift yourself up by your own bootstraps? I’ve been trying for years, and find it takes an openness to get help. We are here to lift each other up. We are here for connection. The best way to do that is to come together, lift and be lifted, offer the best we have, and take in what others can offer. When we get it right — we’ll see it and feel it.

    Witnessing how others rise to challenges to change themselves is very powerful. You can’t get that from a screen or book. Showing up, being vulnerable, being open to new ideas, examples, new ways of doing things, is the only way I see out of the shell.

    What am I doing wrong? Where am I too self-centered, too scared, unaware, or limited in some other way? And what (gulp) have I got right? Here I come, warts and all, to see how others like me put themselves out there anyway — to build community, create engagement, and make the best positive impact we can make. It starts by showing up. I am so looking forward to meeting you, people like me who are working hard to make a difference, and need a lift along the way.

  11. I’ve been slowly working on building an online business for a couple years now and would love to come to Lift. I think it would give me a great boost of focused time and a chance to get really clear on the things I should be committing to on a weekly basis. Thanks Danny for your ongoing support and the great resources you provide.

  12. I will keep this simple it is my next step simple as that.Exited to learn more&experience finally an inspiring community to get some tangable resoults.Never been to USA before.Looking forward to visit.

  13. I figure this will help me to no end. I mean us ( I hope to birth a wave of ruthless entrepreneurs that will rescue Africa from age old poverty ). I’m tired of going through daily life with a brain that keeps churning out idea upon entrepreneurial idea seemingly to no purpose. I need traction in life and time is ticking and hope tends to be diminishing and money isn’t forth coming also. I believe LIFT will not help only me but a lot of people through me. I have put aside a pen and pad ready to take note of everything noteworthy & secure unparalleled help at the convention if I can make it. Please I beg your pardon. If its not too much to ask I need all your votes. Thanks a lot. And by d way Danny Iny your emails are inspiring. God bless you all at Mirasee

  14. Why do I want to come to LIFT? I’m ready to let my brilliance shine – to join with other inspiring entrepreneurs in transforming our lives, our businesses, and our world. And LIFT is where it’s going to happen this June.

  15. Hey, Danny and Team – Dr. Ivy here. I have spent the last year investing time, money, and resources into developing my course. I have my 140 pages of script. Not launching is not an option. Working on slide deck and audio trials as we speak. My target market is the over 3 million educators that are working to help our children every day. (I need to focus on the list building. I already h ave opt-ins.) The Day Trauma Came to Class is different than other courses I have ever developed as it represents an issue that is pervasive in our society, it represents my story, and I believe an assignment from God. So, I take the result/the end product very seriously, maybe too seriously, which is probably causing me to hesitate on putting the final touches and pulling the trigger. The ability to attend LIFT I think would serve a couple of purposes – iron sharpening iron, as well as being there with others who have been successful in this specific way would heighten my vulnerability and accountability, which would be a good thing.

  16. At the time I enrolled in the Course Builder’s Laboratory, my business was turned upside down in every aspect you can imagine. Systems that I had in place were no longer available and I had to literally start from scratch. My clients have been very understanding while I searched, consulted with others, tested, learned, and implemented various apps that would serve me and my clients well and could be integrated – fortunately and so very grateful, I’m almost there. With all this going on, my course building activities have taken a back seat. I would love to attend LIFT to have the opportunity to focus on and give my course the attention it needs, to meet others in the community, and to acquire that gentle nudge [huge push] back into something I’ve been dreaming about for over a year.

  17. Life is personal development, We just need to learn how to live it. What Is Love,?
    Do We live it?
    If you see the world to day, have we learnt to love?
    Life is simple , we have to Energy. The dark and the light. Your choice is your life, and our choices is Our Lives.
    Danny! help me, to help people , to make better choices. God Bless the world

  18. 1) After years dabbling in the Firepole/Mirasee community I’m finally getting paid for something I’ve built, so I know I’ve nailed my niche and I’m ready to level up. (I’ve also learned some powerful targeting lessons that I LOVE to share with new friends at events like this just for fun!)

    2) I want to connect with the other speaker/authors, coaches, videographers, social media marketers, mental health professionals and special-educators in attendance to form friendships and partnerships, as well as build out my own team (partnering/hiring is clearly my next step), from a group of people as committed to actual transformations in actual people’s lives as I am.

    3) Seriously, who wouldn’t want to go? Won’t everyone I could want to know be there? Danny Iny will be at a live event he has to leave Canada to put on – who knows if this will ever happen again? (Besides, with four kids at home under eight – three days with like-minded adults will be a welcome break 🙂

  19. I’m journeying creating meaningful work with music in healing that impacts humanity. I’ve been too scared for a long time, but I’m finally willing to give what I sense I’m capable of. I want to go to LIFT to connect, to find business partners who want the same meaning and impact I do. Come with me and let’s build this!

  20. This week has been an interesting week for us because we identified a new and very big, hairy audacious goal AND we took the next steps toward achieving it. Attending LIFT will help us take it even further!

    What is it? Drum roll please…

    To be the No.1 training provider for Mums in the Startup Phase in New Zealand…and then the world!

    Yes, the world!

    I realised that I’ve had this goal for sometime, it’s been sitting there in my gut, driving me but not making it into my head or out of my mouth!

    My business partner Jo and I have been coaching Mum business owners for several years now with great results, but we are tired of seeing Mums make the same mistakes again and again, needlessly.

    Like many of the Mums we work with, we work part-time from home and juggle our small children around our business. It’s not always easy, but it’s incredibly empowering to be able to make that choice and we’re passionate about supporting more Mums to do it.

    BUT – we’re tired of seeing Mums in the first couple of years of business struggling away and feeling stressed because they aren’t making any progress (or money!)

    There have been so many times when I’ve been on the phone with Mums at this stage, and I’ve wished to myself that I had been able to have this conversation with them years earlier, before they spent all their precious time and energy on tasks that didn’t get them where they wanted to be.

    Of course, I would never say that to them. It would be disheartening. Instead I would give them the advice they needed to start turning things around.

    Imagine if that Mum and I had been able to have that conversation two years earlier!

    And that, my friends, is what we want to achieve with our new online course/membership site for Mums starting out.

    And we want to be the best at it.

    To us, this means:

    * the highest quality content
    * the most affordable
    * the most fun and genuine to participate in
    * the best at getting real results for the Mums who invest

    It’s not much to ask is it? We must be crazy!!!

    But wouldn’t it be cool if two Mums working from home in rural NZ could achieve this and help so many other Mums to do the same?

    Will you help us?

    If you feel inspired by our vision, please hit the heart above for us and increase our chance of being picked for LIFT!

  21. My vision is abundant living. My mission is to nurture communities that wish to live abundantly. I currently live in Brazil, a country of contrasts: rich and poor, educated and illiterate, informed and in the dark. The biggest challenge here is creating awareness, among other things, of psychological wellbeing and emotional intelligence. My start-up has been hard at work for a few years, and online education is the ONLY way we can reach the numbers we need to make abundance a reality.

    I would LOVE the opportunity to come to Lift in order to power up this initiative and get ahead in our endeavour of educating, supporting and inspiring as many people as possible, to create the change we all want to see and live.

  22. I want to win this trip to LIFT because it’s in San Diego…one of my favourite destinations! It doesn’t hurt that I appreciate your style, Danny Iny and the teaching perspective you present through Mirasee. It’s loaded with value and not clouded by hype.

  23. Although it’s not my year to attend, I want to wish everyone the best of luck with this contest.
    Meeting Danny, Diane, Lexi, Ashlee and the rest of your extraordinary team would be a dream! You couldn’t ask for a more supportive team. People who truly care about sharing their talents, wisdom and experience for your success.
    Appreciate your generosity with everything you’re doing to organize your LIFT event. People like you turn the overwhelming online course world into a community where you feel like you belong.

  24. The LIFT experience would give me a jump start to further fuel my passion-tips dementia to the curb by sharing evidence based programs that anyone can implement. So many books have been written but putting the info in a transformational hands on format hasn’t been done. From Danny’s emails, I can tell he is a person of integrity and that’s the type of person I need to align myself with to share this material.

  25. I’m anticipating Lift to be the Up-Leveling, kick in the B-Hind…. big little push, that will help me explore a grander vision, create a road map for my life and business, and engage the support that will ensure it will all manifest.
    I don’t want to play small anymore; I’m finally unstuck…
    The world needs change agents; it has taken me a good while to own up to the fact that as one of those change leaders, I need to expand my business, my life, my Perception of Reality. And I need a lot of help to realize this goal.
    I’m anticipating making a lot of new friends, who will become part of a mutually supportive community~business and friends.
    I’m anticipating some surprising ah’ha moments, as my limiting beliefs go ‘poof’.
    I expect I’ll laugh a lot, and I need that… my life has been pretty serious for too long…
    I love what I’ve done in the last few months developing a pilot, but most importantly, that I’m in an entirely ‘Anything is Possible’ mindset.
    The CBL has lit a fire not only under my seat, but in my heart.
    I imagine Lift will do just that, Lift Everything Up, beyond ‘one’ Level. And from that profoundly new perspective, I know I’ll come away, buzzing with excitement of an amazing life that will continue to unfold.

  26. I have been following Danny for years, since the Firepole Marketing days with the scavenger hunt to push people out of their comfort zones and make us reach out to conduct interviews, post videos, wear silly hats, and try our hands at video. What I have always liked is Danny’s honesty about who he is. He doesn’t try to be cool or slick. He doesn’t say this will be easy. He just comes as he is and shares what he knows.

    I want to attend LIFT because I recently realized I was trying to do things the way other people did them. I was trying to market myself in away that didn’t resonate with me so, naturally, it wasn’t resonating with my audience. Danny’s the only marketer who didn’t push his style of promotion. He offered a system for discovering and developing your own style that felt true and honest and that you could stand behind any day of the week. I want to attend LIFT so I can immerse myself in that kind of environment with people who share the values of being honest and honorable, not just with the clients, but with themselves.

  27. You see, I have some important work to get out into the world. It is going to get there, but with Lift, I believe it will get there even faster and better. I think so highly of Danny and Mirasee, so I already KNOW that the value of going to LIFT is phenomenal. I would just love the opportunity to learn as much as I can and walk away with solid tools and knowledge to build a business that will make difference in this world. It is already in the process of being built, only Lift will make it happen faster and better. I can’t imagine a more wonderful opportunity. I cannot imagine a more wonderful company and person to work with and learn from. I know that it would leave an enormous, lasting, positive impact on my life that would empower me to build my business with impact even faster, even better.

  28. Thanks for the opportunities i wish to get this chance since we working together now and in the feature i have confident and there is a probability to be a chosen one.

  29. It is very rightly said, ‘it only takes one major event in your life to make you or break you’. I know for sure LIFT will make my life. I look at it as a life changing event, as I will be travelling from India for the 1st time to be with stalwarts. Entrepreneurship was my dream & it took me 15 years to take the plunge to do what I dreamt of. I have tried a lot of things in life & each time I was asked to stop dreaming big as that was not my cup of tea. I have excelled wherever I worked, got promoted, won clients hearts, was the most reliable employee, took initiatives & won awards, but all this was for ‘someone else’ I was happy, no doubt but I felt if I could to so much for others why not for myself, why not for my own company. Its been 3.5 yrs now that I have started my entrepreneurial journey as an Image Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer but haven’t tasted success. But I haven’t given up cause I know what I’m made of. When I first attended Danny’s live workshop, I just knew in my heart this is where I will make it big. I want financial freedom & bring a change in people’s lives by bringing knowledge to them at a reasonable price & make them feel what they are truly worth. My first course Motherhood to Career-hood aims at making mom’s who are on a sabbatical become financially independent. An event like LIFT does not come every year! When you meet people who have similar goals & who give you the push to succeed, it’s hard to fail. LIFT is where I will be able to network, learn, share my knowledge, find a business partner & above all enjoy. Its going to be my life changing & learning experience!

  30. June will be an exciting month for me! Because I’m planning to launch my own social media consultation, training, and strategy planning business AND quitting my job by the end of June. I do have a plan and I have already started out with a few clients but if I’m able to attend LIFT, I think I can accelerate my business growth in a way that I never thought possible.

    I can’t afford LIFT right now because I’m using all my resources into launching my business at this time. In addition, flying from Sri Lanka – that’s where I live (South Asia) – the air ticket costs more than the full price of the LIFT ticket :O So it would be an amazing opportunity for me if I win this VIP all inclusive ticket.

    That, and the opportunity to meet Danny in person and all the amazing people who would be attending the LIFT event would be a great experience by itself! 🙂

  31. I would love to come to LIFT just to become immersed in the whole energy of your wonderful course and community. I live about as far away from San Diego as you can get…..in Western Australia and I have over 30 years of experience that I wish to pass on to young practitioners, especially women, wherever they in the world. My vote though goes to the man from Africa. I am with you all the way!!

  32. Aim for the stars, for your boldest dreams, and don’t give up! I will give this advice to my two baby granddaughters, Natalya and Bianca as they grow. I will tell them the story of how I started my business in the face of countless doubts and fears. Yes, I’ve been successful in other ways in my life, but it has long been my dream to launch an online course business. I want to be able to say, “You can do it, too,” and show them through actions not just words.

    Opportunities to develop business skills are ubiquitous, but Mirasee is different. When I joined the Course Builder’s Laboratory, I first learned about attitude, then skills. Thanks to the steady guidance of my coach, Lizzie, I cultivated a mindset that blends attitude and skills into a single thread. Today I am confident that I will succeed in launching my online course business, even though I haven’t earned a penny to date.

    The LIFT experience will raise my thinking and practice to a higher level. I will absorb new knowledge and grow my network. I will surround myself with peers who have worked so hard to succeed, hear their stories and share mine. I will meet Danny and his all star team. And in the long run, LIFT will empower me to empower Natalya and Bianca. Now that’s the kind of grandma I want to be!

  33. I am 59 years old my wife is 58. We have nine children and five grandchildren between us. We have spent the majority of our lives in corporate America. We love each other, our family and our lives. We have started an online organic produce business. We have made the decision to work together in whatever we do and we have made a commitment to offer the best product and service to our customers in order to keep them “delightfully satisfied” and coming back. Danny’s program and his very talented staff have become the “means to that end”. We feel very strongly that the LIFT program will provide the critical skills and the competencies that we need to succeed. We bring the desire, enthusiasm, and commitment, now we need the competencies to match. All with one end in mind which is to enjoy our lives with each other and our family while providing a quality product that benefits our community. Together we have already made it happen!

  34. Hi everyone, ?

    I saved up enough money to pay the bills for six months and left my corporate job on March 31st! It’s been a roller coaster, I’ve loved working in my Pyjamas, being around when my daughter comes home from school, and spending time with my new work colleague…Teddy (my cockerpoo), on the other hand it’s been incredibly tough…I’m working incredibly hard, but each time I think I’ve made progress, it seems like there’s a million other things I need to buy, or learn, or do, and that has been very frustrating.

    I’ve watched what Mirasee and Danny do, I’ve been on webinars, and I’ve been told how Danny is the most caring and attentive coach in this space, with courses that give more value than anyone else’s… and as soon as I can, I want to do CBL.

    I know I will make my vision happen, I’m determined to stay the course, hold my nerve and keep moving forward, (even if it’s interspersed with regular two-steps back!) ?, but I would love to spend time with Danny and the Mirasee Family at LIFT, to get that extra help that might accelerate the journey and bring my humor focused speaking course into the online world faster, and before my savings disappear and I have to sell my kidney!! ?

    Thanks Danny and Mirasee for caring!

  35. Hi Danny!

    First off, I’d like to say how much this warms my heart. Even if I may not win, the fact that you are willing to possibly, and very drastically, change someone’s life for the better just blows my mind! 😉 Now on to my response:

    I’d love to say that my reason is crafted purely out of goodwill and an honest intention to inspire. That I want to become a living testament to others and prove that despite being young (only 16), despite not having the experience, the knowledge, or the capital; it is possible to create an online business and succeed.

    But the truth is, it’s a bit more selfish. I want to learn first. I want the experience. I just desperately crave to make a difference in my own life. I want to forge my own path and accelerate my growth, because the truth is, I will not be able to give out what I don’t have. I know, that if I truly want to inspire others, if I want to someday become just like you, I would need to learn first. I would need to learn now. So yes, I do want to inspire others, but that starts with me.

    While I know my chances are slim, I’d like you to know that either way, I’ll still continue to learn. I’ll continue to build my brand, MadeForExcellence.com, and experiment. But if I’m given this opportunity, I can promise you, and myself, one thing; I will not waste it at all!

    There’s just so many things I want to say, but I figure I’ll leave it raw. I am hoping for the best!


    p.s. I’ve got consent from my parents (in case that may be an issue)

  36. I could really do with a LIFT! After a childhood of my own chronic, extreme trauma, I became a foster carer and over 15 years fostered 22 wonderful but highly traumatised children. I was happily married, and I was helping to turn these kids’ lives around. Then I had a breakdown – sudden, unexpected, catastrophic. I tried to kill myself several times and I was plunged into utter chaos, eventually receiving a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder. Over a period of the next 10 years I worked – hard, so hard! – towards recovery, and around 7 years ago I launched a charity to help people who like me had developed a dissociative disorder as a result of overwhelming childhood trauma. Since then we’ve helped give hope to thousands of people on the edge of suicide, and we’ve trained something like 10,000 people, most of them professionals working with this most complex of client groups. I’ve written a book, Recovery is my best revenge as well as a whole range of resources to help people understand and overcome the effects of trauma. But why do I want to come to LIFT? Because there’s too much suffering in the world, and I need a LIFT to take things to the next level, with online courses and mentoring, supporting the supporters, training the professionals and more than anything giving survivors hope that they, like me, can turn their lives around. Oh, and did I mention that two years ago my husband had an affair and left me? I refused to let it stop me doing what I’m doing, and I’m determined to use it to give even more people hope for recovery from ANYTHING that gets in their way. I’ve launched a blog and I want to learn how to do this stuff at scale. Give me a LIFT? xx

  37. Training teaches us that there’s a direct, unmistakable causal relationship between hard work and reward.You work hard and good things happen. You don’t work hard, and good things fail to happen. Much of life is”fuzzy” – sometimes you get lucky and experience rewards that you haven’t really earned. But this will never happen in the gym because the weight doesn’t give a flip about anything other than whether or not you actually lift it. And when you lift a weight that you’ve never lifted before, it’s unmistakable proof that you’re now better than you ever were before.These experiences teach us to value work ethic and give us the confidence to apply it outside the gym as well: in our careers, our relationships, and in our various interestsin life. The gym is a laboratory for life….changing ghaha

  38. Bowing under the mind’s pressure of need to make money, I set aside my heart’s passion.

    I jumped at Danny’s offer to reconnect and I spoke with Tree. Immediately I reconnected to Mirasee’s philosophy of life’s work is not first about the money. It’s about goodness, and decency, and giving and living heart’s desire. My soul lit up.

    Attending the LIFT Program is an opportunity to immerse myself fully for days into an atmosphere of support, encouragement, expansion, learning, and reawakening my soul’s desire also with a process my mind can use. And I want this with all my heart. After all, I have a message for the world and I want to deliver it in an amazing way that it may be received in joy.

  39. Be the change you wish to see in the World. There is abundance everywhere in all things. Sharing, teaching and learning makes that possible for whomever is willing to try. Having a vision and seeing it through is the ultimate goal. I think Danny has opened his heart and mind and has mastered his skills and is willing to share and teach us how in our own niche. Being at LIFT will up level each and everyone of us so we can give back in our own special way. I look forward to being there with you.

  40. Hello Danny –
    I was actually trying to find a way to have my reply not seen because it is a bit embarrassing to me – but maybe it will help somebody else or they can identify with me.

    ~~Re: why do you want to come to LIFT and why I didn’t respond right away. Actually, I had not planned to attend the conference because I simply cannot afford to – even though I’m just a few miles up the road.

    And while it’s a very valid and a legitimate reason for me as to why I can’t attend the training, I also discovered a hidden reason your offer has exposed. Because now, with the possibility of being chosen to attend as your guest, believe it or not, I had an instant feeling of panic. Why? Because now I might have to face myself regarding the goals I’ve been saying for years I wanted to accomplish.

    After your follow-up email, I finally, I decided to respond because I’ve really learned a lot from your online training in the past and again, it uncovered something I’m going to have to face if I’m ever going to move ahead.

    I know it sounds a little weird and I was a little shocked at myself when I realized what I was feeling and the possibility I would have to either put up or shut up about wanting to have a successful writing business.

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel I am a successful writer, and I’ve been doing “free” projects for family, friends, churches and community groups for years. But, what I’ve also realized is although I’ve been writing and studying writing techniques for years, I think maybe I’ve enjoyed being the struggling writer and have a real fear of becoming successful paid writer.
    Case in point, I’ve even gone so far as to research paid writing assignments that would be a super easy, but then I start finding reasons, not to follow-up.

    So, when this possible opportunity came and stared me in the face, I immediately started making up excuses why I shouldn’t apply.
    So, thank you for offering this challenge, and for me, at this point, it’s not so much about attending the conference, (although now, I would love to), as realizing how I’ve become stuck in my writing career and making a decision as they say to now “ to go big or go home”.

  41. At 60, as a woman, I co-founded a media company with two slightly younger women. Each of us threw $100 into a bank account and said, “It is for us to grow this company by the sweat of our own brows. We work and play to create infrastructure to support the voices of entrepreneurs as yet unseen and unheard. We built our foundation on intuition, compassion, witness, a unique concept of eXchange, and, integrity.”

    It is my wish ‘play’ by entering this contest. A “win” is always in the play! I know that “the winning ticket” will go to a contestant who is most in alignment with what Mr. Iny and his team have to offer. I also know that the world will be a better place because of the collaboration that will result during and after the LIFT event…when LIFT becomes LIFE itself!

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  42. I want to win this trip to Lift becuz i was a true entrepreneur back in the 90s, (doncha love us!?) plus I really loved IT! I built my female owned healthcare IT consulting biz in a male dominated market and industry back in 1997) Which I operated for 18 years (til I retired) . Boy, I lived my dream. Now , I am in the Medicare Social Security Lifestyle (ugh, boo hoo hoo) and IT DOES NOT jive with my aspirations!! I am trying to open a new healthcare-lifestyle-wellness -fitness coaching biz ( and man, I may be 60,) but Geez, I am not DEAD!

  43. Hi all, I just came down from establishing the SDG’s on Mount Everest in Nepal!

    .. now I want to share my insights, experience and make my contribution to “floating all the compassionate boats out there” –

    I’d like to share “CHANGE WEDNESDAY”, the World Sustainability Project and the Republic Of Conscience with you…

    I’m happy to be there by skype video, text messages or live in person if you and the universe want.

    Either way Danny, I’ve been inspired by your online videos and regular emails and would be honoured to share and confirm the attitudes and opportunities they’ve opened up for me.

    Your dynamic, meaningful and positive influence on my work can be seen by searching: “3fingerw” .. check out all the joy, belongingness and inspiration that your philosophy encourages.

    A vote for me is a vote to include everyone and reach the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) in San Diego and beyond (^_^)_!/

    • Are you saying you accomplished the Mt. Everest climb? I am fascinated by that event. I am sorry to hear about those who did not make it. 10 deaths is unimaginable. While it sounds like you could teach me a thing or two. :O)

  44. Thank you, Danny and Mirasee crew. You must know what it’s like to have some many amazing ideas swirling in your head and not know how to get started. I wish I knew.

    If I knew, I’d start a blog to guide people who want to self-publish their first book and to show them what to do next. I’d also show them what not to do so they can avoid the mistakes that I’ve made along my author journey.

    I believe that if I can help enough people, then I can eventually help earn a living and support my family by teaching others what I know.

    Is that a good thing?

    I don’t mind starting off small. I just need some help from you. We all need a little help. Do you agree?

    Please show some love and click the heart to like my post. I’d really appreciate it. By doing so, you’re not only helping me. You’re helping my family and every person I’d be able to help in the future.

    That’s a lot of folks!

    I’m starting right now by clicking the hearts to like other people’s comments, too. I’m doing it because I know others need Danny’s help, just like me.

    Good luck to you and see you in San Diego.

    P.S. – Please click the heart to like my comment. Thanks in advance.

  45. Leukemia. Bone Marrow Transplant. Exhaustion. 10 pounds weight gain. But, hope and optimism through it all. This is why I want to attend Lift — hope and optimism.

    I have been a trainer for 20 years. However, I always designed trainings as a contractor, never having to orchestrate the logistics or sell the course myself. After my son was diagnosed with leukemia the first time, I realized trading time for dollars only works when you are able to work. After five years of talking about developing a online course I finally began to pursue this dream by enrolling in CBL last summer. Learning how to develop a course in high demand by the target audience having no list was challenging but just as I was planning my pilot — my son was diagnosed with leukemia a second time. All work stopped again; all income ceased. Once again I realized trading time for dollars only works when you have time to work.

    So my reason for wanting to attend LIFT is because I need a jump start to escape this rat race and get this dream in motion. Looking forward to the networking, ideas, inspiration and support.

  46. First, I want to say that I’m very impressed and touched by everyone’s reasons for wanting to go to LIFT and I wish you all the best in your life and in your business. It’s for the opportunity to meet people like you that I think I NEED to go to this event. I also think of all the lives that I could touch as a coach and a speaker if I had the right tools to grow my business. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have the money for the travel expenses (I live in Canada) and for staying in San Diego so I thought there would be no way for me to go. Now that I’ve been presented this chance to go to LIFT, I hope to be there and meet some of the amazing people in this community!
    P.S. My birthday is on June 16 so I would consider this my best birthday gift ever ?

  47. I would be truly grateful for the support that LIFT offers. As an intuitive medical doctor an energy healer I have been helping people connect with healing even in generally fatal or “irreversible” illnesses. So far, this has been one-on-one, and local workshops and speaking engagements. I am now ready to bring this message to a larger platform. This approach has the potential to revolutionize healthcare…something sadly needed in these times (with current politics and Big Pharma).
    I believe that LIFT and the Mirasee team can support me to bring my messae to more people…and even change our thinking about health and our exisitence.

  48. As a current student of the CBL, I have been learning a lot of taking an idea and really testing it before investing too much time. I am deep into the heart of market research and it’s a struggle. Putting myself out there and asking for help/input is hard. This program has challenged me to really go after an idea and see if it has traction. That is why I am commenting here now; I am putting myself out here! I would love the opportunity to attend LIFT and meet everyone. I reviewed the schedule, and the “Ideas to Action” seminar interests me the most, as I am in the research phase. Help and support in starting a business is hard to come by sometimes, and the opportunity to learn and be surrounded by people in a similar situation is an exciting prospect. Thank you reading, and I’m crossing my fingers now 🙂

  49. I really want to attend LIFT because of the support that I would receive. Also, if I could help someone gain insight into their own business that would be awesome. It seems like it would be easier to brainstorm in person. Besides, it seems like the whole thing would be a really great vacation for me and a lot of fun.

  50. It would be wonderful as a CBL student to attend LIFT. I’ve not registered because of the number of things I’ve got scheduled in advance and afterward, which have meant my budget is spoken for. What I’m realizing by reading everyone’s entries is that it would be really productive for me to attend. It’s making me dig deeper into how can I pull this off despite my circumstances, My niche is defined, my heart and soul clear, I am teaching entrepreneurs with marketing phobia how to promote their genius and gifts so they can have the full impact they’re designed to have — and I’m definitely my own client (meaning self-promotion has not come easily!). I can see massive progress for my clients by me attending LIFT with urgency to get my work out into the world. There are a lot of wonderful entries here and I add mine. And because many times in life I have not voted for myself, I vote for myself here. By so doing, I vote for everyone I serve. Blessings to all.

  51. We can only get so close to the precise measure of authenticity mixed with business sense by ourselves. I feel I’m a stones throw from being able to impact the world positively with my skills but there’s a missing link… just a lift away!

  52. I’d love to win a ticket to lift! I’m a busy mom of 5 with a business that I want to reach the corners of the world!
    I’ve been teaching children and parents etiquette wherever we have lived and I know that good manners can take you anywhere and influence so many! How many times have you been somewhere and seen someones disposition and attitude change when someone says a kind word or compliments them? The power of kindness and courtesy can lift someone from their dark moment and show them that there is light and goodness still in this world

  53. Nice post. I used to be checking constantly this weblog and I am inspired! Very useful info specially the last section 🙂 I maintain such information a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  54. Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects? Thanks for your time!|

  55. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your site. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Exceptional work!

  56. I am 72 years old and have been trying to set up income from a website. I feel when I do accomplish this, I can prove to everyone else that they can do it as well. I am a former Physical Education Teacher and Coach, of which I have been very successful. This building of a website and helping others make money to free themselves from their monetary situations. One will also get the joy of being able to bring miracles into the lifes of other who succeed as well.
    In essence I will follow the same principles as I did in coaching, working the mind of the individuals I have in the past. I really need to learn this foreign language of computers and the set up skills involved. The mind part is easy, the computeration is the situation.

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