Blog Post Ideas for Udemy

Blog Post Ideas for Udemy

Website Links and Further Reading

All links to website urls and further reading have been organized by Section, in order of appearance.



Brad Dowdy, PenAddict blog,

Kevin Rose, “Who makes the best paper notebook? Geek out with paper guru Brad Dowdy,” The Journal Podcast on Soundcloud,

Mod Notebooks,

Charles Byrd, “Zero ­to ­60 With Evernote Online Course,” Byrdword blog,


Aqua Notes Waterproof NotePad,


Master the Mindset (Blog Post Ideas 1 - 4)

Days of the Year website,  

Ferris Jabr, “Why Walking Helps Us Think,” The New Yorker blog, September 3, 2014,

Finlo Rohrer, “The slow death of purposeless walking,” BBC News Magazine, May 1, 2014,

Maria Popova, “The Daily Routines of Great Writers,” Brain Pickings blog,

Audra Casino, “Ron Friedman on Building a Better Workplace,” Mirasee blog, April 26, 2016,

Jim Hopkinson, “Ritz-Carlton service at a Red Roof price why Japan is king of customer service,” The Hopkinson Report blog, November 20, 2008,

Jim Hopkinson, “What Japanese toilets taught me about the auto industry,” The Hopkinson Report blog, December 18, 2008,

Jim Hopkinson, “How to Work Remotely From Buenos Aires,” The Hopkinson Report blog, February 29, 2012,

Jim Hopkinson, “The Hopkinson Report Thailand Travel Home Page,” The Hopkinson Report blog,

Great Artists Steal (Blog Post Ideas 5 - 9)

Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion blog,

Jim Hopkinson, “Episode 19: Interview with Wired’s Jeff Howe, author of “Crowdsourcing” The Hopkinson Report blog, August 27, 2008,

Jim Hopkinson, “Episode 03: Interview” The Hopkinson Report blog, April 30, 2008,

Jim Hopkinson, “Episode 95: Interview Part 1 with Diana Levine, Pro Photographer – The path from magazines to freelance to celebrities” The Hopkinson Report blog, March 11, 2010,

Danny Iny, “Kick Start Your Blog by Embracing the Nobodies,” Kikolani blog,

Brandon Werner, “Social Media is the New Rock and Roll,” The Hopkinson Report blog, August 19, 2010,

Lisa Baker, “July’s Best of the Web – Business Blueprints and Templates,” Mirasee blog, July 31, 2015,

Elena Verlee, “20 Men Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter,” PR in Your Pajamas blog,

Google Trends,

Facebook Trends,


Alert the Media (Blog Post Ideas 10 - 13)

Nate Cooper, “Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS and WordPress,” blog,

darrentyler, “Louis CK Everything Is Amazing And Nobody Is Happy,” YouTube, October 24, 2015, 

Jim Hopkinson, ““Business Class at 30,000 Feet,” The Hopkinson Report blog, September 22, 2012,

Brian Clark, “5 Things Depeche Mode Can Teach You About Effective Online Marketing,” Copyblogger blog, April 6, 2010,

Brian Clark, “The Grateful Dead 4-Step Guide to the Magical Influence of Content Marketing,” Copyblogger blog, June 28, 2010,

Sean Platt, “The Eminem Guide to Becoming a Writing and Marketing Machine,” Copyblogger blog, November 23, 2009,

Brian Clark, “Inigo Montoya’s Guide to 27 Commonly Misused Words,” Copyblogger blog, December 8, 2008,

Jim Hopkinson, ““Episode 40: Marketing Lessons from Slumdog Millionaire,” The Hopkinson Report blog, January 22, 2009,

Jim Hopkinson, “Wired-O-Nomics: Marketing Lessons From Slumdog Millionaire,” WIRED blog, January 30, 2009,

“The Hunger Games (film series), ” Wikipedia,

Francis Bridge, “The Odds May Be In Your Favor: 10 Lessons We Can Learn From ‘The Hunger Games,” Forbes blog, March 23, 2012,

Eliana Dockterman, “Beyond the Blood: What The Hunger Games Can Teach Tweens,” Time, November 19, 2013,

Beki Winchel, “7 crisis lessons from ‘The Hunger Games,” PRDaily blog, November 24, 2015,

Zoë Henry, “What You Can Learn From Katniss Everdeen’s Fearless Leadership Style,” Inc, November 24, 2014,

Eduardo Briceño, “Growth Mindset and Testing: What We Can Learn From The Hunger Games,” Scholastic, March 20, 2015,

Monica Kim, “How to Be a Modern Katniss Everdeen: Introducing The Hunger Games Beauty and Fitness Challenge,” Vogue, November 20, 2015,

Jon Morrow, “Mad Men Guide to Changing the World with Words,” Copyblogger blog, November 1, 2010,

Danny Iny, “Desperate Housewives on Writing, Storytelling and Selling,” Big Girl Branding blog,

Jim Hopkinson, “Why Elon Musk should make you feel like a loser that has never accomplished anything,” The Hopkinson Report blog, April 23, 2013,

“The Big Picture,” Boston Globe website,

Reddit DIY forum, Reddit

Nathan Pryor, “GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT,” Hahabird blog, February 4, 2016,

Jim Hopkinson, “Is this the me generation, or has social media just made it that way?,” The Hopkinson Report blog, August 26, 2013,

Selene Benjamin, “The State of Online Courses [INFOGRAPHIC],” Mirasee blog, September 12, 2015,

Cool Infographics,,





Analysis Paralysis (Blog Post Ideas 14 - 18)

Tim Urban, “Doing a TED Talk: The Full Story,” Wait but Why blog,

Jim Hopkinson, “Dear Levi’s, I’m back — How an iconic brand lost its way, then won back a customer 10 years later,” The Hopkinson Report blog, February 3, 2011,

Time Warner Cable Problems,

Jim Hopkinson, “Episode 108: Is your business doing the 1 thing it needs to do to succeed?,” The Hopkinson Report blog, June 10, 2010,

Jim Hopkinson, “Efficiency vs. Impatience – A New Yorker Rant,” The Hopkinson Report blog, July 16, 2013,

Joseph Jaffe, “Dustin Curtis – Dear American Airlines,” Flip the Funnel Now blog,

Matthew Berry, “Berry’s bold predictions for 2015 fantasy football,” ESPN, September 9, 2015

Jim Hopkinson, “State of the Industry—Predictions, Rants, Analysis, and Advice for the New Media Entrepreneur,” The Hopkinson Report blog, September 14, 2013,

Jim Hopkinson, “The Fall of Facebook? 7 reasons why the mighty giant might fail,” The Hopkinson Report blog, May 20, 2010,

Jim Hopkinson, “7 reasons why “The Social Network” Facebook movie will be a huge success,” The Hopkinson Report blog, July 22, 2010,

Jim Hopkinson, “The Social Network Movie Review – What’s more important, the product or the money?,” The Hopkinson Report blog, October 7, 2010,

Jim Hopkinson, “Best Earbud Headphones for the iPhone, a Marketing and Technology Test,” The Hopkinson Report blog, February 26, 2010,

Jim Hopkinson, “10 Lessons Learned From 100 Podcast Episodes,” The Hopkinson Report blog, April 15, 2010,

Jim Hopkinson, “THR 244: Backing up files, photos, and websites – How I Do It, The Hopkinson Report blog, July 24, 2013,

Jim Hopkinson, “How to Create a Viral Infographic to Market Your Brand, The Hopkinson Report blog, August 26, 2011,

Jim Hopkinson, “THR 230: How to facilitate a core conversation or speech at SXSW or your next business meeting, The Hopkinson Report blog, March 29, 2013,


That's Life (Blog Post Ideas 19 - 21)

Danny Iny, “How a Tiny Blog Landed Guy Kawasaki (and Copyblogger!),” Problogger blog, March 29, 2011,

Jim Hopkinson, “How I created, planned, and got sponsorship for a successful conference in less than 60 days,” The Hopkinson Report blog, March 29, 2012,

Danny Iny, “Business Failure or Strategic Relocation?: It’s Your Call,” The Sales Lion blog,

Jim Hopkinson, “What six crappy part-time jobs taught me about life,” The Hopkinson Report blog, September 15, 2011,

Danny Brown, “You Don’t Have to Die to Live,” Danny Brown blog, April 21, 2011,

Jon Morrow, “On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas,” Copyblogger blog, December 24, 2012,

Brian Clark, “The Snowboard, the Subdural Hematoma, and the Secret of Life,” Copyblogger blog, May 5, 2008,

Jim Hopkinson, “Why a distal humerus fracture has NOTHING to do with social media,” The Hopkinson Report blog, September 2, 2010,

Jim Hopkinson, “8 Life lessons from a fallen friend,” The Hopkinson Report blog, October 25, 2011,

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