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Willy Wood

Willy Wood spent over 30 years in education as a teacher (high school and university levels), state Department of Education consultant, and independent educational consultant.  His consulting work focused on research into how the human brain learns most effectively and how teachers can employ research-based, brain-compatible teaching methodologies in their classrooms.  He was a sought-after speaker in school districts and at regional and national education and brain conferences for 18 years.

As a writer, Willy has written and published in a variety of genres, including poetry, blog posts, newsletters, and professional education materials.  He is the co-author, with Rich Allen, of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Classroom: Using Music to Manage Mood, Energy, and Learning (Corwin 2012).  This one-of-a-kind book outlines strategies for teachers who wish to integrate music into their classrooms to enhance their students’ morale, energy levels, focus, and retention.

In recent years, Willy launched Ed Consultant Marketing, a solopreneur venture with the mission of helping other educational consultants grow their businesses through more effective marketing and copywriting (in other words, providing other consultants the help he wishes he had when he was starting his own consulting business).  In this capacity, Willy reviews and writes website copy, lead generation materials, white papers, case studies, and e-mail autoresponder series.

Willy joined Mirasee in May 2021 as a content writer.

When he’s not writing for Mirasee or his own clients, he spends most of his time with his wife, Debbie, his golden doodles, Maizy and Scully, or his grandson, Henry.  He’s an avid reader, a workout enthusiast, and an ardent supporter of the University of Missouri sports teams and the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team.