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Melissa Slawsky

Melissa Slawsky, Ph.D., is a performance-driven growth strategist and marketing consultant, obsessed with helping people achieve their goals.

A lifelong learner, she leveraged her background as a Piano Professor (and obsession for all-things digital marketing) to serve as Growth Strategist, Trainer, and Content Developer for various coaching organizations in the transformational space, before discovering her affinity for brand messaging. 

A longtime fan of Mirasee, she jumped at the opportunity to serve as a Course Launch and Marketing Coach, especially with the new Hybrid Course University.

Drawing on her skills in teaching, research, and extreme pattern processing skills, she enjoys creating and collaborating on effective and engaging strategies and solutions that optimize business performance.

Her most recent business endeavor involved turning her brand messaging process into a B2B SaaS product – Archetype Marketing™, a leveraged solution, system, and software for brand strategy and marketing communication. 

Melissa lives in the Asheville, NC area with her husband, son, and four birds.