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Melissa Deal

Melissa eagerly joined Mirasee in November of 2021 on a part-time basis to write podcast show notes. She came on full time in January 2022 to work in a greater capacity as a writer with Mirasee’s growing podcast division. 

She often says that her first love was not a boy; it was a book! Her love of the written word is boundless. Though she has worn many professional hats over the past few decades – from drilling fluids lab tech to dance teacher, business owner, group fitness instructor, production manager and many more – underneath them all continued to burn the desire to create, write and teach. In the Fall of 2021, she decided to leave her job managing daily operations and writing copy for a plant food company to jump full time into writing professionally.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Melissa is a life-long learner and gifted teacher. She has an insatiable appetite for personal development with a focus on neuroscience, spirituality and emotional intelligence. She has a passion for helping others learn and grow to reach their full potential.

If Melissa is not working, reading or writing…well, check her pulse. If that all checks out, she’s probably relaxing with loved ones on the back porch or cozied up on the sofa watching a new documentary or listening to a podcast. She also enjoys volunteering and mentoring for her local community youth center.