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Maurine Sterrett

Maurine joined the Mirasee team in October of 2021 as their Community Champion after graduating from Eastern Illinois University with a degree in Organizational Development and Leadership in December 2020. She considers herself to be a life-long learner and she’s always looking for new ways to expand her knowledge or grow her skills. She believes in the power of good communication and strives to build supportive relationships with the people around her.

She’s held a variety of positions over the years, including (but not limited to) being a ballroom dance instructor, financial aid assistant, and support specialist. Throughout her various roles, Maurine has accumulated more than a decade’s worth of customer support experience. She is dedicated to working together as a team, whether it be with a coworker, community member, or anyone else.

In her free time, Maurine loves spending time with her beagle, Faye. She’s also a pretty good home-chef and enjoys traveling across the globe.