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Kim Arnold Duvall

Kimberly Arnold Duvall is a business strategist who helps entrepreneurs reach their goals by building, growing, and scaling their impact. Kim joined Mirasee in 2022 after creating her latest six-figure company and now coaches students here at Mirasee.

Kim is a proven change agent. A past National Board Certified Teacher, she holds a B.A. degree in Studio Arts and with a designation in English Education. In her role as a teacher, she collaborated with Orange County Public Schools and Vanderbilt to create a literacy program for inner city students. Through this and other endeavors, Kim has helped reform education through writing national curriculum and mentoring teachers on best practices for engaging students.

In 2008, she turned her attention to online business in both B2B and B2C. Since then, Kim has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs across the world leverage their talents to create more time and money freedom. Kim believes world peace starts with each individual expressing their creative gifts which in turn gives them the time and money freedom required to live an impactful life. 

Kim currently lives on the east coast of Florida and enjoys the ocean, printmaking, and spending time with her husband.