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Chynna Santos

Chynna is a dynamic professional with a rich and diverse background, exemplifying her commitment to growth.

With a robust work ethic, Chynna forged a path in the customer service industry, sales and BPO, amassing years of experience in the field and showcasing her steadfast pursuit of excellence.Led her to the realm of HR and Payroll, where she excelled as a Workforce Management Analyst, merging her passion for business with her expertise.

Chynna ventured into the world of freelance work, taking on roles as a virtual assistant and support specialist.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Chynna takes immense pride in being a mother to two vibrant children. Her love for exploration and travel remains undiminished. In moments of respite, you’ll find her capturing precious memories through the lens of her camera, her passion for photography intertwining seamlessly with her love for family. 

Chynna navigates her journey with an inspiring blend of enthusiasm and determination. Her ability to balance the intricate tapestry of her life reflects her commitment to growth, both personally and professionally.