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Cassandra Topperwien

Cassandra Topperwien is a business strategist who helps entrepreneurs make the impact and income they deserve and leave a profound legacy all whilst thoroughly enjoying the journey. πŸ˜‰

Cassandra joined Mirasee in 2022 after a varied 20-year career in strategy consulting and entrepreneurship, where she built a six-figure business she loved requiring only 5 hours of her time per week.

She is a proven change agent, who started out in international management consulting after completing two MBAs. Cassandra has worked in 6 countries with large, mid-size and start-up organizations in the communications, healthcare, consumer electronics, non-profit, manufacturing and fintech sectors. 16 years ago, she retrained as a psychotherapist and started her own coaching business(es) in the relationship and intimacy niche.

Her broad range of experience in running, advising, and growing businesses now allows Cassandra to support her Mirasee students in doing the same. Whether it’s creating your own healing modality and training others in your approach, running high ticket 1-to-1 programs, creating and marketing hybrid group training and coaching programs, creating summits, or establishing yourself as an authority, Cassandra has been there.

Cassandra currently lives in England and enjoys travelling, learning, cooking and other alchemical pursuits, fine dining, and co-creating a beautiful soulmate-relationship with her partner whilst also teaching others to do the same.