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Bassem Elghawaby

Bassem Elghawaby joined Mirasee in 2021 after several years of being a member of their worldwide audience of students and entrepreneurs and following their email correspondences, events, and programs. Whilst attending the LIFT events they held in Montreal in both 2018, and 2019, it became palpably aware to him that Mirasee’s community was different in the best of ways, which is why he’s so pleased to be working with the company as a Community Liaison.

For the past 7 years, Bassem has felt the pulse of communities, by forging partnerships and relationships with professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, non-profit organizations, and others. He did this in his capacity as the founder of a Multimedia company offering web services, event promotion, and implementing educational projects. He identified in himself that he wanted to work within a larger team and company that still aligned with his vision for what business should be about and that had a track record of doing amazing and impactful things in the world, which he has found in Mirasee.

Bassem also has a passion for creative writing and poetry, mental health advocacy, and travelling to both new and familiar places and meeting people from different cultures. He calls Ottawa, Canada, home.