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The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt 2014 Winners

Gold cup with crest and laurelIt has been an extremely exciting 3 weeks while the Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt has been running. Hundreds of participants led by a crew of exceptionally keen high-scorers have, combined, completed thousands of activities to expand their reach and ability online.

It’s been a great game.

From getting their first guest posts to making new friends and new professional connections, learning new skills, trying new technologies and getting new ideas – I’m pretty confident that everyone who has participated has seen some benefit from having done so.

There have been hundreds of Tweets, dozens of great comments on the blog, a couple of pins and more creativity and cleverness than I know what do do with.

Of course, no games are without their ups and downs. And while we had far more ups than we had downs this time around, I know I learned a good lesson about how to arrange and give credit for bonus points! Next year – a tie-breaker scenario will be planned for WELL in advance. 😉

Overall though – the technology worked and the new self-scoring worked MUCH better than the peer monitoring of last year. I think next year’s hunt will be even better.

So – What Was This All About?

Something that is incredibly fascinating to me is how best to teach – well, anything. Things like exploring ways that people can learn, and how they learn most effectively, the different ways knowledge can be transferred, and, critically – how can it be fun?

Gamification, while not my answer to everything, IS a really great way to add motivation and the thrill of victory to work that is sometimes dull at best.

Some of the game mechanics that we used for the Scavenger Hunt were:

Blissful Productivity – The idea that, in this case, working hard can be even more fun than relaxing and doing nothing!

Epic Meaning – This isn’t just about playing to win some prizes (although, if I may say so, they are good prizes!). This is about advancing your business and creating your legacy. It’s about working towards something that is bigger than yourself alone.

Countdown – there is a limited time to do this. I’m sure we can all attest to deadlines inspiring certain level of output that is otherwise difficult to achieve.

Points – In the scavenger hunt, almost every action you do has a point value associated with it – and accumulating them feels fantastic!

Good old fashioned fun and comradeship. There was such a spirit of hard work and good humor through the hunt, from beginning to end, that it made the experience much richer than it otherwise could have been. There was the option this time around to play mostly in isolation – but people didn’t. There was talking, there were jokes, everyone got to make their own meme and put Danny on the cover of a magazine. We all have enough to do that is more work than play – so I’m glad a few laughs were had.

(If anyone wants to share their work, feel free to link to it in the comments!)

Now, everyone who played is a winner in my regard. But, this IS a competition for prizes – and there are winners – so let’s get to it, shall we?

What’s On the Table?

Let’s review the prizes.

We’re handing out a little cash money, some copies of the exceptionally useful Gamification Toolkit, and copies of one of my favorite Instructional Design books: Design for How People Learn.

First Prize

  •  The Gamification Toolkit  (0r $250… winner’s choice)
  •  + A copy of: Design for How People Learn
  •  + $500
  •  + One Tuque and Scarf, hand knit for you by me, in our colors

Second Prize

  •  The Gamification Toolkit (or $250… winner’s choice)
  •  + A copy of: Design for How People Learn
  •  + $250

Third Prize

  •  The Gamification Toolkit (or $250… winner’s choice)
  •  + A Copy of: Design for How People Learn

So – who are the winners? Let’s start by recognizing some of the bonus challenge winners!

Pinterest Bonus Challenge

For fun, we had the scavenger hunters add their logos to an iPhone background – a handy trick to be able to repeat when you have digital products for sale. Here is the submission from Abbigail Kreibs of Inkwells and Images who was the randomly selected winner.


Underlying Motivation Bonus

This challenge was all about determining the real reasons behind questions that your audience and customers ask. There was a TON of great insight provided on this one, and we asked scavenger hunters to recommend each other for the prize.  Jessica Marie got the most votes for her detailed analysis of what her customers think and feel. 

Gamification Bonus Challenge

This challenge was about taking the idea of adding gamification elements to your present or future business – and we required that you do some serious thinking and planning about it! Paula Richey of Other Realm Studio created a detailed and creative plan for how to engage her readers in her graphic novel – you should check it out!

And Now – The Winners Circle

It was been a VERY close race, and we didn’t know who the top places would be until yesterday evening! Before we get to the winners, there were some bonuses we handed out points for last night.

Bonus Challenge 1 – YouTube Video Response

For this challenge we asked players to create a video response to another video in their niche. The response video with the most views won the most points.

  • Most Views – Living Quirky for 10 points.
  • Second Most Views – Other Realm Studios for 7 points
  • Third Most Views – Bloom for Coach for 4 points.

Bonus Challenge 3 – Social Media Plan

The idea here was to create a Facebook or other social media strategy that is actually useful and included: what you will do, how often you will do it, what rules you intend to follow for yourself, and what the criteria for success or failure are. Entries were judged on creativity, thoroughness and planning!

  • 15 points to Bloom for Coach
  • 10 points to Living Quirky
  • 5 Points to Karmically Yours
  • (5 points to HufflePuff)

And the Final Results…

Check out the leaderboard!

  • First Prize goes to Living Quirky!
  • Second Prize goes to Bloom for Coach!
  • Third Prize goes to Karmically Yours!

Congratulations to everyone – and thank you for playing! Winners, to collect your prizes, please contact Bhoomi. (Bhoomi @ And Living Quirky – could I trouble you to measure your head for me? Circumference at about the level of your eyebrows, please. 😉

If you participated in the hunt – what did you think? Would you do anything differently next year? Should WE do anything differently next year? If you didn’t play – what do you think of all this?

About Megan Dougherty

Megan Dougherty is an alumnus of Mirasee and is passionate about online education, small business and making a difference in the world. You can find out what she's up to and how side-hustles will take over the world at Follow her on Twitter at @MeganTwoCents.

16 thoughts on “The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt 2014 Winners

  1. I came, I saw and I was conquered (Vidi, Veni and reverse Vici). Sometimes, when you know you need to learn a new skill or try out new marketing tools, it is easy to defer the required actions because other business considerations take priority and one’s own professional development takes a backseat.

    My aim when I joined the Challenge was to find accountability to do what I had to do. I had a steep learning curve and I am already seeing the results.

    The fact that I would actually win the Third Prize is what dreams are made of.

    Thank you to Megan, Amanda and the entire Firepole Marketing Team for giving me the accountability I needed and to my wonderful Scavenger Buddies for their esprit d’ corp!

  2. Though I fell juuuuuust short of placing, I can hardly believe that I got the second most views for the second YouTube video I have uploaded in my LIFE! 🙂 the first video also being for this challenge. (Please don’t watch that one – my husband says I look like I’m expecting the Blair Witch and now I can’t unsee it)
    With no email list, no YouTube subscribers, and a not-quite-launched business… and views are still coming in!

    I didn’t get a prize… But I did get a miracle 😉 And, oh yeah, that fire under my rump to hurry up and give these people something to sign up for! ;D

    Congratulations, everybody!

    • Well, I got stalled out do to some personal situations, but I had a BLAST, and I made some new friends, and I’m looking forward to when this rolls around next year!

      Also, because this got my imagination running with possibilities, I’ve come up with a fresh revision for my business!

  3. Congratulations to the winners!! This was such a great experience! I learned so much from the challenges and other players. It was fun and challenging to go outside my comfort zone and what I thought were extremely limited abilities going into this. I wasn’t sure that this scavenger hunt would apply to my little blog. I’m not a techie or sales person and “marketing” is a very intimidating word to me. I was so wrong and am glad that I jumped in anyway! I still have a lot to learn, but now have some great ideas and resources to explore. I made some wonderful connections and look forward to following some of the other players and Firepole Marketing. I truly feel connected, engaged, and inspired. Thank you Firepole Marketing 🙂

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! is all I really have to say about this. I came into the challenge not knowing what to expect, but with the determination to do the best that I could. I far exceeded what I thought I could ever possibly do. This challenge gave me that little push to do some of the things that I have been putting, off but knew I needed to get done. It also gave me the courage to step out beyond my comfort zone and explore the realm of entrepreneurship with others who are going through the process as well.

    I learned so many new skills and was reminded of some long forgotten. Now I have an arsenal at my disposal that I plan on using long into the future, not to mention some great new comrades that I can continue to grow with.

    I feel that the layout and plan for the scavenger hunt worked really well; on my part, I learned that I should read through the whole thing before doing anything else. There were a couple challenges that I may have been able to complete had I only read in advance so that I could have planned my time a little better.

    All-in-all this was a fabulous challenge. I am left with some things I still want to complete and a good idea of where I want to go from here.

    I think I fell right below all those who completed every challenge, so I have to give myself and all the others a great big kudos.

  5. Megan,

    There were definitely much more ups than downs by a long shot! What a great event. I have put so many new marketing tools in my toolbox, stretched myself outside of my comfort zone, and took lots of action. Results have been amazing beyond finishing as one of the winners in the scavenger hunt.

    I will carry the momentum and the many great new connections/friends that I have made through challenge as I leap forward in my business. Leaping comes easy now with all of the skills I have acquired in the last several weeks.

    Thank you and Megan and the entire team at Firepole for hosting such a fantastic challenge!

  6. Congratulations to all the winners! This was a great learning experience. Thank you Firepole Team for doing this. And thanks to all fellow hunters. 🙂

  7. I’m in shock – literally shaking for a solid 10 minutes after reading the announcement. I feel so deeply honored and in awe.

    I’d like to share a crazy story. I read the email about the scavenger hunt and I am in LOVE with things like this – hunts, games, challenges – YES. (For an ex-boyfriend’s birthday, I’ve even hidden presents around his house and yard and gave him written riddles so he had to find each one.)

    But, after I read the email + announcement post, a thought came over me… “I’m going to win.” It wasn’t a let’s go do this sort of a thing. It was like it had already been written.

    Obviously, a very strange way to start out on this adventure, but I signed up and day one I tackled a little over 100 points. Throughout the hunt, I methodically and consistently kept making my way through the challenges.

    When I started to see the other players completing ALL of the initial challenges I began to think – wow, am I crazy?! But, I kept planning out how I was going to finish all of the challenges and doing the best I could.

    When the bonus challenges were announced starting with points given to those who came up with the challenges and I didn’t get any of the extra points, my heart sank. I thought, “I. am. crazy. There is no way I can win this thing now.” And almost quit right then.

    I took some time, came back and thought about what I would need to do to pull through. There was a tiny possibility that if the magical stars aligned I could still win. So the last few days, I gave it my all. The last hour before the video submission I was sending my video link via Facebook, email, text, looking for forums that might be interested in it. I knew that challenge was key.

    4 pm yesterday, that was it. I had worked my bums off the last few weeks, but now it was out of my control. The remaining social media strategy challenge would be decided upon by the Firepole Marketing team and there was absolutely nothing more I could do.

    8:30 this morning I started to check around. Clicking the link to this post, I scrolled through (heart pounding fiercely out of my chest, verging on heart attack rates) barely able to read…. until… “Living Quirky”. My name? … Living Quirky … MY NAME!!??!?!???!?

    Full on shaking took over.

    I had no idea what to do.

    My mind was max capacity and entirely empty all at the same time.

    My body felt like it had been electrified.

    The following 10 minutes were a blur and then I grabbed my phone to call my mom. Haha.

    I don’t even really know how to respond to this. It feels so surreal. I know it’s just a fun marketing scavenger hunt, but it was fundamentally important to me for so many other reasons.

    I didn’t know who to email first. Bhoomi, Megan, post on Facebook, post here. What do I even say? I didn’t want to say a generic “congratulations to all – great effort”. I feel something more deep and profound than that.

    It’s not just about winning. It’s about following through. Seeing something and taking consistent action towards achieving it. Reaching out for help, to collaborate, to inspire, to challenge others, to challenge yourself. Going far beyond what you thought was possible.

    It’s about all of those things, but the reason I shared my story is because it’s about believing in something. Even when tangible signs appear as though it’s impossible.

    It’s about listening to that crazy voice that just knew.

    This was a whirlwind with severe highs and lows of which I am still processing, but the overwhelming feeling right now is of pure gratitude. It can sound very cliché, but thank you.

    Thank you Firepole Marketing.

    Thank you to all of the other players.

    Thank you to everyone who helped me the last few weeks.

    And, thank you to that little voice. Right now, I really feel like the little engine that could.


    With all my heart,

    • Remember when you joined the other maxed-points hunters and I said congratulations, but now I’m scared? 😉
      *You* might be surprised you won – but *I’m* not 🙂
      Congratulations – I had a feeling you’d be up there 😀
      Keep it Quirky!

    • I don’t know you, but I know one thing just from reading your comment, which read like a blog post… that you, my dear, are a writer!

      Congratulations on your win and your story was wonderful. I have been a finalist in two FPM contests and did the scavenger hunt last year and I could feel your excitement as I read your acceptance speech 🙂 Well done.

  8. What a fun 3 weeks this has been! I am still shaking my head in awe at how much I have learned in such a short period of time. Megan and Amanda—thank you for your hard work in putting this together. Truly a great learning experience. Congrats to all who made it to the finish line and especially to the top 3 hunters! See you all next year. 🙂

  9. It’s been a wonderful journey. I have learned many many new things and truly a great one. I have not dared to do a few of them,but shall surely try now. Congrats to the winners. Thankyou Amanda,Megan and the entire Fire Pool Community for bringing this along.

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