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Inside Mirasee: First Impressions and Joining a Growing Team

Starting a new job. For some, it’s an exciting new adventure. For others, it’s fraught with scary what ifs. So many things come into play at the beginning of a new journey, and we newbies here at Mirasee have something to say about it!

As Mirasee grows and evolves, so does the team. We wanted to give everyone an insider look (in our own words) at what it’s like to come on board as a new team member of its distributed team.

David Kirshbaum

Hi everyone, David here, student advisor on the Education Team under the awesome leadership of Megan, helping our new ABM students get oriented and start building their businesses!

I’ve been a fan of Mirasee since I attended a webinar with Danny during the first launch of ABM in 2013. I was immediately impressed with the clarity, depth, and integrity that he conveyed, and I have seen those qualities carry through as Mirasee has grown. I decided to apply for this position after a lengthy life transition involving a couple of cross-country moves and some soul-searching travel. I saw the email inviting applicants, and it was a huge yes for me. I love that I get to help so many incredible people bring their work into the world!

There’s a lot I bring to the table as a student advisor- abilities to quickly understand complex systems and find solutions for both intellectual and emotional challenges, a high level of empathy and experience as a coach, and years of experience running small businesses and studying entrepreneurship. My biggest goals for my work at Mirasee are to help our students stay motivated and focused, and to help them believe in themselves while building a solid business foundation.

My first few weeks have been very full and exciting. I started engaging with new and potential students within the first few days, with amazing support from Megan and everyone on the team. From day one I have felt like an integral part of this dynamic and dedicated team, not just some new hire. The level of training and collaboration, the high morale, and the pure fun factor are all fantastic. I’m learning a tremendous amount and will have continual opportunities for professional development. Our students are amazing people working on some the coolest projects on the planet! I feel incredibly blessed.

Christy Campbell

When Mirasee Marketing issued a call for a new Student Advisor, I sent in my application knowing that I’d be applying alongside so many other incredible members of the Mirasee community; I really had no idea how far I’d make it. But through every step along the way, I was consistently impressed with how thorough the interview process was, from gauging aptitude to personality and value alignment, I had a great sense that if the job was offered, it was after an intensely careful selection process. And upon joining the team, I knew that, for this reason, I was counting a fantastic group of folks as my colleagues who each, on their own, bring so much to the table.

Starting in the midst of a launch meant being thrown directly into the deep end of the job, but I can honestly say we’ve had a lot of fun. Small mistakes have been made (and thankfully, rectified) as I step into this new role, but what has consistently impressed me most is the re-affirmation that we’re all human and that’s what we bring to the table–a group of dedicated people who are doing their darnedest to help and support a community of folks who want to change the world through their ideas, courses, businesses, writing and side projects.

Matthew Graves

Wow, what a whirlwind first couple of weeks at Mirasee. I spent years learning so much from being one of Danny’s audience, but I feel like I have surpassed all that learning in just the last three weeks.

As the Project Manager and Operations Lead at Mirasee, my role on the team is to keep the systems running smoothly, making sure that everything is progressing on schedule, and that the entire team has everything they need. We have been growing rapidly and have lots of great ideas on how to deliver more value to our audience, so there are lots of things to keep managed.

At many companies, the word “teamwork: is just a buzz word, but not here. Right from the first orientation meeting, we were welcomed with open arms. The focus is on working together to provide the best experience to our “audience”, but not just as a collection of job titles, but truly as individuals. Each person is given the chance to contribute to the team in the way they can best use their unique abilities. We are encouraged to grow our knowledge and contribution.

Great organizations create amazing products that impact people’s lives. Each day, our team is working to help our Beacons make a larger impact in their communities. I am proud to be part of the mission to make the world a better place by making business better.

Oleg Starko

I work as a Junior Copywriter, which means I get to write, and tinker with, all sorts of content. On any given day, I could be doing email campaigns, content reports, case studies, web copy, scripts for Mirasee videos… and that’s before lunch!

Coming from a 100% freelance background, getting a job at Mirasee was an unusual change for me. I was worried about feeling replaceable, disposable even; terrified of being thrust into the thick of it with barely any training or advice to guide me.

I mean, from the hiring process I had a solid idea about what Mirasee was like as a company, and I saw early on that those fears were unfounded. But they remained as a barely discernible but persistent voice at the back of my mind.

But when I actually joined, I was immediately surprised (in the best way possible) how helpful and enthusiastic everyone on the team was. They are making my transition from solo professional to part of a distributed team smooth and fun.

As for the work itself, it’s challenging but fun. This is exactly the high-variety, iterative kind of stuff that a geeky person like me loves to do. As long as I get to play with copy and come up with new ways to deliver Mirasee’s message and know-how clearer and better, I’m happy. 😉

Selene Benjamin

Starting a new job is always exciting. The unknown is a place I’ve always been comfortable. But often once the unknown becomes the known, sometimes it’s not so exciting anymore. So many jobs aren’t what they were sold to be and are ordinarily filled with unproductive meetings, busy work that is, at times, necessary but often is not, and sadly a lot of coworkers who just aren’t on the same page.

No doubt about it, my experiences with Mirasee have been out of the ordinary right from the beginning. A recent move back to my hometown in Texas left me looking for the “perfect” job (as well as wondering if such a thing even existed). After a few weeks of searching, I decided to sit down and make a list of what that “perfect” job looked like to me; work from home, somewhere I could contribute but also have the chance to learn and grow, a place where making the world a better place mattered, etc.

Feeling good about my list, I put it aside determined to start my search anew the following day. The very next day, I get the email announcing the blog editor position. And wouldn’t you know it, it pretty much matched my list exactly. How could I not apply? With each round of questions, I knew this was where I wanted to be.

So what’s it been like joining the Mirasee team? Exciting, fun, and at times a little overwhelming. It should come as no surprise that the best is expected here. There’s a lot to be learned and a lot to do. But it’s a challenge I’ve enjoyed from day 1.

It helps that everyone on the team from Danny to all of us new kids, has been so open and welcoming and goes above and beyond to make you feel like a valued member of the group. From daily check-ins on Skype to constant communication on Slack (and of course, email) the proverbial door is always open to anyone’s “office” in Mirasee. I can’t wait to see how the company grows and how each one us is able to contribute.

Tell us. Do you have any questions about what it’s like working at Mirasee? Or maybe what it looks like working on a completely remote, distributed team? Let us know in the comments!

About Selene Benjamin

Selene was Mirasee's managing editor in 2015-2016. When she's not spending her days writing, editing, and planning the editorial calendar for the blog, she's playing around with SEO for the site and for her own personal amusement.


  1. Carolyn says:

    Being so new with Mirasee, the only words I keep saying to myself is “Yes, you can! Yes, you can! Yes, you can!” But, secretly my insides feel like mushy spaghetti. I am totally overwhelmed and feel like I’ve put the cart before the donkey because I’m still at the beginning of the Serious Blogger’s Only course. And just started Guest Blogging! Think I jumped into this too soon????

  2. Tom Southern ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Welcome All! Sounds like a great team made even more great. Your different backgrounds, linked together by being ABM students, is a great asset to all of us because it means you’ve been where we have and have that all important “common bond” with us.

    It sounds like hard work though. I hope we’ll all support you all by making all your jobs go smoothly. I’m certainly looking forward to working with you, Selene and writing some more guest posts. It’s been such a great learning curve and experience writing for Firepole and I hope I can continue to contribute. Hope your return to Texas is going well. New job, new home – great stuff!

    Oleg, I have to admit to being a little bit jealous of your landing a job as copywriter (at any level) at Firepole because it sounds like such a great job.

    Here’s to your Firepole future!

  3. Looks like the Firepole team gets better and better. I have not finished my ABM course. I had an existing site when I began the course and needed to spend some time revising my site to comply with all I had learned. Am now just about ready to complete the course. I am looking forward to working with you. A very impressive team! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gary Coles says:

    Since I am new with the program, I am excited to learn more about the individuals who are part of Firepole Marketing. I’ve always felt a need to know the background of companies and individuals that I am involved with. One of the first things I did after I joined the ABM was to look at the information provided on the staff. This post is a great addition to that information. I am lucky that I am starting to work with Christy and hope she can put up with me — I know I can be a challenge at times. At the same time, I feel that I would be happy with any of the others on the team — I am impressed with all of them.


    1. Selene Benjamin says:

      Hi Gary! Yes, we love Christy! She’s always smiling and adds such an amazing energy to the team. Glad you’re enjoying working with her and Firepole.

  5. Whew! In the best sense of that word, it sounds like a feeling you are all sharing as you launch into your new opportunity with Firepole Marketing. In some ways, it sounds like the name of the company should be changed to “Firehose Marketing,” given the volume of your introductory activities. Just kidding!
    Selene, I really don’t have any questions about what it is like to work at Firepole as a distributed team. My reason…the transparency of everybody associated with the organization with which I have interacted. It is that transparency that “hooked” my initial interest and it is an important factor in my continuing relationship.
    Welcome aboard, All!

    1. Selene Benjamin says:

      Whew is right, Gary!

      Thanks so much. The transparency hooked me, too. And even more now that I’m here!

  6. Linda Martin says:

    Welcome all! It sounds like you’ve found a great place to learn, grow and help others! My question to everyone on the Firepole Marketing team is what are your tips for fostering collaboration and teamwork when you’re all working remotely? After working as an onsite team for many years we recently sold our business and started a new one with a much smaller, all-remote team. We’re doing pretty well so far but any suggestions you have on how to really keep high enthusiasm and morale would be appreciated. Again, congrats David, Christy, Matthew, Oleg and Selene!

    1. Matthew Graves says:

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your comment. I have been managing remote teams since 2001 and the tools you have today to do it are awesome. You want to use the “right” tools to keep the communication flowing, but not have too many different programs to manage.

      I echo what Selene said about Slack and daily check-in meetings using Skype. It you don’t push some daily interaction between the team members, then you will experience drift in goals and focus. We also meet one on one with our team leaders every 4-6 weeks to discuss out personal goals, progress and performance and have weekly meetings with the entire team so that everyone is aware of the big projects and discussions.

      In my past “corporate life” I worked in traditional office environments where the people were less connected than our virtual team is here are Firepole. However, when you are managing your team, that leadership needs to come from you and from the systems you setup.

    2. Selene Benjamin says:

      Hi Linda! Thanks for the welcome and congrats.

      That’s a great question. I think one of the keys is to always be in communication but also understand we can’t always respond right away. We use Slack and email to touch base through the day. There’s the daily morning check-ins where we briefly say what we’re going to work on that day. We’re also encouraged from day 1 to schedule virtual, one-on-one “coffee chats” with everyone on the team so we get to know each other a little better.

      It also helps that everyone’s so awesome 😉

  7. Suzan says:

    Grazina I am not a write but I can relate because I must be driving the girls nuts with all my things.


  8. Grazina A. Szewczyk says:

    David, we’re blessed to have you . I feel supported but nor pushed as you help me work at my own pace. You go beyond just giving me feedback and advice, you make me think about the details and the big picture, and refine the results of my research and writing.

    With a mentor and coach like you I don’t have any other option but to succeed 🙂

    And I hope that I don’t drive you nuts with all that changing, tweaking and tuning that I do as I learn more about my business.

    1. David Kirshbaum says:

      Thank you Grazina! You’re a pleasure to work with, and your messages always bring a smile to my face- see? 😀

    2. Selene Benjamin says:

      David’s great! On the team, he’s incredibly supportive and optimistic. I know I always appreciate it.

  9. Suzan says:

    Hi there and thank you for sharing, newly hired people. If you find it challenging and you are pros, can you imagine how challenging I find the course, being almost totally non technically savy.

    I think it is great that you are there and up for job. Best of luck to all of you.

    Best regards
    Suzan Evans

    1. Selene Benjamin says:

      Thanks so much, Suzan! It’s challenging for sure but I know we’re all having a lot of fun. I hope you’re able to enjoy the challenges, too!

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