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Ready, Set, Go! Contests Are Awesome

contests-are-awesomeOver the last month, I’m sure that you’ve been enjoying the posts submitted by our finalists in the Awesome Engagement Strategies contest. (The contest is over, but you can check out the winners right here!)

I know that I have, and I’ve got to say that I am simply AMAZED with how well this contest has turned out.

Originally, the plan for this post was to talk about how gamification and incentivization works, but I think that Tea Silvestre covered that pretty well last week. So instead, I want to share with you all, just what a success this has been thanks to our talented finalists, and the support of our amazing, engaged readers.

In brief: contests work. Now for the details… 😉

Let’s Look at Some of the Stats!

Over the last 4 weeks, we’ve seen posts that generated more than 790 comments, 1030 Facebook Shares and 680 Tweets.

And traffic?

As of yesterday, we’ve had 56% more visitors to the site than in any other month… and January isn’t even over yet!

All to say that we’re going to be doing a lot more contests, challenges and activities around here – and you should too!

The Results are Almost In!

In a mere two days, on Thursday, we’re going to be announcing the winners of the Awesome Engagement Strategies contest – both from the finalists and from the commenters.

Let’s have a quick refresher about what’s at stake:

1st Prize

$500 in cash + 3 consulting sessions with Danny ($750 value!) for your business + recognition and acclaim on the Contest Results Post.

2nd Prize

$250 in Cash + 2 consulting sessions with Danny ($500 value!) for your business + recognition and acclaim on the Contest Results Post.

3rd Prize

$100 in cash + 1 consulting session with Danny ($250 value!) for your business +recognition and acclaim on the Contest Results Post.

Special Commenter Commendations

The 5 best comments (as judged by the Mirasee Team) over the course of the entire contest will also be included on the Contest Results Post, so anyone who misses them throughout the contest can bask in their glory.

And because we believe that good commenting is incredibly important, we’ll give each of those 5 commenters $100, too!

Now I imagine that after reading this you’re convinced – you need to be running games, contests and challenges.

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve got a couple of posts from around the internet all about running contests effectively, and with maximum results.

  • Top Rank Blog  has a thorough run down of how to plan and promote your contest – great tips here about rules of promotion and things to keep in mind when drafting participation criteria.
  • Famous Bloggers has 7 essential tips for running your blog contest or giveaway – and I couldn’t agree with them more.
  • And for those of you who are more into social media, Jeff Bullas has a comprehensive post on giveaways from the less formal platforms.

So that’s all for today – but this might be a great opportunity to leave a note in the comments about which post you enjoyed the most, or learned the most from – I’m anxious to hear what you found the most valuable!

About Megan Dougherty

Megan Dougherty is an alumnus of Mirasee and is passionate about online education, small business and making a difference in the world. You can find out what she's up to and how side-hustles will take over the world at Follow her on Twitter at @MeganTwoCents.

14 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Go! Contests Are Awesome

  1. Danny,

    Your team did a great job running this contest and the quality of posts was really high. I recommend people go back and read through a few of them. Thanks for including my post and looking forward to the unveiling on Thursday!

  2. The contest was lots of fun, and the posts were all substantive. Thanks for giving me a chance to spout off. And Tea, I saw you tweeted my post (as I presume you probably did for others)—that’s a mighty generous gesture, thanks.

    And Megan, thanks again for pushing me to make my post better!

  3. Wow! I guest timing is everything.

    Yesterday, my publisher informed me that my book “Color Your Life: Daily Meditations for the Creative Soul” is now available on POD. I’m purchasing copies of my book and want to use them as prizes for contests (and speaking engagements), but I’m not sure how to use contests effectively. Plus, I haven’t published my website, yet, because I want to build my email list first. However, I believe a contest could help me in this area. What do you think? 🙂

  4. Danny, Megan, i am so happy i was a part of this long-lasting event!!!! Great experience, amazing audience and thank you for this opportunity:) it was cool!!! And of course, One more BIG thank you to Megan, for her reminder about contest, her feedback what would be nice to add, assistance during publication! Incredible job!!!!

  5. There are many great articles that were submitted to your engagement contest, but the one that totally resonated with me was by Carmelo, Engage Readers By Revealing Royal Screw-Ups.

    The article has humor in it, and lets the reader know that having failures through life is how you grow into being a better human being. It is one of the most down to earth posts that I have read in quite some time.

    I also thought the idea of a “Top This Failure” contest was exceptional.

  6. I agree that contests and games can increase your traffic and visibility as this one so clearly illustrates. Something you didn’t mention that I found useful from this specific contest was the plethora of ideas and diversity the contest made available to me, your reader. While each of the posts sparked my creative juices in some way, the post I found most useful was Fiona Prince’s post on January 18 about using Meetup to increase engagement.

  7. I really enjoyed the contributions I’ve read so far, so much in fact that I went to look at last year’s winners. Several of these I wasn’t able to hyperlink to. They seem to have disappeared. I think this is an important consideration for such a competition. You have no control over these winners, that’s clear. However, Firepole did choose them to be winners. That sort of sends a message. Certainly something I’ll think about if I run a competition and link to all my winners.

  8. To be honest, I had never considered doing a contest to engage my community, until I was part of this effort. It was such a fun experience–thank you! When I read Tea’s post on gamification, that really got the creative juices flowing. Yesterday, I set out to write a short email to remind my list about an upcoming event (a free Q+A call). Before I knew it, I had made up a contest and was announcing it! Funny how the unconscious works. I had my first entry submitted yesterday and am excited to see how this experiment turns out.

    I agree that compiling all of the posts would be really useful. I didn’t get a chance to read all of the posts (which had so many good ideas to offer), and I’m sure it was the same for others. It makes it easy to read when it’s all in one place. I liked the breadth of topics covered and the fact that each idea highlighted was “proven in the field”, with clear tips on how to implement– true gold mine in an age when it’s common to sit through a free hour-long teleseminar to get one actionable tip.

    Thanks again for inviting me to participate!

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