10 Lessons

Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt 2.0

If you’ve been following us for awhile, then you’ll remember that at about this time last year, we ran the first ever Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt. It had its ups (it was so much fun and everyone learned a lot!) and it had its downs (the technology was too complicated!) but it was hugely valuable to everyone who participated, and so we’re doing it again. Only better. 😉 There are new challenges, new skills …

The Mirasee Ultimate Guides Contest Winners!

We’ve been running the Mirasee Ultimate Guides Contest, and we had some amazing showings from our finalists. From entrants, we’ve asked for posts that are *the* definitive guide for WHY, WHEN, and HOW to do something related to marketing; in other words, the #1 resource that all of the Beacons in our community can bookmark and come back to again and again. And boy, did they ever deliver! We’ve gotten great advice on everything from shopping carts to …

Announcing the Mirasee Ultimate Guides Contest!

It’s that time of year again! It’s become a sort of tradition that every January, we run a contest to level-up the insight and reward excellent writing to jump-start the New Year, and 2014 will be, I think, the very best yet. Two years ago we ran the Innovative Marketing Ideas Contest, and last January we ran a contest looking for the most Awesome Engagement Strategy. Both were great experiences for the contestants and for our readers, and …

Ask the Readers: What Do You Want For Your Business in 2014

2013 has been a huge year for Mirasee – and that’s an understatement! We expanded our team from 4 to 8, launched the hugely successful (and educational for all involved!) Business Ignition Bootcamp, redesigned the entire site, re-launched our podcast for the third time, broke new ground by creating and offering our first direct mail product and opened the doors to the absolutely fantastic Beacons Elite Community Forum. Oh, and we took in nearly 800 …

Striving, Stumbling, and My Personal Plan for Growth in the Coming Year

Today is a special day for me. Here’s why: I was born just under 11,000 days ago. In other words, today I’m turning 30. The big 3-0. Yep, I know. Yikes is right. Does this make me a grown-up? 😉 Anyway, I used to have this birthday practice of writing myself an “annual report” letter, about everything that went well in the last year, everything that didn’t, everything that I learned along the way, and …

New Faces at Project ABC… and Mirasee!

You may remember from last month that we were going to be changing the way we do things at Project ABC. Many of our incredibly talented Audience Business Masterclass students reached out asking if they could contribute to this feature, and very sadly, we couldn’t accept all of them, although many and more are deserving! We did, however connect with three business owners who I am incredibly excited to introduce you to today: You’ll be …

Podcast 2.0 – What’s next for Fireside Chats

As you may remember, we’ve been making noise about either discontinuing or seriously changing the Fireside Chats with Danny Iny Podcast. While our content was pretty good, it just wasn’t doing what we needed it to do. Something had to change – but what? So we got on the phone with Adam Weiss – the Podcast Consultant, who gave us some excellent advice during our call. We talked about content, technology and hardware, and after the conversation …

The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt: Extended for Another 6 Weeks!

The last five weeks have been so much fun, I just can’t imagine stopping. So we’ve decided to double the length of the hunt and release a brand new list of challenges – bigger and better than ever. We’re going to be taking things a few steps further, and will be upping the ante on the prizes in a BIG way. All winners will now be offered an all-expenses paid trip to Montreal for a …

Pulling the Plug on the Podcast?

You may be familiar with our Fireside Chats with Danny Iny Podcast series. We’ve run 9 of them so far, and have had a really good time putting them together, and learned a great deal about how to create a podcast every week – it’s been a good learning experience for us, and the content has (we think!) been solid. We’ve covered everything from webinars, to hiring, and launches to customer service, and we’ve hosted …

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