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About Danny Iny

Danny Iny (@DannyIny) is the CEO and founder of Mirasee, host of the Business Reimagined podcast, and best-selling author of multiple books including Engagement from Scratch!, The Audience Revolution, and Teach and Grow Rich.

Get to Know How SEO Works!

Note from Danny: I’ve got two big pieces of news to share. The first piece of news is that this is our 100th post. It really snuck up on us, too – almost missed it. 🙂 The second piece of news is that I’m moving into my new condo today, and will be without internet until sometime on Monday. So please leave comments, but I’ll only be able to respond after that. 🙂 You’ve probably …

Is the Bank of Social Capital… Broken?

Have you ever seen a bank run? You know what I’m talking about – people are afraid that the bank will run out of cash, so they want to withdraw all their money. Ultimately, this forces the bank to shut down. I’ve seen two and a half. The two were both fictional: one in It’s a Wonderful Life, and the other in Mary Poppins. And the half? That’s a bank run that hasn’t happened yet, …

A New Look at the 4Ps of Marketing

Nothing explains a complicated business algorithm like a cute mnemonic device! Hence the 4 Ps of marketing. This is one of the first things they drill into your head in business school. Actually, in any type of formal Marketing instruction. It’s everywhere, everyone knows it, and you need to know it too. Let’s go, 4 Ps: Product! Place! Price! Promotion! Got that? Say it again (say it out loud – it helps.) Product! Price! Place! …

Interview: Does a company have to be big to be great?

Can a company serve their community, be a great place to work… and still be profitable? Bo Burlingham says that yes, it can. That’s what small giants do. A 30-year veteran of Inc magazine, Bo Burlingham is the author of one of the most interesting business books that I’ve ever read. And graciously, he agreed to share his insights in an interview! Here it is, 33 minutes for you to enjoy: Interview with Bo Burlingham …

Breakfast Misadventures: How to Destroy a Customer Relationship in 30 Minutes or Less

This is a true story. Wednesday, June 6th was an infernally hot day in Montreal; the forecast called for 32 degrees Celsius and 62% relative humidity, which combined to create the feeling of a sticky and oppressive 40 degrees. Since my fiancée and I had begun packing in anticipation of our July move into our new condo, there was no functioning air conditioning in my apartment. Realizing that I was unlikely to be very productive …

Interview with Ben Yoskovitz from Year One Labs

I wanted to chat about start-ups, so I called up Ben Yoskovitz, who’s been an entrepreneur since the 1990s. After we got caught up on each other’s projects, I asked him if he’d be willing to share his latest and greatest with our audience at Mirasee. He graciously agreed, and the result is this interview about start-ups, entrepreneurial strategy, and lessons learned from past businesses. Here it is, 31 minutes for you to enjoy: Interview …

High Impact Business Entrepreneurship: Confessions, Milestones, and Focusing On What Matters

There are days when I wish that business entrepreneurship wasn’t such a high-impact activity. Because let’s be honest – that’s exactly what it is. To borrow a phrase from Eat Pray Love: “It’s like getting a tattoo on your face – you need to be fully committed.” And just like other high-impact activities like ultimate fighting, running a marathon, or climbing Everest, if you’re not 100% committed, then you shouldn’t even bother. And just like …

The Biggest Mistake EVERYONE Makes When Marketing An MLM

Marketing an MLM (multi-level marketing) can be particularly hard – harder than most businesses. It comes down to a key mistake that most people in MLMs make, and we’ve seen it over and over again. The good news is that all it takes to fix is a small change in focus. Before we jump into the meat and potatoes of what to fix and how to fix it, let’s quickly explain what an MLM program …

Small Business Failure: Vic Magary’s Interview

We’re used to seeing case studies of success, but what about failure? Not enough attention is given to small business failure – the process of trying something, not succeeding, learning from the experience and building something even better. There’s a good reason for that. People don’t like to share experiences that they feel don’t portray them in the best light, and it isn’t fun to relive a failure again and again. But some people are …

Marketing Definitions: What is Marketing?

is – here are some examples of what it isn’t. The first misconception is that “marketing is evil”… #1 Marketing is Evil A lot of people think that marketing has no inherent value, and that it’s only purpose is to separate people from their money. That is not the case. Of course, not everyone will agree with every part of every campaign, but just because you don’t like part of something, doesn’t mean that all …

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